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Chapter 2835  It's Too Late to Be Scared Now

Ye Lan walked forward as soon as he entered. "I heard that Wei Ying came to look for you, Dad."

"I didn't see her." Old Master Ye looked at her in dissatisfaction. "Why? Do you think I'm old and muddle-headed? Can't figure out who to help and who not to help?"

He walked to the mahogany chair and sat down, then picked up a large bowl of tea and clicked his tongue. It was obvious that he knew what he was doing. "She knows what she did! I'm supposed to leave my in-laws alone and plead for her? She thinks too highly of herself. Don't worry, I won't care about her. I've already told the servant to send her away!"

Ye Lan was relieved to hear that. She looked at him reproachfully. "Then why didn't you help Nian Nian's father resolve this matter previously?"

At that time, when the news began to spread, she asked the Old Master to suppress the news.

The Old Master Ye would definitely do a better job than Wen Ruxia, Jiang Li, and the other juniors.

However, Old Master Ye held back.

Ye Lan was very unhappy.

Old Master Ye pushed away the tea foam on the surface with the lid and lowered his head to slowly take a sip. Putting down the teacup and glancing at her, he snorted and said with an angry expression, "You're not as good as the little devil! Look at how anxious he usually is when it comes to Nian Nian. Did he say anything this time?"

Ye Lan looked at the little guy playing games on the sofa. She then looked at her father, still not sure what he was talking about.

Old Master Ye simply pointed it out to her. "This matter isn't big, to begin with. If I make a move, I can suppress the news, but it won't solve the problem at its root. Another important reason is that if I make a move, will Nian Nian still come back?"

How long had it been since he last saw his precious granddaughter-in-law?

He had also figured it out. If Qiao Nian still did not come back, he would suppress the news by force. However, this was a temporary measure, not the best solution.

The best way was for Qiao Nian to come back and that young brat at home to take a look.

Ye Lan figured out what he was thinking and looked at the little guy who was too lazy to look up after being called by Old Master Ye several times. A little speechless, she asked him, "You want Nian Nian to come back, has Nian Nian asked you out?"

Old Master Ye's smug expression froze, and the corners of his mouth could not curl up.

"Ah, it seems that she hasn't?"

Ye Lan knew that he had not been summoned yet and was in a good mood. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked at the old man and the young man smugly. "I'm meeting Nian Nian for dinner tonight. You don't want to go, right?"

Ye Qichen did not care about their conversation before and acted as if he did not hear them. Now, he immediately put down the game console and looked up. His delicate face showed nervousness as he said, "I want to go! I want to go!"

Old Master Ye touched the bridge of his nose. "Ahem, I'm worried about Chen Chen. Let's go together."

Ye Lan smiled.

She did not make things difficult for them.

The main reason was that when she called Qiao Nian, Qiao Nian specifically told her to bring Old Master Ye and the little guy too.

Ye Lan said, "We'll meet her at six in the evening, in the private room on the first floor of Lan Pavilion."

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