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Chapter 2338  Manifa Forefather, All-Buddha Emperor, Heavenly Supreme Saint

Mount Tsuming was one of the holy mountains of the human race, similar to the Nine Ways Mountains. They were one of the origins of the human race. It was said that the Human Ancestor had once cultivated here in Mounta Tsuming. Therefore, in honor of the Human Ancestors, all the important meetings were held here, including the election.

Following sparkling Immortal Sparks s.h.i.+mmering across the peak, the human Monarchs arrived one after another.

Some of them were ancient Monarchs who had been in slumber for a long time, and some were from the current Human Sanctuaries.

All of them were the elites of their respective era and forces. Otherwise, they would not be Monarchs.

"Brother Tianyi, how have you been?"

"I didn't expect to see you here, Brother Yang."

"This era is extremely lively. How could I not wake up to have a look?" While the Monarchs were greeting each other, Chu Kuangren and the Tempest King arrived as well.

Their arrival attracted all the attention. Some looked at them in fear, some were curious, and some revered them, especially those Monarchs who had just woken up. Chu Kuangren and the Tempest King were the most famous human Monarchs of the era. "So he's Chu Kuangren? He's indeed different."

"Yeah. The amount of fortune energy he possesses is scary." Chu Kuangren, in his signature white robes, s.h.i.+mmered in Immortal Sparks. His looks and demeanor alone trumped most of the Monarch at the scene.

On top of that, he now possessed the body of the Human Ancestor and was blessed with the fortune energy of the entire human race. His vast presence surpa.s.sed that of a common Monarch.

"Lil Ai, a.n.a.lyze all the Monarchs here."

Chu Kuangren glanced at the Monarchs at Mount Tsuming.

Lil Ai started her a.n.a.lysis immediately.

All the Monarchs' information was being recorded.

Some Monarchs frowned as they felt something watching them but could not pinpoint exactly what or from where. Other than getting Lil Ai to a.n.a.lyze the Monarchs, Chu Kuangren himself was also observing the Monarchs.

Suddenly, he sensed something that caught his attention.

Some of them signed contracts with the Divine Destiny Temple.

In other words, they were people who benefited from the temple.

Chu Kuangren took an extra glance before he looked away. If everything progressed well, the fortune teller that he a.s.signed would seek them out soon.

Then, he looked at the center of the mountain, where a golden tablet was erected.

On the tablet were many strange and mystical runes. It was said that the Human Ancestor cultivated before the tablet for a long time, and as it had absorbed a sliver of his energy, it contained some kind of Opportunity of Fortune. However, no one had been able to decipher it.

Many cultivators tried to pry into the secret of the tablet, but none had succeeded over the years.

Chu Kuangren went over to the tablet and had a closer look at it. He, too, started to a.n.a.lyze the runes on it, attempting to decipher the meaning for the Opportunity of Fortune.

His actions made others curious.

"Is he trying to comprehend the tablet?"

"No one has been able to do it for many years. Can he do it?" "Who knows?" No one was surprised that Chu Kuangren wanted to decipher the tablet. Anyone who first arrived at Mount Tsuming would want to try to understand what the tablet holds, but no one had ever succeeded, not even Monarchs.

However, Chu Kuangren was talented, and everybody knew that.

They had higher hopes for him, hoping he could understand the secrets that lay within.

No one dared to disturb him.

In fact, with the Tempest King beside him, they would think twice before acting.

At that moment, countless mystical runes filled the air and intertwined.

Each rune represented a cultivation technique, and with that many runes appearing, it seemed like tens of thousands of cultivation techniques had arrived.

The runes then formed a cultivation Dao in the sky, bridging the void and the mountain peak.

An elderly approached from the end of the bridge with an extraordinary presence. He looked proud as he had mastered all the cultivation techniques that the runes represented.

Everyone was in awe at his arrival.

"The Manifa Forefather is awake!"

"Tsk, tsk. He's probably the oldest Monarch here. I think his cultivation is as strong as the three Adjudicators." "It must be something important for him to wake up from slumber. He might be here to fight for the third Adjudicator's position."

"The Manifa Destiny Sect is already a t.i.tan among the Human Sanctuaries. If its forefather became the Adjudicator, it will become the most prominent sanctuary there is."

While everyone was busy wondering why the Manifa Forefather came out of his slumber, a huge amount of Buddhist Light shone from the sky.

Holy Buddhist Dao appeared, and a figure came riding a giant condor.

The person wore a red kasaya and wielded a crystal Buddhist staff.

He wore a harmonious look and a calm smile.

"It's the Buddha Emperor of the Heavenly Buddhist Pure Land!"

"All-Buddha Emperor? He's awake, too?"

"I bet he's here for the same reason as the Manifa Forefather."

"Now that the Manifa Forefather and the All-Buddha Emperor are here, I wonder if the Heavenly Human Sanctuary's Heavenly Saint would be here. He wouldn't want to miss this event."

As soon as people started wondering, Daoist Rhymes sounded in the realm.

A figure emerged from the void. He stood still and quiet, and his presence was vague and inconspicuous as if he blended in with nature.

He was the Heavenly Saint that people were talking about.

"Forefather, Emperor, it's been a long time."

The Heavenly Saint nodded at the other two ancient Monarchs, who smiled and nodded at him.

Then, the Manifa Forefather stared at Chu Kuangren, who was a.n.a.lyzing the tablet. "I believe you're the Sect Leader of Pan Gu Sect."

His voice sounded as loud as rumbling thunder.

It would certainly disturb Chu Kuangren's a.n.a.lysis of the tablet.

However, before the voice could reach him, it was stopped by an invisible barrier.

The Tempest King had intervened by standing behind Chu Kuangren and staring coldly at the Manifa Forefather. "How rude of you."

A blast of Daoist law energy was released, and it shattered the void easily.

The Tempest King did not hold back with her warning.

The Manifa Forefather narrowed his eyes and channeled his Daoist law energy. Divine light shone and formed barriers in front of him, blocking all of the Tempest King's Daoist law energy.

"You're the Tempest King? The one who overpowered the previous era? Do you know you weren't even born when I overpowered my era?" The Manifa Forefather stared at her angrily.

Then, a Daoist law sword shot out from his eyes, aiming at the Tempest King.


The Tempest King grunted and shattered the Daoist law sword. "That's too bad. Otherwise, I would've crushed you as well."

"Young Monarch, very energetic I see."

"Don't just rely on your seniority. You smell like rotten wood."


The Manifa Forefather chuckled, but his eyes gleamed dangerously.

Everyone was worried about the Tempest King for crossing the line.

The Tempest King was astoundingly strong, but before her was one of the oldest beings in existence.

He possessed powers that rivaled the Adjudicators.

"It seems like I'm just in time."

A delightful voice sounded.

Golden dew descended from the sky as the Human Empress came holding her paper umbrella. Behind her was earthen qi rumbling like a dragon. It seemed the Earthen Monarch had arrived as well.

Everyone bowed at the two Adjudicators.


"Adjudicators, how are you?" 

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