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Chapter 961 Greatest Era

961 Greatest Era

Destiny–incalculable destiny; that's what these lists represented. Anyone who could get into these lists will receive destiny from the entire lower dimension.

The number one in the Heaven Chosen List will have a 90% chance of being an Eternal Emperor with such a condensed destiny, while the top 20 will have a 60 to 80% chance. From now on, the lower dimension is guaranteed to have at least one Eternal Emperor in every generation.

After all, the people on this list will battle not only the geniuses in their World Community but all the geniuses in all 3800 Heaven Will World. Anyone who can reach the top of the list will truly be an unparalleled genius. The process of reaching the top of the list will be like a simulated Heaven Will Battle that involves every Heaven Chosen in the lower dimension.

After creating the tower, w.a.n.g Wei felt regretful he could not be born in an era where this thing already existed. In the end, he could only be satisfied to be the one who brought about this new era of prosperity.

Additionally, the Heaven Chosen List is not the only important one. The number one race in the list will also have a higher chance of becoming the protagonist of the lower dimension, and other worlds will also have an opportunity to take away the

Myriad Emperor World's destiny as the prime world. Although the chances are not as high because Qiyuan gave it this destiny after winning an intense war in the First Origin War, there is still a chance.

Additionally, w.a.n.g Wei will not only use the tower for physical battles; there will be other battles like for the professions. As such, there will be lists of the best alchemists, weapon refiners, array masters, and talisman makers. Some worlds have their unique professions, and he might include them in the list.

In conclusion, once the Dream World spreads to other World Communities, the [Battle of Tower of Ten Thousand Worlds] will become a place to fight for luck and destiny. The tower is the core setting to ensure the Dream World is popular, brings him countless benefits, and also ensures the longevity of his Heavenly Emperor Era.

It will be one of his greatest achievements in the lower dimension. True Heavenly Dao is very strict with the rules of the lower dimension for one purpose only: to cultivate elite and talented Great Emperors.

The tower's purpose is to help in this great cause.

w.a.n.g Wei looked at the tower and thought, 'Hopefully, this plan will work.'

While creating the tower, he realized its significance and had a new idea of how to help Li Jun and Yan Liling become eternal while paying a small price. The first step of that plan is for them to reach the top of the list and gather immense luck and density.

He wants them to have so much that even True Heavenly Dao cannot easily ignore them. Once that is completed, he will proceed to the second step.

Once the plan is finished, these two will still not be able to officially become the sect's Emperors until much later, but they will still be Eternals. According to his original idea, these two would become pseudo-Eternals, but after serving their time and succeeding in their merit, they could bargain with True Heavenly Dao to give them another chance to comprehend their [Existence].

However, such a plan was risky as Li Jun and Yan Liling would have to serve their terms without the protection of an Eternal Emperor's ability.

'This new plan is much better,' thought w.a.n.g Wei, full of confidence. Previously, he would not have much hope for Li Jun to reach the top. But now, with the latter's FiendG.o.d Bloodline and his teaching, there is nothing to worry about.

As for Yan Liling? He had the utmost confidence in her Pill Refining Talent. In the lower dimension, there are only people on par with her and no one better than her.

w.a.n.g Wei smiled, thinking how Dao Opening Sect would dominate the list for a while. Firstly with Li Jun, followed by his father, w.a.n.g Tian. Of course, he knew the compet.i.tion would be fierce because of the reward he set up for the top 20–using the Was.h.i.+ng Karma Pool.

w.a.n.g Wei's original plan was to keep the pool a secret for the sect. However, after his deduction, he realized the best way to use this thing without allowing True Heavenly Dao the opportunity to restrict its function or scheme against the sect to destroy it is to allow more people to use it.

As such, he made the decision to use it as the reward for the Heaven Chosen List. By then, factions from all over the Endless Void will not hesitate to wake their sleeping Heaven Chosen to compete for the list, intensifying the compet.i.tion–which will increase the quality of people who can reach the top and cultivate more Eternal Emperors.

With this plan, w.a.n.g Wei will receive a ton of merit, maybe enough to cultivate even beyond the Empyrean Realm. More importantly, the balance mechanism will no longer be always oppressing him because the entire lower dimension will have a drastic increase in strength, not just the Dao Opening Sect.

'The only problem with this plan is that I have to delay the time for Li Jun and Yan Liling to prove the Dao.'

According to his original plan, these two would have proven the Dao before his mother, but that's not happening now.

w.a.n.g Wei looked at the representatives and could guess what was in their mind.

After this meeting, they will use every means to cultivate their people so they can enter the list; they will no longer hide many rare resources and use them.

The Dream World was a rare opportunity. It will take some time before other World Communities become members, so they must use this time to their advantage. With such an advantage, the Myriad Emperor World must ensure they dominate a few lists, showing the Endless Void that they are back and better than ever.

They must take luck and destiny from other worlds and make their own prosper.

Ao Shen's body could not hide his trembling body. He saw hope for the demon race to reach new heights–take the destiny from other World Communities. If things proceed smoothly, their race might even become the new protagonist of the Myriad Emperor World.

'That's not realistic,' he thought. All the Emperor Lineages have countless hidden geniuses and foundations. Meanwhile, the demon race has been ravaged so many times that most of their sleeping geniuses are dead.

'Regardless, this is an opportunity.'

The Innate Environment has allowed the demon race to reach new heights, with countless of their members awakened

Innate Demon Bloodlines. Previously, he had made plenty of effort to train these members as the core or foundation of the demon race. Now, he has to put even more emphasis on them.

'Should I reveal the news about the Karma Was.h.i.+ng Water?' contemplated w.a.n.g Wei.

With this news, these factions won't have any restraints whatsoever to train their people, and when these lists officially open, the Myriad Emperor World will truly be ready.

'Forget it,' said w.a.n.g Wei, deciding to place his own interest first on this occasion. He had great trust in Li Jun, but it did not change the fact he needed time to develop his bloodline. w.a.n.g Wei chose to hide the news to reduce the initial difficulty for Li Jun and buy him enough time to tap all his potential.

"This is for now for the Dream World," said w.a.n.g Wei. He knew there should be more settings or abilities, but it was enough for now. "Do you have any questions?"

People had plenty of questions, and he answered the ones he could or did not say anything on the ones he felt were considered secrets and information that should not yet be released.

"Our next step is to use the Dream World to elect the Department Heads and Vice Heads of the court," continued w.a.n.g Wei.

"The test is mostly based on managerial ability. I have created a Dream World or Scenario, and the people interested will enter and be tested.

"I will give you an hour to choose who you will send for the tests."

The representatives did not waste time and exited the Dream World; they had to send words about this momentous creation while also asking their factions to choose people to compete for the court's political positions.

Soon afterward, all the testers showed up, including the Dao Opening Sect's Steward; he was competing for the position of Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

According to the sect's a.n.a.lysis, this position will have the most power in the court in the future and must be controlled by them.

The test for these positions was divided into two, and the first one was the same for the General and Foreign Affairs Department. The chosen representatives will enter a Dream Scenario where they have to manage a weakened Emperor Lineage and make them prosper again.

They have to deal with internal disputes, control resource distribution, eliminate foreign compet.i.tors, form alliances, and re-establish commerce and other things.

The second part of the test was different.

The General Affairs Department had become court members in the scenario, and their task was to create rules and deal with conflicts. They will be rated based on how efficiently they deal with internal conflicts between factions.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Department had a similar test, but their simulation dealt with foreign Heaven Will Worlds and their Communities. This test was more difficult because these worlds had different cultures, histories, and beliefs, so it took great ability and finesse to deal with conflicts between them.

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