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Chapter 2336  Hurt the Heavenly Sovereign, Hongmeng Wisdom Leaderboard, First Place Omniscient Spirit

Just when Chu Kuangren was thinking about taking the other tribes' fortune energy, he realized a sliver of fortune energy that had gathered upon him disappeared. He was extremely sensitive about the flow of fortune energy while manifesting the Fortune Kingdom's core. Others might not notice the disappearance, but not him.

The fortune energy, in general, would not disappear for no reason. It could only be transferred from one to another or a force to another. Disappearing was rare and almost impossible. It reminded Chu Kuangren of the Heavenly Sovereign stealing the fortune energy of the human race.

"Could it be the Heavenly Sovereign? First, he steals the human race's fortune energy for his own selfish use, and now he's stealing mine. I shall let him know who's the boss here!" The fortune energy gathered upon Chu Kuangren in multiple streams like a river.

Hence, Chu Kuangren searched for the missing fortune energy by going upstream on each of them. There, he noticed one of the streams had branched out and headed somewhere else.

"Heavenly Sovereign, is it? Why don't you have a taste of this? Fortune Kingdom Stability Pillar!" The mystical Fortune Kingdom did not only include methods of creating and building a kingdom of fortune energy, but it also included some cultivation techniques that utilized fortune energy.

Chu Kuangren thought he could learn and benefit from all of them, which he did.

Meanwhile, a man in golden robes and a mystical jewel above his head was cultivating in the void.

He was surrounded by Daoist law energy, and invisible fortune energy was absorbed into the jewel above his head and then converted into his body.

He was the Heavenly Sovereign, and he was indeed stealing Chu Kuangren's fortune energy.

"Chu Kuangren is too much. I can't believe refining the Human Ancestor's blood has given him so much fortune energy!" The Heavenly Sovereign was jealous.

He had worked hard for countless years, yet he could not get his hands on as much fortune energy as Chu Kuangren.

He refused to accept it! "If I have all the fortune energy, I will have no problems ascending to the Overlord Realm!" The Heavenly Sovereign was both jealous and eager to progress.

With that, he accelerated his absorption and cultivation.

The jewel on his head was an item acquired for an Opportunity of Fortune.

It allowed him to convert fortune energy into other energy, like cultivation, healing, and so on, working wonders. It was all thanks to the jewel that he could steal the human race's fortune energy.

Now, he was stealing fortune energy from Chu Kuangren to heal himself, hoping to return to his prime as soon as possible.

Once he recovered, the Earthen Monarch and the Human Empress, who were still recovering, would be no match for him! No one could stop him from seizing the highest authority of the human race again!

Most importantly, no one could stop him from refining the human race's fortune energy!

The thought of Chu Kuangren made the Heavenly Sovereign snort. Chu Kuangren was nothing but a lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Besides, Chu Kuangren was just a newly ascended Monarch, which was no match for him. Chu Kuangren might still be relis.h.i.+ng in his delight after the ascension and had no idea that his fortune energy was being stolen.

The Heavenly Sovereign grinned. However, the jewel above his head suddenly shook violently as if a powerful energy was attacking it from the inside. Then, it started to crack. "Crack!"

"What's happening?" The Heavenly Sovereign could not believe it.

He had been using the jewel for eons, and it had been working just fine.

Why would it break now?

Before he could react, the cracked jewel released a huge amount of fortune energy that formed a golden pillar cras.h.i.+ng down on him.

"I-Impossible!" The Heavenly Sovereign was shocked.

How could someone use the fortune energy as an offensive method to attack him?


His body, which was already hurt from the battle with the Earthen Monarch, the Human Empress, and the Tempest King, sustained even more damage from the ambush by the golden pillar. Even if he was the Heavenly Sovereign, he was in shock when he was blasted away.

The repercussion of the fortune energy caused him to cough out a mouthful of blood. The attack was not fueled by the Great Dao energy or the Daoist law energy, but by fortune energy.

Before he could catch a breath, the jewel he used to convert the fortune energy broke into pieces, and he lost a large amount of fortune energy. The multiple fortune energy stream then went in the opposite direction and flowed back to Chu Kuangren, fueling his already vast pool of fortune energy.

The Heavenly Sovereign was not only injured, but he had lost his fortune energy as well.

He was furious.

He did not have to think to know who did it.

"Chu Kuangren! How many more tricks do you have under your sleeves?" The Heavenly Sovereign was frightened. At that moment, he dared not underestimate Chu Kuangren anymore.

However, he had lost his jewel and got hurt in the process. For that, he swore he would take revenge on Chu Kuangren one day.

"Chu Kuangren, Earthen Monarch, Human Empress, and Tempest King, just you wait! Do you really think that I, after being the human race's Supreme Council Adjudicator for many years, have no more trump cards? I will make a comeback soon!"

Back in the Pan Gu Sect, Chu Kuangren was surprised by the new streams of fortune energy flowing into his body.

"Oh, this is a surprise."

Even though the new stream of fortune energy was not enough for him to create the Fortune Kingdom, it was better than nothing.

It was a pity that he could not create the kingdom right away, but he was not discouraged. He knew he would be able to do it in the future.

"Now, I must figure out a way to deal with the Heavenly Sovereign, the Doomsday Darkness, and other looming threats first," he murmured.

Then, he thought of the Divine Destiny Temple and the contracts he saw there.

"I should start there."

Other than the Heavenly Sovereign and the Doomsday Darkness, he must also be careful of the Fate Defiant Master.

He should start by finding more help for the Divine Destiny Temple.

With that in mind, he ended his closed-door meditation.

Lan Yu, Shang Honghua, and the others found themselves surprised that their Sect Leader did not cause any huge commotion this time. As soon as the thought appeared in their minds, a Hongmeng Leaderboard appeared in the sky.

It was something called Wisdom Leaderboard, and those who ranked on it were the smartest people in all of the Great Hongmeng Universe.

The appearance of the leaderboard attracted much attention.

Even though cultivation was the most important thing, wisdom and knowledge should not be neglected. As the saying goes, knowledge equals power.

"Wisdom Leaderboard, eh? Those who rank high must be ancient beings who have lived long enough to gain enough experience, which the current era cultivators don't have."

"I believe so."

Names started to appear on the leaderboard.

There were knowledgeable scholars, Monarchs who traveled universes, and ancient beings who pulled strings from the dark since eons ago.

Soon, it was time to reveal the first place.

Everyone stared at the appearing name.

Ranked first on the Wisdom Leaderboard was the Omniscient Spirit.

The people were shocked.

"Omniscient Spirit? What an arrogant name!"

"So, does he know everything?"

"Who is he? I've never heard of this name before."

Some ancient Monarchs were also surprised because no one knew who the Omniscient Spirit was.

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Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 2336 Hurt the Heavenly Sovereign, Hongmeng Wisdom Leaderboard, First Place Omniscient Spirit summary

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