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Chapter 1026 - 1026 Congratulations On Pa.s.sing

1026 Congratulations On Pa.s.sing

The elderly man nodded and said, “Thank you, young man.”

With that, he led him to continue heading toward the building.

As soon as they reached the entrance, the sound of someone running could be heard from behind.

Both of them turned around to look behind them at the same time.


Unexpectedly, Pascal ran back.

Pascal’s hair which was originally standing upright was even messier after running back.

He stopped at around a two-meter distance away from them and held his knees while he attempted to catch his breath.

“Young man, why are you back?”

After the old man asked the question, Pascal straightened his back and said, “Since I promised to help you move the potted plants, I will definitely keep my word.”

The truth is, he had left while riding the public electric bike. However, he had thought about it a lot when he left.

If he were to leave right now, he was sure that he would not make it back in time to hear his name getting called. He might as well take a gamble and make a U-turn to come back. If the elderly man was really not trying to test them, he would just count it on his bad luck.

The elderly man seemed very happy. “That’s great. I was worried that this young man alone wouldn’t be able to help me move those larger potted plants.”

With that, he took out a key, unlocked the door, and stepped inside first.

Bryan looked at Pascal. He did not say anything and planned to follow the elderly man inside.

Just then, Pascal walked to his side and whispered in a low voice, “I know you are trying to test your luck here.”

“That should be what you’re thinking instead.”

As soon as Bryan said that, he made his way inside.

Sure enough, there were many potted plants inside the living room.

There were potted plants of different sizes and the larger ones really needed two people to carry them outside.

Soon, both of them helped the elderly man move the potted plants.

After they finished moving the plants, Bryan asked the elderly man, “Sir, is there anything else you need our help with?”

The elderly man did not hold back on his requests either and said, “These plants need to be watered. You two can help water the plants.”

With that, he pointed at the water pipe and watering can on the side.

Bryan immediately walked over to fetch the water and started watering the plants.

The old man looked at Pascal who stood there without moving and said, “Young man, it just so happens that the books on my bookshelves haven’t been dried under the sun for quite some time. The weather is pretty good today, why don’t you help me move them out and dry them?”

Pascal was feeling extremely unwilling deep down inside, but he did not reveal his emotions on the surface at all. He followed the elderly man inside to move the books.

After Bryan finished watering the plants, he was also called over to move the books.

Two top students in their respective schools were currently squatting down and arranging hundreds of books on the stone table and benches under the guidance of the elderly man.

The elderly man stood there and watched them.

After they finished arranging all the books, the elderly man extended an invitation. “Young men, thank you very much. It’s about to be noon soon, let me treat you two to lunch.”

These two people were unexpectedly like-minded at this moment as they refused the elderly man’s offer.

“No need. Sir, since there’s nothing else you need our help with, I’ll take my leave first.”

“Me too.”

The both of them immediately took their leave.

While walking back, Pascal’s expression immediately sank.

Bryan noticed his reaction and he said with a sneer, “Why? Are you feeling very regretful that you made a U-turn to help the elderly man?”

“So what if I regret it? So what if I don’t? In any case, I wouldn’t have been able to return in time even if I rushed back.”

After Pascal said that, he increased his pace and headed towards the Futuristic School of Technology.

Both of them headed in the same direction.

At this time, the entrance of the school was very quiet.

They walked to the entrance and looked inside at the same time.

Just then, Bryan asked Pascal, “If we have really been left without a chance, what will you do?”

Pascal said without a second thought, “I believe that they won’t be recruiting students only once. Even if I fail this time, I’ll come the next time. It’s impossible for me to fail based on my abilities.”

Bryan was silent for two seconds before he nodded his head. “I have the same thoughts as you.”

With that, they made eye contact with each other. Both their gazes were filled with confidence.

“Congratulations to Pascal and Bryan for pa.s.sing the first test and successfully proceeding to the next test.”

All of a sudden, the mechanical voice on the loudspeaker caused the two confident young men to feel a split second of embarra.s.sment.

When they saw the elderly man and Zi Yi coming over toward them, they revealed an excited expression.

Zi Yi supported Elder Dou along the way.

Elder Dou said with a smile, “Young fellas, we meet again.”

“You are that elderly man?” Bryan looked at the elderly man who was not wearing a mask anymore and realized that he was the previous of M.Uni.

“ Dou.”

Pascal was also feeling excited deep down inside. However, he revealed a proud expression on the surface as he said, “I knew for sure that you must have come to test us.”

Zi Yi looked at Pascal and suddenly thought of Zhou s.h.i.+jin. “He’s indeed here to test you all. If you did not make a U-turn back then, you would have been immediately eliminated.”

What she meant was that the other two had already been eliminated.

Pascal breathed out a sigh of relief deep down inside.

After Zi Yi and Elder Dou came to stand in front of them, Zi Yi said, “You two are the first out of the others to have pa.s.sed the first test. You can make your way back to rest first. There are still two more tests, I hope that you’ll be able to pa.s.s them.”

“That’s for sure.” Pascal turned to leave after he said that.

However, Bryan remained standing there and asked with a foolish smile, “Student Zi… the other students who went in, what kind of test did they receive?”

“You can ask them when they come out.”

Bryan nodded his head and left after bidding farewell to Zi Yi and Elder Dou.

Looking at his departing back view, Elder Dou asked, “Yiyi, what’s your next test for them?”

Zi Yi revealed a devilish-like smile. “It’s a test that will make them remember it for the rest of their lives.”

Elder Dou laughed heartily and said, “Don’t end up in a situation where you only manage to recruit a few students.”

“What does it matter anyways? What’s important is the quality and not the quant.i.ty. In any case, what I am looking for are all-rounded talents, not those who only have brains.”

“Haha… you’re right.”

The other student’s tests were observed by Lu Jingye and other professors from M.Uni. Their test had ended at around midday.

Only three quarters of the 200 students who came managed to pa.s.s the first test.

The students who did not pa.s.s were immediately eliminated.

As for the reactions of those students, that was not something Zi Yi and the rest cared about.

When Elder Dou arrived at M.Uni, the group of professors learned of this news and came to meet him.

When the large group headed to the canteen for lunch, even the chef personally came out to meet them.

“h.e.l.lo, Dou! I am the chef of this canteen, my surname is Yi. Please do have a taste of the food our canteen serves. If there is any feedback, please feel free to bring it up. I will improve upon it right away.”

“Hahaha… sure, sure. It’s very good that you have such a mindset.”

After the chef heard that, he happily headed back into the kitchen to personally whip up a few dishes.

Everyone started to discuss the test that the group of students attempted.

When the three of them finished lunch, it was already around the o’clock in the afternoon.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye returned to the house, they saw Guoguo looking at them tearfully.

The Madams breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

“You’re finally home. The two babies have been looking forward to your return for an entire afternoon.”

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