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Chapter 962 The Departments

962 The Departments

While the tests were underway, the other representatives began to condense Dream Coins; they did not want to waste time and test some of the Dream World's functions. Most people used the [Home] function, living their wildest dreams.

The second largest group tried the Battle Tower.

w.a.n.g Wei secretly smiled as he watched this, but his eyes soon twitched. He immediately noticed a female representative trying to condense his face and body in their home.

'I'm right there. Couldn't you wait?'

He did not know how to evaluate this person's behavior. Sadly, the other person's smile soon turned into a frown as she realized she could not condense her image.

'Hey, if I weren't married, I would have no problem allowing people to use my face and image for their wildest dreams; it would be an excellent way to gather more Dream Coins.

'Alas, I cannot risk my old lady becoming jealous or using this information against me in the future,'

thought w.a.n.g Wei with a deep inner sigh; he only felt it was too bad to waste such an opportunity.

The woman soon turned red in embarra.s.sment.

She looked around to see if anyone was around.

After realizing her home was 'utterly' private, she sighed in relief. She tried a few times without success before condensing someone else: Li Jun.

w.a.n.g Wei immediately felt things got out of control too fast. This woman was an Immortal Venerable; she should have more shame than this.

Ultimately, he could only remain speechless, but not for long.

Not even a few minutes after this woman, he had another reason for his eye to twitch. Another representative chose his imprint to fight him in the tower.

The representative first chose the versions at the Supreme Realm, but he was slaughtered by one attack, so he chose the Void Shattering Realm.

However, according to the setting of the imprint, at this stage, w.a.n.g Wei had already started his Nine Extremity Foundation and could borrow the power of his incarnation for a short duration.

As such, his challenger–who was an Immortal Venerable–did not survive long in this battle.

Angered, the representative chose the Supernatural Realm version of w.a.n.g Wei and started to kill him repeatedly.

The representative was having fun for a while.

Then, w.a.n.g Wei's imprint was suddenly angered and used a desperate move. He mobilized all the power of his soul, removing the shackles in the process.

Then, an unparalleled soul power crushed the representative at the cost of the imprint's life.

After recondensing his Dream Body, the representative was scared and stopped this futile and juvenile tactic.

w.a.n.g Wei secretly shook his head.

'Luckily, I'm not the only one suffering.'

He could tell many people secretly challenged the Eternals of this generation. Some wanted to know how powerful these Emperors were when they were young, while others only wanted to abuse the young Emperors for their sick and twisted pleasure.

'Let's change the rules so that there is a limit to how often someone can challenge people way weaker than you.'

He did not completely block these people from challenging weaker opponents or stop them from abusing these young Emperors; he understood many cultivators resented the fact that only one person could prove the Dao in one generation and thus may use this method to lash out their feelings.

However, he also did not want people to abuse this system.

Time pa.s.sed, and the test ended. The results were both expected and unexpected. The Department Leader of General Affairs was a man called Daoist Evergreen, a member of the Loose Cultivator Alliance. w.a.n.g Wei, along with many others, was surprised by this outcome since no one expected the Loose Cultivator Alliance to have someone as capable as Daoist Evergreen.

This alliance has always been like its name, a bunch of loose sands banding together. The way the alliance treated a talent like Huang Yuan in this generation proves their lack of managerial abilities. Yet, someone like Daoist Evergreen showed up.

'Two explanations for this anomaly,' thought w.a.n.g Wei. 'Evergreen belongs to the Loose Cultivator Alliance but does not take part in its management.

Second, and most likely, he's why they have not crumbled due to internal conflicts after so many years.'

w.a.n.g Wei looked at Evergreen and instantly read his Fate Line. He learned his second theory was correct; Daoist Evergreen is the single threat keeping the alliance from falling apart. He has to deal with the extremely independent nature of loose cultivators, ensuring they still have some affection and connections to the alliance.

