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Chapter 2207 - 2207 That Name on the Record of the Million G.o.ds

2207 That Name on the Record of the Million G.o.ds

As if seeing through what she was thinking, Liang He hurriedly said, “Miss Xiao Ba, don’t be angry. Eighth Deity didn’t target you alone, but…”

“But everyone who doesn’t have a bloodline totem, right?” Xiao Ba continued with understanding.

Liang He looked awkward. “Actually, you can’t put it in that way. Guarding the medicinal mountain is the Eighth Deity’s responsibilities… Why don’t we do this? In the future, you can just let me know if you want anything, and I’ll help you take it. How about that?”

Actually, Eighth Deity’s methods weren’t a problem to him and the other people in Fantasy Divine Palace. Besides, Xiao Ba was still a true G.o.d, so Eighth Deity would naturally dislike her more.

Xiao Ba waved her hands. “That’s fine. I haven’t reached that stage.”


Liang He felt that she seemed to be angry and really didn’t dare to barge in to make her angrier. “Then… these soul sky berries?”

“Keep them for yourself!” Xiao Ba snorted in her heart and lay back down, clearly not having the interest to continue talking.

Liang He was embarra.s.sed at that moment. But seeing her annoyed expression, he could only say, “I… I won’t be using these things for now, so I’ll leave them with you, Miss Xiao Ba. Rest well. I’ll come back another day.”

Then, he actually left the hundred-plus soul sky berries all at the door. He kept turning back with every step he took, and he left reluctantly.

Hua Shuangshuang walked out of the house, saw the Liang He that had departed, and asked, “Xiao Ba, he kindly sent us this. Are you really not going to take it?”

“Isn’t it just a bunch of stupid soul sky berries? What’s there to want?” Xiao Ba rolled her eyes. “If I really want something, can’t I s.n.a.t.c.h it myself? Why would I need other people to give it to me? Besides, there are so many people who want to give me things. If I were to take all of them, won’t I be exhausted to death?”

Hua Shuangshuang laughed out loud and nodded in agreement. “That’s true!”

All these years, when Xiao Ba wanted something, she would either find Master or the Thirteen Yue Guards. Anyway, there were people who would spoil her, so she really hadn’t worried about such matters before.

“Xiao Ba, I think you have to produce some things. The word on your token has faded by more than half,” reminded Hua Shuangshuang.

Xiao Ba dragged her tone. “I got it—”

Shu Jing returned to Fantasy Divine Hall and b.u.mped into Jin Yunlai.

Jin Yunlai greeted her and planned to leave.

“Hold on.” Shu Jing called him.

Jin Yunlai turned around. “What’s the matter?”

Shu Jing nodded and asked, “You brought the true G.o.ds with no bloodline totems in?”

Jin Yunlai’s expression did not change. “Yeah. What’s wrong?”

Shu Jing knitted her brows. “Don’t you know what’s wrong? How can you let such people in? All these years, we’ve never really let such people in. It’s really—”

Shu Jing suppressed the fire in her heart. “No. I just found it strange to see such people in Fantasy Divine Palace.”

“Are you doubting me?”

Shu Jing’s heart skipped a beat, and she immediately denied it. “No.”

“It’s best if you aren’t.”

Jin Yunlai was much taller than Shu Jing. Standing in front of her, he naturally had a strong suppression.

“If someone has offended you, you just have to punish them according to the rules. As for the words you said earlier, I’ll treat it as if I didn’t hear them this time. There’s no next time.” His voice had a hint of warning.

Shu Jing bit her lips. “Yes.”

On the Star Path, Mu Yafeng stood rooted to the spot, having not moved in three whole days.

She stared at that Xuan formation below her feet and knitted her brows tightly. Countless possible patterns were outlined in her head, but none of them matched.

This Xuan formation was indeed hard to understand.

She knew clearly that she wouldn’t be able to solve this in a month or so, just for this one alone. However… she had just solved a few Xuan formations. If she gave up on everything and returned, she would feel humiliated.

She walked this path for too long, too long.

In the beginning, everything was smooth. But slowly, the Xuan formations became harder and harder to solve. Every step she took on this path was accompanied with huge amounts of force and great prices.

She couldn’t recall how many times she had returned. Every time, she would spend a shorter and shorter amount of time here.

The nearer it was to Fantasy Divine Hall, the harder the Xuan formations. They weren’t things she could understand after studying for a few days.

Even if she didn’t go back now, she would not be able to proceed for a relatively long amount of time.

Although there was n.o.body spectating her on both sides, she knew that quite a few people were watching her.

Her every move and performance here would spread throughout Fantasy Divine Palace in a short amount of time. But no matter what she chose, she would be talked about.

“If you can’t understand it for now, you can go back and study it for a while longer.” A familiar voice sounded.

Mu Yafeng looked up and bent her knees to bow when she saw the incoming person. “Greetings, Seventh Deity. I want to… try again.”

Jin Yunlai shook his head. “This Xuan formation is even more complicated than you think. Back then, I took a total of three months to forcefully understand a little. If you want to completely solve it, it’ll be a year later. There’s not much meaning if you spend more time here.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Yafeng’s expression faltered.

After a moment, she finally sighed. “I’ve disappointed you.”

“That’s not true. If this Star Path was so easy to walk, there wouldn’t only be a few people pa.s.sing it for the past tens of thousands of years. You’re already very outstanding. You don’t have to give yourself so much pressure.”

Mu Yafeng felt much better. Jin Yunlai’s words meant that she was still the one he thought most highly of for now.

“Thank you for the guidance, Deity.”

Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly thought of something and turned around to take a look. “Oh right, I wonder where that person walked until. I didn’t hear any noise the past two days.”

Jin Yunlai’s expression was as cold and nonchalant as usual. “She had already given up two days ago and left the Star Path. I think she’s also stuck on a Xuan formation.”

Mu Yafeng looked down slightly. “Oh, then that’s really a pity… I still thought I could watch her finish the Grandmaster-level Xuan formations in one go.”

Jin Yunlai shook his head. “You’ve overestimated her. She doesn’t have a bloodline totem after all. You don’t have to mind her—just care about understanding the remaining ones.”


Rong Xiu stood with his hand behind his back in the magnificent hall.

Different from the past, he was currently decked in a long black robe, and his cold and elegant face had a few more hints of icy coldness.


He raised his palm, and a bamboo scroll slowly spread before him!

Rows of words slowly appeared.

It was the Record of the Million G.o.ds!

Some parts seemed to be scorched by fire, and the name was blurred.

A layer of gold covered it.

Compared to before, this name had moved forward by quite a bit!

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