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Chapter 774: Paper Tiger

Proofreader: Papatonks

“When people separate, they still hope to see each other one last time. So why did I tell her to not look back to see her again?”

Hovering and watching the girls vanish in the distance, Zhuo Fan’s eyes grew hazy, “Maybe I don’t want her to see me crying, ha-ha-ha…”


A tremendous power came pressing down as a fierce gale fluttered his clothes.

Zhao Dezhu came in front and cackled at his back, “Ha-ha-ha, weren’t you running? Even if you broke the array, you think you could escape my five hundred Ethereal Stage experts? In the end, you just didn’t want to die like that.”

Closing his eyes, Zhuo Fan forced the mist away from his eyes as he spat, “Since I can’t escape, fighting is better. You really went all out, using five hundred against me.”

“He-he-he, what other way is there when dealing with a freak like you? We had to make sure a demon like you would never escape.”

Zhao Dezhu mocked and glanced at two dozen men on the side, “Go after the girls. The rest of you deal with the demon!”

“Yes, sir!”

The two dozen cupped their hands and were about to go after them, but just as they got to Zhuo Fan a boom echoed out.

With a flash of scarlet and mournful cries, the two dozen experts were thrown back, battered and b.l.o.o.d.y.

They all looked startled to see Zhuo Fan had before him a scarlet dragon hundreds of meters big blocking their way.

It opened its b.l.o.o.d.y maw, looking at its prey with a savage glint in its eyes as it unleashed its mighty power.

Zhao Dezhu snorted, “Almighty Scarlet Dragon King? Humph, Zhuo Fan, you’re taking your soul out so soon? You want to go all out? Those girls must be dear to you.”

“Just some ignorant, that’s all.”

Zhuo Fan spoke heavily, “Zhao Dezhu, you’re only after my head. Well here I am, don’t go dragging innocents into this.”

Zhao Dezhu smirked, “Innocent? Ha-ha-ha, there’s no such thing when they’re involved with you! The Universal Righteous Sect purges demons to the last one. Those girls will be snuffed out sooner or later…”


He did not finish as a fierce whirlwind lashed at them.

The Almighty Scarlet Dragon King’s tail swipe completely blocked the way forward. Zhuo Fan turned around, his eyes filled with bloodl.u.s.t, “No one will get past me for as long as I breathe!”

“Humph, show off!”

Zhao Dezhu mocked, “You still want to stop my five hundred experts? See how I cross your line. I won’t kill you, but bring back the girls and rip them apart before your eyes. You’ll see what end awaits all that hang around a demon like you, ha-ha-ha…”

Laughing, Zhao Dezhu flicked his hand again and thirty Ethereal Stage experts revealed their souls to attack.

Blades, spears, axes, all kinds of souls were put on display and unleas.h.i.+ng their raw power as they came upon Zhuo Fan.

Zhuo Fan made the Almighty Scarlet Dragon King swipe its tail at them.


The loud explosions resounded and smoke rose. The power of those clashes made the rest of the Ethereal Stage experts to back away.

When it cleared up, twenty Universal Righteous Sect Ethereal Stage experts were now on the ground, bleeding from everywhere while the last ten were gasping and bleeding from their mouths.

While before them was a wounded and battered scarlet dragon. But it stood in place, not making a single movement.

The thirty Ethereal Stage experts’ soul attack could still not budge the huge dragon.

Zhuo Fan looked at them coldly with an ashen face. He quivered and spat blood. But he remained firm, like he was still fine, giving Zhao Dezhu a look of utter contempt.


That was what their looks said, looking at Zhuo Fan in disbelief. One man taking thirty experts’ attacks yet still managing to heavily wound twenty while pus.h.i.+ng back the rest had already gone beyond the means of a simple human. His power was unheard of. 

He really was the best in Double Dragon Gathering to take down all the superior three sects. When Zhao Dezhu came back, they wouldn’t believe it. But now, truth stared them right in the face.

They all gasped and whispered from shock and awe.

Zhao Dezhu was p.i.s.sed off. He clenched his fists. He didn’t come here to bolster his fame with new fans, but bury him for good.

But now, these fools were oblivious of the situation. 

[How can they admire this vile demon sp.a.w.n?]

“That’s enough! Remember your place as righteous cultivators!”

Zhao Dezhu barked as he pointed at Zhao Dezhu, “All of you attack! Get me his head, for providence!”

Everyone startled awake and went for Zhuo Fan as they unleashed their power, devoid of fear. 

Zhuo Fan grinned, “Yes, come take my head. You must do it, for providence. But it’s also providence who dictates how many of you actually come out alive out of this. Look at the twenty heavily wounded. They were no less brave than you yet what did they get? At the end of the day, only the survivors get to enjoy the victory. You’d better think this through. Do you want to be expendable or a winner? You decide.”


They all faltered, coming to a halt. As they looked like each other, no one seemed to be so keen on being first anymore.

“Brother, you take the lead, I’ll watch your back!”

“And end up dead? You do it! Humph.”

With but a casual reminder from Zhuo Fan, their inner self-preservation was brought to the surface before they realized it. They had lost all the courage and panicked now.

No matter how many they are, once their hearts were shaken, they became nothing more than a rabble. Their numbers meant nothing.

Zhuo Fan grinned in disdain seeing them being so petty. At the same time, he held his stomach as blood kept flowing from his mouth.

He was wounded gravely as well. If they came at him again, just a dozen would’ve been enough to finish him. 

But by driving a wedge between them and bringing out their selfishness, the paper tiger that was now Zhuo Fan stalled these hundreds of experts from coming over.

Anyone would laugh at such a scene. The great force of a sect was reduced to bickering fools, unable to get their hands on a wounded guy…

Zhao Dezhu was stomping in anger, cursing, “You d.a.m.n morons! What are you scared of? He’s hanging by a thread, attack! Get me his head and I’ll make Sect Leader commend you!”

“Then why don’t you go?” However, it had the opposite effect. One Universal Righteous Sect disciple gave him a glare.


Startled, Zhao Dezhu stammered. 


Zhuo Fan was filled with deceit and endless trickery. Even if wounded, no one really knew what scheme he was hiding. 

[And you want me to go there? When he had toyed with Ye Lin to such an extent?]   

[If I go there, keeping my life will be a miracle! Why the h.e.l.l would I go? I’m too young to die.]

[What did I bring you all for then if not to get him instead?]

However, seeing him scared, they were even more so. Now no one was willing to attack.

Thus, the five hundred experts of Universal Righteous Sect stared like fools at a wounded guy. 

Zhao Dezhu was outraged while Zhuo Fan grinned. He wasn’t after escaping though. While defeating five hundred of them was impossible.

He only hoped that by fighting them he bought the girls enough time.

Zhuo Fan felt his insides burning as blood got caught in his chest and made it hard to breathe. Even so, he still stood there, pretending like he was fine.


Someone clapped, “Ha-ha-ha, even though a wounded paper tiger, you still managed to shake the resolve of five hundred Universal Righteous Sect experts. No wonder Zhao Dezhu said you’ll be the righteous path’s biggest calamity…”

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