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Chapter 428: Violet has become agreat woman

Snow Clan.

"b.i.t.c.h!" A white haired woman was going crazy and destroying everything.

Expensive vases, expensive dressers, paintings, everything.

Evidently, she was furious.

"How dare she!? My Darling!?"

"I will kill that b.i.t.c.h!!"

"I will quarter her, slowly burn her body, and then throw her to the dogs!! b.i.t.c.h!!!"


"I wonder why she's freaking out." A woman spoke as she took a sip of tea.

"I would like to know too, Lady Violet." Hilda replied as she stood next to Violet.

"...." Agnes turned to her daughter with bloodshot eyes, glowing blood red.

"Aren't you angry, Violet!?"

"Why would I be?" Violet raised an eyebrow.

"She took my-... Our Darling! That b.i.t.c.h!"

"Oh, I already knew this would happen eventually."


"Before Natas.h.i.+a did anything, she talked to Ruby, Sasha, and I. We already knew she was going to do this, and we agreed."

If not for that, how could Violet be so calm?

"...." Agnes narrowed her eyes, she looked at her daughter more closely, and saw her body trembling slightly as she bit her lip.

'Although she already knew, she's still p.i.s.sed off, huh.' Agnes thought her daughter was still like her.

Meanwhile with Violet.

'Tsk, I wanted to be close, I bet they f.u.c.ked like rabbits hard enough to destroy a building, that's unfair! I want it too!'

She was just h.o.r.n.y...

Agnes took a deep breath, and thought about this situation a little more 'calmly'. She tried to feel the other 'connection' that appeared to her, and that's when she felt Natas.h.i.+a's emotions.

'She's being loved right now...' Agnes' face darkened, and veins started bulging across her forehead:


Seeing that her mother was going to start destroying things again in annoyance, she spoke up:



"Why are you so angry?"


"Victor is not your husband, Mother."

"..." Agnes opened her eyes wide.

"He's my husband, I should be acting this way, not you."

"B-But, he's Adon-."

"Stop." Violet spoke in a stern tone as her eyes shone brighter:

"He's not my father, don't treat my husband as a subst.i.tute."


Seeing the mother and daughter facing each other, Hilda couldn't help but nod in approval. Violet really grew up so much, she was so proud.

'Children grow so fast.' She looked like a loving mother who watched her child grow up right before her eyes, which, in a way, was true.

After all, Hilda watched Violet grow.

Agnes lost the staring contest with her daughter, and soon turned her face to the side while huffing:

"Humpf, I'm not treating him as a surrogate or anything. It's just that feeling someone else in that connection made me lose control a little bit."

'A little?' Hilda raised her eyebrow as she looked around.

"...." Violet just narrowed her eyes even further at her mother, and decided to believe that lame excuse.

'She still seems to be confused about my husband… It's better to get this fixed quickly.' Violet looked at Hilda, and she nodded.

Understanding what her master wanted, Hilda left the room, and walked towards Violet's quarters.

"Speaking of connection… When are you going to withdraw that connection with my husband?"

"Eh...?" Agnes looked at her daughter in disbelief.

Asking her to remove the connection she had with Victor was the same as asking for a divorce!

"By losing that connection, you won't need to feed on my husband's blood to keep from losing control, and you'll be free."

"... I-..."

Seeing her mother standing indecisively, Violet clicked her tongue. She never was, and never will be someone subtle with words:

"Look, b.i.t.c.h. I am saying this for your own good."


"Eventually your bloodl.u.s.t will reach its limit. You have managed to control yourself so far, because you are 'satisfied', but when your bloodl.u.s.t arrives, and it will, the first person you will look for is my husband. This is instinctive for whoever is in that ritual."

"And the moment my husband's blood falls down your throat, there's no going back... Slowly, you'll want more, his blood is just that addictive."

"And that's something I want to avoid."


Agnes bit her lip in frustration. She understood what her daughter was saying but she just couldn't give up her 'connection' as that was the only thing that made her feel close to her Darling. It was her last memory of him, after all, she'd had this connection for several years.

Hilda opened the door, and entered the office. She was holding three vials of blood, before gently placing them in front of Violet.

Violet straightened the vials and placed them in front of her mother.

"What is this...?" Agnes asked.

"Inside one of these vials is my husband's blood."

"And the other two are type AB blood. They are rare but not on the same level as my husband."

"Now, choose your path."

"....I don't understand, why should I choose?"

"Just do as I say, you will understand." Violet's eyes gleamed slightly.

Agnes bit her lip, and approached the table where Violet sat.

She looked at the three vials, and soon she chose the one on the left, but just as she would grab it, her hand went towards the middle one.

Taking the bottle and opening it.

An intoxicating scent was felt by the three Vampires.

Hilda and Agnes took a deep breath, and couldn't help but stare at the vial Agnes was holding with a blood red gaze.

It was just too fragrant.

"Congratulations, you made the wrong choice."


"That is the vial that contains my husband's blood." Violet took the vial from Agnes, and drank it.

"Ahh-..." She was going to complain, but remained silent.

Finis.h.i.+ng up drinking all the blood, Violet laughed,

"My husband's blood is just so good~, and drinking from the fountain is even better."


Hilda and Agnes swallowed hard.

"Just so you don't accuse me of lying or something..." Violet opened the remaining two vials.

And just like before, the heavy scent hit everyone, but… It was much weaker than Victor's.

If Victor's blood was Cla.s.s 5 stars, this one was 3 stars.

It was good? Yes, but compared to Victor's, it was average.

"Did you understand anything from this demonstration, mother?" Violet spoke as she closed the vials.

Agnes bit her lips, and said:

"Yes... If I continue this connection, involuntarily, my body will seek out Victor."

