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Chapter 1262 - 1262 Not Giving Her Face

1262 Not Giving Her Face

Qin Sheng frowned and grabbed Lin Shuya’s wrist, stopping her from doing anything else.

She clenched her fists tightly and her gaze was bone-chilling.

An indifferent voice slowly came out of her mouth. “Lin Shuya, be careful. I have nothing to do with you. Don’t think that I will give you any benefits.”

“You’re not worthy!”

Lin Shuya could feel the pain from Qin Sheng’s hand. She could feel her bones being crushed by Qin Sheng’s strength.


Lin Shuya was scared. “Qin Sheng, let go of me immediately.”

Qin Sheng narrowed her eyes and did not reduce the strength in her hands.

“Qin Sheng, let me go,” Lin Shuya begged. “I won’t come and find trouble with you again. I won’t threaten you to do anything as your mother.”

“Heh, do you think your words can be trusted?”

Qin Sheng sneered.

Lin Shuya’s tears fell. She gritted her teeth. This Qin Sheng was indeed an ingrate. How could she treat her biological mother like this?

More and more students gathered around to watch.

They were all laughing at Lin Shuya.

Most of the students recognized Lin Shuya. She was Qin Sheng’s biological mother and was also the one who had said that Qin Sheng was heartless in front of the media.

Therefore, when they saw Lin Shuya’s arm being held by Qin Sheng, they did not stand up for her.

A circle of red marks appeared on Lin Shuya’s wrist. The pain was unbearable.

Finally, Qin Sheng let go of her.

She looked at Lin Shuya as if she was looking at a dead person. “Get lost!”

“Alright, I’ll go,” Lin Shuya said through gritted teeth.

She clenched the few strands of hair in her hand and left.


Qin Sheng went to the stock exchange in the afternoon.

She observed the trend of several stocks and understood some information. Then, she spent 1 billion yuan to buy four stocks.

At the same time.

The atmosphere was very tense, and the higher-ups didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly. They looked at Fu Hanchuan, who was sitting at the head of the table, with trepidation.

Fu Hanchuan’s face was expressionless, but his entire body was emitting a chill.

“President, President,” a higher-up shouted. He couldn’t even speak clearly. He was afraid.

This time, they had made a huge mistake in the project, which involved more than 1 billion yuan.

This was the first time such a mistake had occurred since the establishment of the HD Group.

The notification sounded. The higher-ups wanted to continue reporting, but Fu Hanchuan raised his hand and interrupted them.

Fu Hanchuan swiped his phone.

A message from the bank came into view.

Fu Hanchuan’s lips curled up slightly when he saw the content.

His mood improved.

The higher-ups looked at each other. Who sent this?

a.s.sistant Lin, who was standing behind Fu Hanchuan, was also curious and looked at Fu Hanchuan’s phone.

Soon, another message was sent. The third, the fourth…

The smile in Fu Hanchuan’s eyes deepened.

A few black lines slid down Lin Te’s forehead. He had lost money, yet he was still so happy?

Moreover, he had lost a lot of money.

If it were any other man, his face would have already darkened.

His CEO was indeed a wife-doting demon.

If it wasn’t for the fact that a.s.sistant Lin had always been by Fu Hanchuan’s side, he would have thought that Fu Hanchuan had been switched.

Fu Hanchuan put away his phone.

He glanced at the higher-ups below and said, “Think of a solution on your own after you go back. I’ll give you two days to submit the solution.”

With that, Fu Hanchuan stood up and left the office.

a.s.sistant Lin Te knew that Fu Hanchuan was going to look for Qin Sheng.

He was tactful enough not to follow.

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