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Chapter 884: CEO Jun Princess Appears Together

Hence, many people in Beijing that day received calls from their relatives and friends. Listening to their relatives’ excited invitations on the other end of the phone, everyone was baffled. How precious could the gift from the opening ceremony be? How could it make them so excited?

Those who had family and friends were busy calling their relatives and friends. Those who did not have relatives and friends, like Li Ke and the other university students in Beijing, were busy socializing on Weibo and showing off while helping Xiu Yi attract customers.

“Let me tell you, I was originally going to the Camellia shop to join in the fun today, but they looked down on us, who can’t afford it, and chased us out, so we came to this shop called Xiu Yi opposite.

Without further ado!! Let me show you this greeting gift from his family. It’s free for the first thousand people. It’s too amazing!!! Those in Beijing, hurry up and come!!! Really! My roommate said that this set of things can’t be taken down without 5,000 yuan!”

Li Ke carefully took photos of every gift and uploaded them to Weibo. Her four roommates even placed the gifts together and took a huge photo.

[F*ck! Blogger, are you serious?! Where is the address?! This hairpin is so beautiful! I just spent 20,000 yuan yesterday to buy a hairpin. I don’t think it’s as beautiful as this. The embroidery on this scarf is also so beautiful!]

[It’s fake, right? Camellia’s family is so rich, but they wouldn’t even give a gift like this. Did she know that she couldn’t beat Camellia’s opening ceremony and came out to attract guests?]

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[The person in front, I guarantee with my head that if it’s fake, you’ll beat me to death. When my mother called me and told me, I didn’t believe it. I’m already at the scene and I’ve received it. I heard that there are still five hundred gifts left. The real thing is even more beautiful!! I’m even willing to spend ten thousand yuan to buy it!]

Originally, this Weibo post was only spreading on a small scale, but after Xia Wanyuan liked it, this Weibo post became popular.

The fans were stunned. Did Xia Wanyuan’s hand slip or something? Why did she suddenly like a pa.s.serby’s Weibo?

However, in the next second, “Wan s.h.i.+ Studio” posted on Weibo.

@ Wan s.h.i.+ Studio: “Thank you @ Xiu Yi for your invitation. See you at the opening ceremony.”

The fans were in an uproar. The fans in Beijing hurriedly packed their things and prepared to rush to the venue. The fans who were not in Beijing tapped into Xiu Yi’s live-stream and went to wait for Xia Wanyuan.

After Xia Wanyuan’s studio announced her artist’s schedule, An Rao quickly posted on Weibo.

@ An Rao: “Thank you @ Xiu Yi for your invitation. Your clothes are too beautiful! I’ve chosen for a long time. I’m looking forward to the opening ceremony ~”

Almost at the same time, Fu Li, Yan Ci, and Qin Wu posted similar Weibo posts.

Xuan Sheng, who was jokingly called “Hubby”, also said that he would attend Xiu Yi’s opening ceremony.

The netizens had yet to recover from this series of G.o.dly actions.

The official Weibo account of the Jun Corporation, which could be said to be the coldest on Weibo, actually posted a Weibo post.

@ Jun Corporation: “Thank you @ Xiu Yi for the invitation. The head of the Jun Corporation @ Jun s.h.i.+ling will attend.”

[I can’t help but wonder if this Jun Corporation can still be called the coldest official Weibo in history.]

[Jun s.h.i.+ling personally attending the opening ceremony. I want to know what kind of G.o.d the boss of this shop is.]

[To be able to make so many immortal big shots attend the opening ceremony together, I suddenly feel that the opening gift is not fake. F*ck, is it too late for me to rush over now? Forget it, I’m leaving. I’m going to collect the gift at the venue!]

Other than the netizens, the people who were squeezed at the entrance of the Camellia Citibank store also knew about this news. They looked at the gift and then at the distance.

Everyone looked at each other and instantly ran away, afraid that they would not be able to s.n.a.t.c.h the remaining gifts if they were late.

Everyone had a herd mentality. The people who were trying their best to squeeze closer to the door began to feel puzzled when they saw the group running opposite.

After being told about the opening gift and the guests who attended,

other than the fans who were still holding on, the others began to run towards Xiu Yi.

The security guards looked at the empty door in confusion. What was going on??

More and more people began to pour in at Xiu Yi’s side. However, because Xiu Yi had cleared an entire row of shops and it was not the core commercial district, there was a large square at the entrance that could accommodate a large number of people.

“I’m sorry, the thousand gifts for today have been distributed.” After distributing the gifts, the staff explained to the guests.

Some people were about to leave when a huge dragon head suddenly poked out from the roof of the shop, causing everyone to exclaim.

In the next second, a dragon head popped out, and a huge golden dragon spiraled out of the roof. Gongs and drums suddenly sounded around the square, and nine mighty golden lions jumped out from nowhere.

The huge bouquet that was originally suspended in the air exploded, and a ribbon and petals fell.

The atmosphere immediately became lively. The guests who were about to leave were attracted by the lively scene and stopped in their tracks.

Amidst the cheers and laughter, the staff spread out a red carpet from the door. At this moment, cars gradually drove in from the side of the square.

“Ahhh, my husband!!! Yan Ci!!! Oh my G.o.d! Why is Yan Ci here?!” A scream came from the crowd. Everyone’s gaze was attracted by the figure not far away.

Yan Ci, who was known as the “n.o.ble young master of the entertainment industry”, had a faint smile on his face. His every move reminded people of the words “gentleman like jade”.

Yan Ci waved at everyone, and the cheers became even more enthusiastic.

Yan Ci had just stepped onto the red carpet when Fu Li walked out of the car holding Tang Yin’s hand.

Many of the middle-aged people present were former fans of Fu Li. Now that they saw Fu Li, who was filled with happiness, some of them could not help but cry.

Amidst everyone’s cheers, Yan Ci, Fu Li and Tang Yin chatted as they walked the red carpet.

Not long after, An Rao, who was wearing a red cheongsam and a windbreaker, appeared at the scene holding Bo Xiao’s arm. After carefully dressing up, An Rao’s eyes were filled with charm.

Bo Xiao glanced at her and stopped to tighten An Rao’s windbreaker. He even helped her b.u.t.ton her windbreaker before hugging her waist and walking in.

Bo Xiao’s actions not only attracted ridicule from the audience, but it was also recorded by the camera and displayed in the live-stream.

The netizens looked at Bo Xiao’s possessive gaze and the charming and shy An Rao in Bo Xiao’s arms. They silently covered their eyes that were blinded by this wave of love.

The camera followed Bo Xiao and An Rao forward. Suddenly, An Rao stopped and turned around. The cheers beside her instantly erupted.

The netizens in the live-stream guessed that it must be Xia Wanyuan!!

The next second, the scene changed.

The audience in the live-stream were stunned.

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