The wedding ritual wasn't just something two beings agreed to do to control their bloodl.u.s.t.

This ritual also transferred and enhanced the 'impulses' from the Vampire to their partner. This was one of the reasons couples who lose a partner go crazy over time, because they feel like they've lost a half of themselves.

"I will say this one more time." Violet's violet eyes stared into Agnes's golden ones.

"My husband is not a subst.i.tute."


"I'm really going to start hating you if you don't think about this matter carefully."

"!!!" Agnes' body visibly shook when she heard what Violet said.

She couldn't bear to gain her daughter's hatred as well as lose the connection. Violet was all that was left of her husband.

"Before your bloodl.u.s.t attacks, I suggest you 'divorce' my husband." Violet leaned her back against the chair.


Sounds of teeth grinding together grated through the surroundings.

Just thinking about that possibility made her anger grow. She didn't want to sever that connection, but... What her daughter said was correct too.

'It pains me to say this, but... That man is not my Darling... He is not Adonis... I understand that, I really understand, but!'

Focusing on her connection, she seemed to fly thousands of kilometers, and soon she appeared to be standing in front of a tall man with long black hair and violet eyes, he was in full black Clan Adrastea armor.

He was walking into a location with a neutral look.

"Hmm?" He suddenly stopped in his tracks, and looked directly at her with a strange expression, but soon, a gentle smile appeared on his face:


The woman didn't say anything, she just looked at him with a neutral gaze, precisely speaking, she looked into his violet eyes.

As she stared into his violet eyes, the image of Adonis seemed to overlap his visage, and then disappeared.

Agnes bit her lip, and then she turned and disappeared.

Opening her eyes, back in the Snow Clan, Agnes pondered:

'I know he's not Adonis... Adonis is gone. That man absorbed my husband... The proof of that is his perfect beauty, and his violet eyes. Those are the characteristics of my husband... But that's where the features end.'

'My husband would not wear black armor, he would not have such a wild presence like a warrior, and he would not confront me when he saw me with my serious gaze.'

'That man is not my husband...' She bit her lip. She repeated those words over and over in her mind, but she couldn't believe them.

Wrong, she chose not to believe them.

This problem was something she couldn't solve no matter how long she meditated or trained, because it was something related to her heart.

Her obsession, her love, her Darling...

She fought several years to keep Adonis alive because she loved him, then suddenly he disappeared, he died.

But at the same time, he was 'living' inside another being.

There was no way she wouldn't be confused.

Her mind understood, but her heart rejected it.

"...." Violet looked at her standing mother who was looking down as she bit her lip with a frustrated look.

If she didn't have the same connection as her mother, she would never understand her feelings now. Agnes was going through a whirlwind of emotions that were amplified by 100x.

She was confused.

Violet visibly sighed:

'...As expected, the only way to resolve this is for my husband to talk to my mother personally.'

Violet was hopeful that if Victor talked to her mother, and she saw that he really wasn't her father, she would somehow get better.

Despite thinking about it, deep down in her heart, Violet knew it wouldn't work out, because, like it or not, her husband had absorbed her father's entire existence.

Which means:

'He knows all about my father's life, and in that life, he spent most of his time with my mother.'

Victor, her husband, knew her mother like the back of his hand, and that wasn't an exaggeration.

This is one of the reasons why Agnes didn't want to give up the connection, because unconsciously, Victor reminded her a lot of her husband.

"f.u.c.kin' complicated situation, holy s.h.i.+t."

"Language, Violet."

"f.u.c.k it."

"...." A vein bulged on Hilda's head.

"An heiress must not speak low-level words."

"Tell that to the Countess, not me."

".... Agnes is already a goner, but you can still improve, I hope." Her tone of voice was only lowering towards the end.

"Sigh, you don't understand what kind of a sticky situation I'm in, My Maid."

"Oh, I definitely understand."

"...." Violet looked at Hilda.

"Not only has your husband taken the three Vampire Count heiresses, but he's also after his wives' mothers."

"...." Violet wanted to say something, but she really couldn't, because it was true.

'I mean, my husband didn't run after his wives' mothers. In fact it happened the other way around, they ran after him, but Hilda is not wrong...'

"And two of those mothers have already fallen into his evil clutches." Hilda pointed to Agnes: "All that's missing is this lost lamb that will eventually voluntarily head towards her husband to be devoured by the big bad Vampire."

"Her clothes will be ripped, her body will be used, all her holes will be filled, and eventually, she will be completely devoured in every way possible."


'Did she have this personality before?' Violet couldn't help but comment internally, and thinking about what she said and imagining her husband doing this to her, she couldn't help but twitch her legs a little, and her cheeks turned a little red.

'Not a bad idea to be honest...'

"Honestly, my only concern right now is if that man has kids with you two, what should those kids call me, or call you two?"

"Aunt? Cousin? Sister? Grandmother? Mommy? Indeed, this situation is complicated…"

Deciding it was a good time to change the subject, Violet clapped her hands.

"Okay, let's forget about my husband's messed up relations.h.i.+ps for a bit."

'That's impossible, your relations.h.i.+p affects everyone in Nightingale.' Hilda wanted to say, but she was silent.

"Mother, a letter has arrived for you."

"Hmm?" Agnes snapped out of her thought state, and looked at her daughter.

Violet delivered the letter to her mother.

Agnes took the letter and opened it.

After a few minutes of reading, she says:

"The King is summoning all four Counts."

"Fulger, Scarlett, Snow and Adrasteia?" Violet asked just to be sure.

"Wrong, it's not Adrastea, it's Alucard."

"My Darling?" Violet narrowed her eyes.

Agnes twitched her brow a little when she heard Violet say 'my darling':


"We're supposed to meet him in three days."


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