Furthermore, he also has to ensure the rulers of the alliance do not create families and clans, turning the alliance into a sect or faction controlled by a specific group.

'A great talent,' commented w.a.n.g Wei before focusing on the Deputy Lord, who was someone from an Emperor Lineage with two Great Emperors. Some people were surprised that the top Emperor Lineages did not control the top positions.

'Such a weak Emperor Lineage has survived for so long; it must be this person's work,' a.n.a.lyzed w.a.n.g Wei as he looked at the woman dressed in green clothes. Most weak Emperor Lineages will not survive long as the top lineages secretly destroy them and plunder their resources.

w.a.n.g Wei looked at the other positions in this department but did not focus too much on them; his attention was soon drawn to the other departments.

The Department Lord of Law Enforcement was a member of the Spirit Race. His main body was a ruler that once belonged to a scholar. In his past, the ruler was a rare artifact in the mortal world, pa.s.sing from the hands of one scholar after another, nurturing its intelligence.

The ruler has served many people, including countless Prime Ministers, before acquiring his wisdom and condensing his body.

'It makes sense he is chosen. Such a Spirit Race is born for law enforcement, administration, and prosecution. If this person were born during the Warring State Area, he would be a Legalist Saint,'

commented w.a.n.g Wei. He was rea.s.sured by this person as the leader of the department.

The Deputy Lord of this department was Patriarch Mo from the Mo Clan. his facial expression did not look good, and w.a.n.g Wei could guess why.

'This old fox was probably trying to gain political power to revitalize his family and devil cultivators in the West. Unfortunately, he did not expect to fail and not become the Department Head.'

w.a.n.g Wei looked at the last department: Foreign Affairs. The final winner was, of course, the Steward from the Dao Opening Sect. This department was the most compet.i.tive; these lineages were not stupid and could deduce the power of this department once the court began its expansion.

As such, despite how talented The Steward was, there were many compet.i.tors whose management talent was on par with him. Most of these people originated from ancient lineages; any of these lineages who could survive for so long will have someone to ensure things go smoothly.

In the end, the Steward benefitted from his background. Since everybody was relative to each other, w.a.n.g Wei made the final decision and chose him.

Finally, the deputy lord was a cold and indifferent woman from the Yin Moon Palace who was dressed entirely in blue.

After everything finished, w.a.n.g Wei once again said, "Today's meeting is finished. The next meeting will not have a fixed time; I will summon you once it's time."

Everyone was fine with this news. The world has experienced drastic changes in a very short time, so they needed time to process everything and settle down. Changes were good, but too many of them and too fast were not necessarily a good thing.

"The department heads and elected officials should stay to establish your departments and related rules and regulations. If you have to leave, don't take too long."

No one wanted to leave as they were prepared to spend more time in the court. Although most people had already created an outline for operating their departments, consulting others before determining the final drafts was necessary.

Additionally, these people knew a political battle was about to take place despite the fact that these positions were already a.s.signed; therefore, it was not a good idea to leave at this moment.

w.a.n.g Wei dismissed everyone, and most representatives left the Dream World; they wanted to return to their faction and strategize for the future development of their faction.

w.a.n.g Wei also exited as well, opening his eyes to his throne. Everyone should have left, but someone still remained–Xu s.h.i.+.

"Do you need anything?"

"I wanted to ask whether you would conduct another Dao Discussion in the near future?"

"I will," nodded w.a.n.g Wei. "But wait until Huo Fenghuang and Ao Shen deal with their problems."

Xu s.h.i.+'s eyes squinted as this sentence revealed a lot of information. She was suspicious of Ao Shen's movements but could not gather any concrete evidence or proof despite her deduction.

'This world is about to experience a truly prosperous era,' she thought, feeling a sense of pressure. 'I can't no longer have any hesitation.'

Xu s.h.i.+ decided to rush home to meet with the academy's members. Then, she will enter the Dream World to have a chat with Xin regarding her husband, Lin Fan.

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