Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again Chapter 2648: Young Master, Your Father Hopes You Can Go Back

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Chapter 2648: Young Master, Your Father Hopes You Can Go Back

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xu Yi only looked coldly at the box. He pursed his lips and said very coldly, “No need for that. I don’t have a father.’

The old woman seemed to know that he would say this and did not force him. She slowly put down the box and whispered, “Your father hopes that you can go back…”

Xu Yi was full of mockery. “He wants to acknowledge me because he can’t have any more kids, right?”

“Young Master, don’t say that.” The old woman did not know how to comfort him. She thought for a moment and continued, “It’s good for your development if you go back. You’ve suffered a lot here. As long as you go back…”

Xu Yi closed his eyes to hide his emotions, and the corners of his mouth pulled into a line as he interrupted her. “I won’t go back.”

The old woman was a little hesitant and uneasy.

He put his hands in his pockets and continued coldly, “Go back and tell him that I don’t need him to get me a teacher, nor do I need his cheap—I just want him not to disturb my life! I’m living very well now. My mother and I will live better without him!”

“Young Master…”

Xu Yi did not want to discuss this matter with her at the entrance of the research inst.i.tute anymore. “I’m leaving. You can go back.”

The old woman was helpless. She wanted to persuade him, but she did not know where to start.

Looking at the young man who had already grown up, she could only say, “Alright, I’ll take the gift back. But Young Master, the teacher your father arranged for you still has to continue teaching you. Don’t resist him too much, or your mother will know who got you a teacher.”

Xu Yi looked at her coldly.

The old lady did not have the heart to do so but could not change the current situation. “Your father will not allow you to chase the teacher away. If you want to protect your mother from being agitated, please bear with it… “I understand.” Xu Yi waved his hand, indicating for her to leave.

The old woman put the gift box back in the car and got in.

Xu Yi watched as she fastened her seatbelt before turning to walk back into the research inst.i.tute.

Thus, he did not see the chauffeur turn around and whisper to the old woman in confusion, “Butler Lai, why do you think Young Master is unwilling to acknowledge his roots and ancestors!”

“Alright, stop talking.” The old woman knew some inside information. Seeing the young man’s thin back, she felt heartache and muttered in a low voice, “He suffered a lot with his mother since he was young. It’s only right that he’s unwilling to go back.”

The chauffeur still did not understand why Xu Yi was unwilling to acknowledge his father.

Not in a good mood, the old woman raised her hand and instructed him, “Let’s go.”

She still had to report back to Quentin. In addition, she had to report the young master’s progress during this period…

The day before yesterday, the teacher told him about the distribution of the reclusive family’s forces. She did not know how much her young master absorbed.

The old woman did not linger. “Young Master doesn’t like us disturbing his life. Let’s go.”

The chauffeur did not dare to speak further. He turned the car around and slowly drove away.

Because they were driving a Pa.s.sat, not many people noticed them. The black car was so low-key that it was as if it was transparent. No one cared about it.

On the other side of the road, a man in the driver’s seat of a silver Phaeton rolled down the window and watched the black car pa.s.s by him…

After getting out of the car, he leaned against the side, lowered his head slightly, and sent a message to the first person on his WeChat list.

The sunlight shone on him, outlining his broad shoulders. His neck was long and slender, and his azure blue s.h.i.+rt looked just right on him. He looked calm and n.o.ble, like a painting of mountains and rivers…

The third type of beauty in Beijing.

It was Ye w.a.n.gchuan..

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