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Chapter 2339  The Election Starts, Tempest King As An Adjudicator? Limitless Transformation Technique

More than half of the human Monarchs gathered at Mount Tsuming.

The Manifa Forefather, the Buddha Emperor, the Supreme Saint, and the two existing Adjudicators were all there.

"Manifa Forefather, Tempest King, today is the day of the election. Please, for my sake, calm down and try not to argue," the Human Empress said with a smile. Since the Adjudicator had spoken, no one dared to argue with her. "Human Empress, it's not an argument or anything serious. The Tempest King and I are just sparring. There's no grudge involved," the Manifa Forefather said as he stroked his long beard.

"Spar? Yeah. If I have the chance, I'd like to have a real spar with you, Senior." The Tempest King scoffed. She even emphasized the word 'senior' to mock the forefather for being old and relying on his seniority to command others.

The Manifa Forefather narrowed his eyes. His lip pursed and twitched, but he managed to suppress his anger. As a matter of fact, he was targeting Chu Kuangren and the Tempest King because they had been under the spotlight recently, and he wanted to blunt their confidence. He did not expect the Tempest King to fight back.

"Enough. Skip the chatter. I supposed those who should be here are here," the Earthen Monarch said as he glanced at everyone. He paused for a moment when he saw Chu Kuangren, but he did not say or do anything.

All the invited Monarchs attended the election.

"Since everyone is here, let the election begin," the Earthen Monarch said.

The election process was simple. All everyone had to do was vote for the candidate.

"The Manifa Forefather is the most seasoned and experienced Monarch, and his cultivation is enough to fill the position. I vote for him," said a Monarch.

"I vote for the Buddha Emperor. The Buddhist world is merciful, and he's just. We all know that. He's the best candidate for the Adjudicator."

"The Supreme Saint is unbiased and unaffected by sentimental emotions. He can be righteous in dealing with the human race's matters. I vote for him."

All the Monarchs voiced their choice of candidates.

A scribe beside the Human Empress started to take notes of the votes.

Most of the Monarchs voted for either the Heavenly Saint, the Manifa Forefather, or the Buddha Emperor.

The three of them were the most reputable Monarchs of them all. They had even made deals with other Monarchs to vote for themselves.

"I vote for Tempest King," said a Monarch.

Tempest King was surprised someone would vote for her to be the Adjudicator.

She looked at the person who voted for her, and it was the Goldwing Monarch. The man had fought her in the past.

Everyone also looked at him curiously.

The other Monarchs found it strange that the enforcer of the Supreme Council was voting for the Tempest King, but they had a hunch why the Goldwing Monarch would do so. "I vote for the Tempest King as well." Another one had cast his vote, and similar to the Goldwing Monarch, he was also an enforcer of the Supreme Council.

The second vote verified the people's thoughts.

The Supreme Council, or rather the Human Empress and the Earthen Monarch, wanted the Tempest King to be the third Adjudicator, so they hinted at the enforcers to vote for her. The two of them were trying to manipulate the election result openly! "Adjudicators, I don't think that's appropriate." The Manifa Forefather frowned and voiced his displeasure.

The Human Empress chuckled and said, "What's wrong with it? This is an election, and everyone can vote. They're Monarchs as well, and they have their rights."

"Manifa Forefather, you've misunderstood us. We've voted for the Tempest King because we admire her. When the Heavenly Sovereign turned on us, she stood with the Human Empress and Earthen Monarch to fight him. If not for her, the human race might already be in ruins," the Goldwing Monarch explained.

He looked at the other Monarchs with sincerity.

Everyone else was speechless.

Admire her? The Tempest King literally robbed him of resources, and he admired her?

What a blatant lie!

However, no one could deny them either, even if the Adjudicators wanted to cast votes for the Tempest King. It was an undeniable fact that she fought the Heavenly Sovereign with the Adjudicators.

She did the human race a great deal and was powerful enough.

In addition to that, she has a reputation among the people.

She, too, was qualified to be an Adjudicator.

"In that case, we shall see who has the most votes," the Manifa Forefather thought to himself.

He had made deals with other Monarchs before he arrived. Even though the Tempest King's entry was unexpected, he was confident he would win.

With that, the voting continued.

Since the Tempest King had joined the election, there were four candidates competing for the position.

"Human Empress, why would you want me to be an Adjudicator?" the Tempest King asked the Human Empress via telepathy. "I have confidence in you," she said.

She knew all the Monarchs well.

The Manifa Forefather was arrogant and biased.

The Buddha Emperor was too merciful at times, and it might affect his judgment.

The Supreme Saint might be unbiased and unaffected by sentimental emotions, but if it was true, he would not be here competing for the position. He was not who the others claimed to be.

More importantly, the three of them each represented a powerful force.

Once they became the Adjudicator, they might use the highest authority of the human race to seize more benefits for their own forces, which would be worrisome.

Rather than making either one of them Adjudicator, they might as well give the position to the Tempest King.

She had helped the Human Empress investigate the Heavenly Sovereign, did the human race a great deal, and never hesitated in delivering the killing blow. Besides, she was still young and had a bright future ahead.

The Tempest King was rendered speechless by the Human Empress's explanation.

"I'm sure there is another reason."

The Tempest King scoffed. "You think you can take control of me."


The Human Empress blinked at her as if she did not know what the Tempest King was talking about.

The Tempest King snickered at her. "The two of you haven't recovered from the battle with the Heavenly Sovereign, so if either one of them gets the position, the two of you won't have enough confidence to control them. That's why you want me to take up the position. It's because I'm still young and inexperienced." The Human Empress smiled and refused to comment on the answer.

The Tempest King knew she was right.

However, she did not care about the position. It did not matter to her whether she would get it at all, so she simply waited for the result.

While the voting process was going on, Chu Kuangren was busy a.n.a.lyzing the golden tablet.

When he read through the runes, his body, or the Human Ancestor's body, resonated, and his heart raced.

The three thousand Daoist laws in him were activated.

At the same time, something also happened to the tablet.

The tablet lost its original shape, and the runes on it transformed into stars that floated in the sky.

Each star represented a Dao.

The countless stars contained mystical wisdom and were ever-s.h.i.+fting.

Slowly, the stars formed the shape of a human.

The figure had stars as eyes, and the acupoints of his body were represented by nebulae. The stars also intertwined into countless Daoist laws.

The Daoist law energy swirled in the figure's body. The Flame Daoist law, Yin Yang Daoist law, Spatial Daoist law, and all kinds of energies were contained inside.

Chu Kuangren knew the starry figure was the Human Ancestor!

Like him, the Human Ancestor had also mastered three thousand Daoist laws!

"A-Amazing! This is amazing! Who would have thought that the tablet contained such a mystical cultivation technique? I've made the right choice to come here!" Chu Kuangren was in awe.

He had succeeded in comprehending the tablet's secret.

The tablet contained an unparalleled cultivation technique!

Its level surpa.s.sed that of the Grand Dao, Hongmeng, and even Ultimate! It was so powerful that it left him shocked.

It was the cultivation technique created by the Human Ancestor, named the Limitless Transformation Technique!

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