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Chapter 881 Choosing A New Bloodline

After she was gone, deafening silence befell in the restaurant…Selphie kept her widened eyes affixed on Felix’s wet lips, feeling like her heart was about to burst apart.

This was the first time she sees a kiss happening before her…It just had to be her crash tonguing down on his girlfriend.

‘She is really the incarnation of the devil.’ Thor sighed sympathetically as he eyed the sh.e.l.l shocked Selphie, ‘How can she do that while emphasizing the term friend before her.’

‘As expected of Miss Asna.’ Mistress Candace smiled happily, ‘She has really done her dirty.’

The tenants knew that there was absolutely no recovery from that…Asna had established before Selphie that Felix was her man and property.

‘d.a.m.n, to worsen it, she left them after doing so.’ Jörmungandr smiled wryly, ‘It’s like telling her that she wasn’t a threat whatsoever.’

The tenants knew that in this round, Asna had emerged victorious!

Fifteen minutes later…

Felix could be seen sitting with Asna on the couch, having a serious and silent stare off.

He had to cut the dinner short after the violence that Asna inflicted on Selphie.

Although he loved the kiss, and would have preferred if they kept on it for even hours, he still felt that it was too much for poor Selphie.

She was too pure and immature to have her heart get dealt such a ma.s.sive blow. So, he apologized for Asna’s behavior and promised her with another dinner.

As for Asna? She had absolutely zero remorse for what she had done.

“What? Don’t tell me you intend to take her side.” Asna looked away, too annoyed by the whole situation.

Although Asna was the most beautiful girl in the entire universe and every single man desire her, she still got jealous of Selphie and a bit threatened by her.

Beauty was one thing, but mentality was another…Asna must definitely fear of losing Felix to anyone even if that was unimaginable.

“Take her side? Never.” Felix shook his head, “Still, what you did was improper.”

“I don’t care, I will do it every time I see her.” Asna said stubbornly.

“I can’t stop you…But.” Felix shrugged his shoulders while standing up. Then, he went and sat next to her with a faint grin.

“Just like I have no issues with you kissing me whenever you like, I expect you to be the same.”

The moment Felix finished, he closed her lips with his, not waiting for her to even retort against his reasoning.

‘You pric..k.’

Asna resisted at the start and tried to push him away, but Felix kept attacking her lips and tongue, making her lose strength in her arms slowly.

Her mind felt fuzzy while her eyes turned hazy due to the heat rising from within. The kiss was simply too pa.s.sionate and hot for her to handle.

When she realized that it was hopeless, she gave up and closed her eyes, sinking in the pleasure.

‘Alright, this is getting haram.’ Jörmungandr turned off the connection after seeing that things were getting too heated.

‘d.a.m.n you old snake! It was just getting good.’ Thor cursed in irritation while throwing his wine jar at him.

‘Pity.’ Mistress Candace also sighed in disappointment as she was eager to see them going at it.

Too bad, Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr were against it.

Thor could easily peep on them if he wanted, but even for him, it would be too creepy to watch them alone.

In the end, they broke their gathering and went to do their own things.

As for Felix and Asna?

They were still making out pa.s.sionately on the couch, and it looked like they weren’t planning on stopping anytime soon…


The Next Morning…

Felix and Asna could be seen cuddling in her mansion while watching a movie in his consciousness s.p.a.ce.

Unfortunately for Felix, last night didn’t end with anything beyond second base.

Still, he was happy with being able to hug Asna and kiss her whenever he liked without her being all timid and defensive.

At the moment Mistress Candace was traveling towards the closest wormhole that would bridge the chasm between them and Icarius Galaxy.

Hence, the reason he was hanging with Asna in the consciousness s.p.a.ce.

‘Felix, stop spooning. It’s time for your math and physics lessons.’

Unfortunately for them, Lady Sphinx wasn’t concerned with their romance or cuddling.

The only thing she was focusing on at the moment was making Felix master those two subjects. She wasn’t joking when she has sworn that she would teach him in a month.

‘Sigh, coming…’ Felix sighed in frustration while pulling away from Asna.

There was no way he was going to reject Lady Sphinx’s teachings even when believed that physics and math weren’t really that useful in battles.

‘The fact that you think this way is another reason why you need to master them.’ Lady Sphinx said calmly.

“I have never seen anyone using them before.” Felix retorted while sitting next to Lady Sphinx.

“That’s because they are just as dumb as you.” Lady Sphinx smacked him in the head with a ruler for talking back.

“She is right, you know.” Thor supported, “The stronger the foes you face, the more precise your attacks needs to be. Having a perfect understanding of physics and math will help you in your accuracy significantly.”

“There is a huge difference between someone throwing a projectile by mere eyesight and another by calculating all elements affecting the projectile.”

“I see.”

When put like this, Felix realized that he was indeed going to benefit immensely from those two subjects…Especially, when his senses and cognitive reasoning were enhanced significantly.

Now, that he saw an actual use of them, he paid more attention to Lady Sphinx’s lectures.

On the other hand, Lady Sphinx didn’t care if he actually was going to use them or not. She simply didn’t want him to remain ignorant about such basic subjects.

She couldn’t handle another embarra.s.sment before her peers.

After Felix finished with his session, he sat before a white board that had multiple elements on them with the name of their primogenitor written next to them.

Felix had finally decided that it was time to choose a bloodline.

He understood that the moment he reached Icarius Galaxy, he would devour a s.h.i.+tload of natural treasures and enter one of the longest slumbers in his life.

When he wakes up, he must have already his new element at 100% affinity to start the integration as fast as possible.

“Have you decided yet?” Asna asked while sipping a cup of tea next to him.

“No…” Felix shook his head.

Since last night, he had been spending hours staring into those bloodlines and contemplating which one would be the perfect choice for him.

Replacing Khaos’ Bloodline was a big deal.

Void abilities were simply too G.o.dly and if his foundation were stronger, he wouldn’t have given up on them at all.

Although he was given list that included three lord primogenitors, who were confirmed dead as well.

Felix had to ignore them for now since Lady Sphinx wasn’t certain yet if she could help him secure their elemental manipulation.

That’s because their inscriptions were simply too complex compared to poison, lightning, fire, and other common elements.

In other words, even if he had chosen a rare element and the primogenitor found no problem with pa.s.sing along his manipulation, Felix’s body wouldn’t handle such a complex inscription sealed with the other two.

To not risk his life, he was told to focus for now only on uncommon and common-based element primogenitors.

“I have lightning, so I don’t need wind…I am mobile enough.” Felix glanced at the water element and mumured, “On other hand, water can act as a conductor for my electricity and also give ma.s.s to my poison.”

Felix knew that water would dilute the potency of his poison but at the same time, it would make it extremely hard to handle it.

For example, fire was poison ultimate nemesis since it could evaporate it immediately, but if his poison was placed in water, it would be a different story.

Those were the only two primogenitors with common elements that were both dead and also had the highest chance of bestowing him their elemental manipulation.

“I am not feeling it, though.” Felix scratched his head in frustration and eliminated water element again.

Sure water element would work well with his elements, but Felix felt that he required an element that had its main form as solid.

Like earth element, plant element, ice element, metal element…etc.

His lightning element was energy-based, and his poison element was in a gas/liquid state.

He believed that an element with a solid state would boost his defenses immensely while also working well with his other elements.

Now that he wouldn’t have void realm as a crutch to lean on, defensive element was out of utmost priority.

Alas…Almost all primogenitors with these kind of elements were alive.

“Ice would have been perfect.” Felix thought out loud while eying the list.

Felix always had his eyes on ice element ever since he heard that Fenrir was part of his master’s faction!

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