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Chapter 2161 Entering the Great Dao Spirit World, Heavenly Grandmaster in Trouble

As the Grand Dao Leaderboard and the Spirit World Leaderboard appeared, the entire Great Hongmeng Universe entered a tumultuous state. 

It was as tumultuous as, or more than, when the Primordial Leaderboard appeared. 

The appearance of the Great Dao Spirit World attracted even more attention.

Countless cultivators were looking for it.

As the widespread search went on, the Great Dao Spirit World was soon located, and it attracted the arrival of many other cultivators.

Some major forces could no longer sit back. They sent their elites to explore the newly discovered Spirit World. 

A ma.s.sive violet vortex appeared in the sky.

Countless mystical runes came from within, and violent spiritual qi gushed out like an upside-down geyser. The mystical aurora shed its light on the realm, making all things look magical and mysterious.

It was the entrance to the Great Dao Spirit World.

"Such dense spiritual qi."

"Yeah. No wonder it's one of the top-ranking Spirit Worlds on the leaderboard."

"Great. Let's go in."

Some of the cultivators wanted to enter the Spirit World, but the violet vortex released millions of light arrows at those who approached, blasting the cultivators away.

"Haha! Do you really think the Great Dao Spirit World is your backyard?" 

Someone laughed at the others' foolish attempt. He looked at the Spirit World's entrance and said, "This is the Great Dao Spirit World. It has a natural layer of restriction seal around it. It only allows those below Primordials to enter. Unless someone brings you in, there's no way you can enter." 

His words enlightened everyone else.


Then, a domineering dragon roar came from the void.

A giant golden dragon came from the horizon, leaving a trail of golden Immortal Sparks in its wake. He also carried a powerful draconic aura with his arrival.

The dragon roar echoed across rivers and mountains, shaking heaven and earth.

Those at the entrance were in awe.

"What a terrifying aura!"

"It must be someone from the Dragon Tribe! He's Elder Dragon Chengtao!"

Those who recognized the dragon were shocked.

Elder Dragon Chengtao was from the Elder Dragon Tribe and ranked fourth on the Primordial Leaderboard. He might be a Primordial, but someone saw him kill Grand Dao cultivators before, and it was not just one or two.

"He's as strong as a Grand Dao Supreme G.o.d, a powerful Outlier. He came here to search for an Opportunity of Fortune to ascend into the Grand Dao Realm.

"He's Elder Dragon Chengtao. Why would he have to worry about ascension?" 

"You have no idea. I heard the Great Dao Spirit World contains a treasure named the Grand Dao Heart. It grants the ascending cultivator a chance to reach higher during ascension. After the ascension, the potential and combat capabilities will far surpa.s.s the common Grand Dao cultivators."

"I see."

While the crowd was talking, Elder Dragon Chengtao flew into the Great Dao Spirit World.

The restriction seal that stopped a bunch of cultivators from entering was like nothing to him. He flew into the Spirit World with no hindrance.

The light arrows from the restriction seals did not even scratch his body.

"As expected of Elder Dragon Chengtao. He's really something else."

While the crowd was in awe of the dragon's durability, another powerful aura erupted.

A figure enveloped in Immortal Sparks, whose face was s.h.i.+elded from the crowd, arrived and released a domineering aura into the area.

The strength of the aura could compete with that of Elder Dragon Chengtao.

"It's so strong!"

"Who could this be?"

"This aura belongs to a Primordial, but only those ranked high in the Primordial Leaderboard could possess such strong energy. Is it Armament Destruction from the Pan Gu Universe or the Tianchen Chang from the Celestial Divine Universe?"

"Would it be the legendary Chu Kuangren?"

"It must be Tianshen Chang! That's the Celestial Divine Light, and only the Celestial Divine Tribe possesses such power," said someone who identified the glimmering Immortal Sparks around the figure.

The Celestial Divine Light was unique to the Celestial Divine Tribe.

It was so powerful that it allowed their cultivators to stand out from their peers.

Tianshen Chang took a step forward and zipped into the Great Dao Spirit World.

Similar to Elder Dragon Chengtao, the restriction seals did not affect him as well.

Both of them had entered the Great Dao Spirit World. 

Other than them, many more powerful Primordial cultivators arrived and entered the Spirit World, searching for the opportunity to ascend to the Grand Dao Realm.

More than half of the names on the Primordial Leaderboard entered.

A white figure arrived before the entrance of the Great Dao Spirit World.

It was Chu Kuangren. Compared to other cultivators and their grand entrance, his seemed normal. He did not carry an earth-shattering aura or had powerful followers following along. He was alone in his white robes but looked as elegant as ever.

His arrival attracted some attention.

"He looks decent."

"He has such a profound aura."

Under everyone's antic.i.p.ated gaze, he walked into the vortex. Countless light arrows fired at him, but an invisible force blocked it

He entered the Spirit World unscathed. 

The first thing he saw in the Spirit World was nine ma.s.sive rivers of fortune that contained endless mystical Daoist laws.

The intertwining Daoist laws merged into Primordial energy. 

As the Primordial energy continued to intertwine, it created a unique fortune energy, and when it reached a certain density, it transformed into multiple golden light b.a.l.l.s the size of a fist. 

A unique energy fluctuation could be felt from the golden light b.a.l.l.s.

"So, is this the Great Dao's source?" 

Chu Kuangren grabbed one of the light b.a.l.l.s for a closer look and found himself in awe.

The Great Dao Source could help cultivate the Grand Dao Realm, and it was useful to all cultivators who cultivated different Daos.


Chu Kuangren pocketed the Great Dao Source and continued searching for more.

A few Great Dao Sources were not useful enough for him. Only in quant.i.ty could they help him ascend to the Grand Dao Realm.

In his search, Chu Kuangren realized the Great Dao Spirit World did not only contain the Great Dao's Source, but it also contained a lot more treasures.

"The spiritual qi here is a lot denser than the Hongmeng Spirit World that I went to. There should be a Hongmeng Supreme Treasure somewhere here," Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

He had acquired a Divine Hongmeng Metal in his previous trip to the Hongmeng Spirt World. 

This time, the exploration must be more fruitful than the previous.

As the thought appeared in his mind, a shocking surge of sword qi erupted further away, and it felt familiar to him.

"This sword qi… Could it be…" Chu Kuangren's eyes gleamed before his figure disappeared.

Four Immortal Swords floated in the sky of the Great Dao Spirit World, and endless sword qi emanated from them. 

The sword qi piled up and formed a peerless sword formation.

Outside the formation was a person in dark Taoist robes, looking impressive as he controlled the sword formation. Inside the formation was a man with a pitch-black sword, fending off the incoming sword qi with a calm look.

"Clank! Clank! Clank!"

Sword qi clashed and exploded everywhere in the formation.

The explosion was so strong that it almost tore the void apart.

"Heavenly Grandmaster, your sword formation is amazing, but your cultivation level isn't as high as mind. Handover the formation prints, and I can spare your life."

The man in black looked at Heavenly Grandmaster coldly. 

He swung his sword up, shattering the surrounding sword qi into pieces.

With the sword formation shattered, the Heavenly Grandmaster was pushed back a dozen steps. His expression was cold. 

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