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Chapter 2337  The Delighted Lil Ai, Debt of Destiny, Human Race Election

The Wisdom Leaderboard appeared, and the first place was the Omniscient Spirit.

Many ancient Monarchs had not heard of the name before.

Then, the fortune energy from the leaderboard scattered away to the respective owners. The largest portion of the fortune energy attracted the most attention because everyone wanted to know who the Omniscient Spirit was. They watched as the largest portion of the fortune energy flowed toward the Pan Gu Sect!

Everyone, including the cultivators of the Pan Gu Sect, was surprised.

Was the Omniscient Spirit in the Pan Gu Sect?

Since when did the Pan Gu Sect have someone called the Omniscient Spirit?

Following that, a large amount of fortune energy flowed into Chu Kuangren, adding to his already large pool of fortune energy. Everyone was shocked to find out that Chu Kuangren was the Omniscient Spirit and that he ranked first on the Wisdom Leaderboard.

How was it possible that his knowledge and wisdom surpa.s.sed those ancient beings who had lived for countless eras? Everyone was confused.

No one expected the first place to be Chu Kuangren.

"How did he do it?"

"Another first place? He's a beast!"

"Scary b*stard." Compared to the others' dismay and shock, Chu Kuangren was not surprised because the Omniscient Spirit referred to Lil Ai.

Lil Ai had access to all knowledge of the Infiniverse. After she studied the history of the human race in the Human Ancestral Land, her knowledge pool grew even more.

"Nicely done," Chu Kuangren praised.

"Hehe. Thanks." Lil Ai sounded delighted.

In Myriad Arms City, the fortune teller was sitting at his stall, waiting for the next customer, when someone from further away caught his attention.

The man wore pure white robes that granted him a transcendent presence. His s.h.i.+ning demeanor overshadowed everything as if he was the only light in the realm.

The fortune teller narrowed his eyes.

The man must be someone extremely important!

Unbeknownst to him, the man in white was Chu Kuangren!

Chu Kuangren was searching for the people who had signed a contract with the Divine Destiny Temple, especially the Grand Dao Supreme Honorables and Monarchs.

To his surprise, there was a target within the Myriad Arms City, and he seemed to be a Monarch.

When Chu Kuangren saw the fortune teller, the divine seals in his body buzzed as if they resonated with him.

He looked at the fortune teller. It seemed like the man also had one of the Nine Divine Seals. "Sir, what do you want me to read for you?"

Chu Kuangren had a faint spiritual veil on his face, blurring his looks, so the fortune teller did not recognize him at first sight.

Chu Kuangren sat opposite him and said, "I'm not here to have you read my future."

"No? In that case, why are you here?"

"I'm here to collect a debt."

"A debt?" the fortune teller asked, seemingly confused.

What Chu Kuangren said next shook him.

"The debt you owe the Divine Destiny Temple. No one can escape it, even if you're a Six Eyes and a master of Fate Dao."

The fortune teller was shocked when he finally realized who Chu Kuangren really was. "Y-You're the envoy of the Divine Destiny Temple?"


"No? Then, you are…" The fortune teller gulped nervously and asked, "The Master of Destiny?" Chu Kuangren did not answer. He simply stared at the fortune teller until the man trembled like a little boy.

"Before your Six Eyes grew mature, you were bullied by your own people. It was fate that opened your eyes, allowing you to grow. Your contract states that you will serve the temple with your life, and now it's time for you to carry out your duty."

"I knew you would come for me one day," the fortune teller bitterly said with a smile.

From the moment he sensed the power of the Master of Destiny, he knew his days of freedom were limited.

"So, what should I do?"

"Collect the debts for the temple."

There were a lot of people who had signed a contract with the Divine Destiny Temple. However, Chu Kuangren did not have the time to find them one by one. It would take too long, so he decided to find a proxy to do the work.

The fortune teller was the best candidate.

"I'm being chased by the Six Eyes Tribe. I'm afraid I can't reveal myself," the fortune teller said.

He had the Divine Destiny Seal, a treasure that the Six Eyes Tribe had been looking for for years. It was the reason why he was a fugitive.

"You now serve the Divine Destiny Temple. A bunch of people who think they can control fate or destiny won't lay a finger on you," Chu Kuangren said.

Opposing the Temple of Destiny was a bad idea. Not all were so ferocious like the Fate Defiant Masters.

The fortune teller pondered. He knew he could not escape the temple's control, so he sighed and agreed. "I promise you."

"Very well."

Chu Kuangren summoned a stack of contracts.

There were a few hundred of them.

"Like you, these are people who owe the temple a debt. Go find them and make them pay up," Chu Kuangren said.

The fortune teller glanced at the contracts and was in awe.

There were a lot of contracts, and all of them had a cultivation level above the Grand Dalm Realm. Some were even Monarchs like him.

The Divine Destiny Temple was indeed powerful.

"I understand." The fortune teller nodded.

After Chu Kuangren walked away, the fortune teller stared in the same direction and pondered. "Are you who I think you are? If so, you have hidden yourself really well."

The fate of the Master of Destiny was hidden, but the fortune teller already had a hunch about Chu Kuangren's ident.i.ty.

He shook his head and then looked at the stack of contracts. "Whatever. I should be locating these people first. Time to work for no money…" …

"Human Race election?"

Chu Kuangren pondered as he looked at the invitation in his hand.

He got the invitation from the Human Empress. The election would elect three new Adjudicators to take control of the Supreme Council. The Supreme Council was run by the three Adjudicators, and they made many decisions for the human race.

Now that the Heavenly Sovereign had turned on them, only the Earthen Monarch and the Human Empress were left.

If they got into an argument, it would affect the functionality of the Supreme Council.

Therefore, a third Adjudicator was needed. "Interesting."

The election would be held at the Human Sanctuary, Mount Tsuming. All the Monarchs of the human race would be there, and they would vote for the third Adjudicator. "Let's go have a look."

With that, Chu Kuangren and the Tempest King headed to Mount Tsuming.

Chu Kuangren was not interested in being the Adjudicator, but if he could have control of it, it would provide him with a lot of convenience in the future.

Unfortunately, it was unrealistic.

The Human Monarchs would never elect him as the Adjudicator.

First of all, he was a newbie.

Second of all, he had made a lot of enemies.

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