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Chapter 1409 - 1409 Exhausted Too Much Energy

1409 Exhausted Too Much Energy

Lin Qingyuan wanted dearly to take off her shoe and clobber him in the face as she looked at the man’s shameless expression.

Stupid jerk!

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to publicly display affection like this?” Lin Qingyuan suppressed her anger and pushed his hand away while berating him seriously.

Long Xuan, “…”


It was the first time Lin Qingyuan felt she had gotten one over him when she saw the man standing there, looking dumbstruck.

It was her victory this round!

She patted her dress and walked past him to go down the stairs.

Long Xuan raised an eyebrow as he watched the woman walk further and further away.

Lin Qingyuan was in a good mood and ordered many delicious dishes.

By the time Long Xuan had come downstairs, her table was filled with a variety of breakfast food.

“Can you finish everything you ordered?”

Lin Qingyuan darted a look at him but said nothing. She used her chopsticks to poke through a steamed dumpling. She immediately stuffed it into her mouth to prove she was up to the task.

Long Xuan watched her stuff a few steamed dumplings into her mouth before starting on the wontons. Today he finally had a better understanding of this girl’s appet.i.te.

He never expected she could eat this much!

“Looks like you must have exhausted too much energy last night.”

His sudden comment made Lin Qingyuan choke on a mouthful of soup and she began coughing violently.

There was a flash in Long Xuan’s eyes as he stood up and went over to her to pat her back.

“Why are you eating in such a hurry? No one is fighting with you over the food!”

It took some difficulty for Lin Qingyuan to finally stop coughing. Hearing him still being sarcastic to her made her so mad that she stepped on his foot. “No one would call you a mute if you stop talking for a moment!”

Long Xuan frowned when his foot got stepped on, but did not let the pain show on his face. However, he was limping a little when he returned to his seat.

Lin Qingyuan felt rather pleased when she saw this.

He deserved it for being so mean with his words!

She picked up her spoon once more and continued eating happily.

Long Xuan lost his appet.i.te a little when he saw how heartily she was savoring the food.

It was mainly because he preferred lighter food in the morning while she had mostly ordered oily meat dishes.

He called the server back to the table and ordered some plain congee and a few side dishes.

By the time he began eating, Lin Qingyuan was already done and she even gave a satisfied burp.

Long Xuan was picking up his chopsticks when he suddenly paused. He lifted his eyes and looked at her.

Lin Qingyuan knew he was about to lecture her when she saw him this way. So, she quickly said, “Hurry up and eat. We need to visit Chen Xuping later and send him back to Jade Moon Villa.”

Any trace of Long Xuan’s good mood disappeared at the mention of Chen Xuping and his appet.i.te became worse.

Lin Qingyuan sat waiting for him, but he did not even finish half a bowl of congee after quite some time. She could not help frowning and began to hurry him. “Why are you eating so slowly?”

Long Xuan darted her a look and picked up his bowl to slowly finish his congee. He ate a few mouthfuls of side dishes before finally saying, “Do you think everyone is like you? You live like you haven’t eaten in three years.”

Lin Qingyuan, “…”

No matter how slow-witted she was, even she could tell that there was some anger in his tone. Her pretty face fell and her words became spiteful as well. “Yes, I’m not as cultured as you are. Even when having a meal, you’re more graceful and dainty than a woman.” With those words, she stood up. “I won’t wait around any longer. You can eat as slowly as you like. Hmph!”

She was about to leave when Long Xuan grabbed her by the wrist.

The man’s face darkened as he ordered, “Sit!”

Lin Qingyuan frowned. “I don’t want to. The sun will set before you can finish your meal.”

“Not listening to me, are you?” There was danger in Long Xuan’s tone.

Lin Qingyuan had always been wary of him, and when she saw his expression darken, she did not dare provoke him any further.

This fellow was a madman and there was no knowing what he might do.

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