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Chapter 998: Daddy's little girls. 2

"...They love him so much."

"Yes." Anna nodded as her long black hair flew around due to the girls' excited flapping of wings. "It will be difficult trying to get these little girls' attention because the only 'man' in their lives is their beloved father." She pouted at the end.

The reason for the pout is because any Mother who talks to the girls when they are doing something, the little girls will react like "Geh." Or "Ugh", basically like a cat that got caught doing things wrong.

But when Victor does this, they drop everything they are doing and jump on top of him, and even forget about the existence of their own mothers.

"Hmm, I think this will be a moment."

"A good time for what Daddy?" Evelyn asked curiously.

"Daddy, do you want to do something?" Melina said.

"I will help!" Aline immediately said, she doesn't know what he will do, but she will help!

"Are we going to destroy something? Yes, let's destroy something!" Nikolina spoke.

Victor laughed lightly at the girls' enthusiasm, he stroked Nikolina's head, and then spoke. "We won't destroy anything yet."

"Hmm~..." Nikolina's thoughts disappeared completely, and she just smiled as she enjoyed her father's caresses, while her wings fluttered excitedly.

"Anna expand the room."

"...Okay, Darling." Anna snaps her finger, and in the next moment the entire room becomes larger, being able to easily accommodate more than 400 people of various heights.

Victor takes a deep breath.

"Leon, a warning... You should get out of there." Anna spoke as she summoned a cup of coffee and drank it elegantly.


Before Leon could react, Victor's voice was heard across the planet.

"My beloved daughters, come to me."

A deafening silence fell across the entire planet and all of the daughters immediately stopped what they were doing and turned their faces towards the direction of the voice, even those who were exploring the planet in groups were no exception.

Then a collective scream of several voices was heard.


Leon began to break out in a cold sweat when he felt several powerful beings coming towards him, this apprehension began to grow even stronger as the powers of these beings began to increase tremendously.

Normally this kind of thing wouldn't happen, the girls had a basic idea of how to control themselves, but all that control went out the window when their father called her out!

"Just… Just how many daughters does he have?" Leon asked.

Anna made a brief calculation based on the number of wives, and the fact that some wives had twins, as in the case of Roberta/Medusa.

"More than 30." She gave up counting halfway through out of laziness and decided to enjoy her coffee, after all, the number is irrelevant, after all, she is sure that the number of daughters will grow in the future.

After all, Kali, Lilith, Albedo, and Dun Scaith have not yet fallen into the clutches of their beloved Darling. 'Probably four more daughters will come in the future, and then it will just be more daughters from the current wives.'

Some wives were very 'loving' as everyone knows, and among them was a G.o.ddess of the home who despite not having declared anything, everyone could see her intention of having more of Victor's children, Hestia loved very much the feeling of 'home' that this place has it.

And in the mind of the G.o.ddess of the home, the more daughters they have, the bigger her family will be, the greater the feeling of 'home' will be. In other words, it was a win win.

It definitely wasn't because she was addicted to doing the night act with Victor and because her maternal instinct kicked in after she had her first time, and therefore, she wants more daughters...

"Holy..." Leon was speechless, but he didn't have time to say anything else when suddenly the large door that was changed suddenly opened as several girls of various different sizes entered and flew around Victor.

"Get out of my way!" A little black-haired girl with scary eyes picked up Leon and threw him against the wall.


"I warned." Anna smiled.


"Yuno, don't be petty! Give me s.p.a.ce! I want to hug him too!"

"Hehehe, Daddy~, Daddy~" Yuno just ignored everything as she hugged Victor like a koala.

More and more girls started to appear, and after a few seconds, the number decreased until it stopped completely.

Leon, who was thrown into the wall by one of the scary-looking girls whose name he learned was 'Yuno', came out of the wall with a sore body, and looked at the scene in front of him in shock.

The sofa that Victor was on was completely surrounded with a swarm of girls, he couldn't even see Victor's appearance, that side of the room completely turned into a nest of dragons, they were scattered all over the place be it on the floor, the floating in the air.

Leon couldn't help but look at his 'granddaughters', just as he expected they were all beautiful, but his attention went to the blue-haired woman who was bigger than all the little girls around, but his attention didn't stay. in her for a long time, and it was for the pink-haired woman who was flying around Victor, this woman was literally 'perfect'.

Born of a G.o.d of beauty, and a G.o.ddess of beauty, the daughter of Aphrodite and Victor was born with an overwhelming charm that could destroy galaxies.

And that wasn't an exaggeration, she was that beautiful.

Seeing Leon falling for her daughter's charm, Anna strengthened the barrier around Leon. "Be very careful with your actions Leon."

Anna warned him not to scare him or anything, she was just saying facts, after all, it was Victor's daughters he was looking at.

Leon quickly wakes up from his stupor, and shakes his head several times. "That is very dangerous."

"Girls, calm down, I will play with everyone, but for now let me introduce someone, be good girls, okay?"


"Okay, Daddy!"

"Daddy orders, daddy rules... Let's burn the world."


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