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Chapter 1142 I'm The Bane Of Your Existences

A month after William had entered the Seventh Sanctum…

"Foolish child that is corrupted by Darkness, do you really think you can defeat us even with the help of that Black Phoenix behind you?" A blonde beauty whose eyes flashed with lightning bolts said with a sneer.

"It seems that this mortal thinks that he can casually waltz into our domain and defeat us just because he has a beast that is on par with one of us," a silver-haired beauty with a stern expression stated. "Child, we know that you are now the current Dungeon Conqueror of this world, but so what? In front of us sisters, you are nothing!"

The silver-haired beauty's words boomed like thunder, pus.h.i.+ng back the flames of the Black Phoenix, Sepheron.

Although Sepheron was now a Pseudo-G.o.d and a Black Phoenix, its element had turned into the element of Darkness. Light was its natural enemy, and lightning was a form of light.

The twin Pseudo-G.o.ds of Lighting and Thunder stared down at the black-haired teenager who was looking at both of them with an amused expression on his face.


< Astrape And Bronte >

-Twin Pseudo-G.o.ds of Lightning and Thunder

These two beautiful deities are the protectors of the Seventh Sanctum. Together, they can call upon a devastating storm to wreak havoc on their enemies. Their main weapons are golden lightning bolts that can instantly turn any mortal they hit to ashes.


"I came here thinking that I'd only be getting one Pseudo-G.o.d," William said. "Who would have thought that there would be two of you here? This saves me a lot of trouble. Capturing both of you and making you submit to me will make my month-long troubles worthwhile."

The Half-Elf smirked as he read the information about the two Pseudo-G.o.ds that were in front of him.

"Arrogant child, it seems that the outside world has changed a lot since we were born. They have completely forgotten that there are some existences that are far above their ability to control."

"So what if you are the Dungeon Conqueror? In front of us, you are nothing! Die!"

The Twin Pseudo-G.o.ds held hands and fired a gigantic, golden lightning bolt in William's direction.

Sepheron was about to step in front of William in order to protect him, but the Half-Elf ordered it to not interfere.

"I admit that I'm not as strong as the two of you," William said with a smile. "However, there are a few things that I am not afraid of and two of them are thunder and lightning!"

William raised his hand and the golden lightning bolt that was meant to kill him stopped completely. It hovered a few inches away from his right hand, and didn't dare to move any further.


"How can a mere mortal like you stop our attack?!"

The Half-Elf smirked as he grabbed the edge of the golden lightning bolt. Soon, it shrank in size until it was only a meter long. William then twirled the golden lightning bolt into his hands and shot it up towards the sky.

A few seconds later, it returned to William's hand like a loyal pet that awaited its Master's command.

"Weaponize," William said softly and the golden lightning bolt formed a solid shape.

A moment later, the black-haired teenager held a metallic, golden lightning bolt in his hand that shone brightly.

"Weird, is this just a coincidence?" William muttered as he stared at the golden weapon in his hand. It reminded him of the weapon that Dias had used against him when they fought each other in that dream-like place where he saw Ella in her human form for the first time.

"You… just who are you?!" Astrape, who wielded the power of lightning, asked. "How can you hold that Divine Weapon as if it was nothing?"

"Didn't I tell you earlier?" William replied as he twirled the golden lightning bolt in his hand. "I am not afraid of lightning and thunder. Fate has decreed that both of you are to become my subordinates. This is your destiny."

"Destiny?" Bronte sneered. "The only thing that is destined to happen here is your death!"

The silver-haired deity screamed creating a powerful shockwave that pushed Sepheron several meters away from where it was.

William's robes fluttered in the breeze as he looked at Bronte with a devilish smile on his face.

Seeing that their special attacks weren't working against the black-haired teenager, the twins exchanged a glance at each other before flying towards William with the intention to fight him in close combat.

A moment later, three beams of light zigzagged across the sky as the two deities fought tooth and nail against the Half-Elf who was having no trouble fighting them at the same time.

Although they were Pseudo-G.o.ds, their specialty lay in controlling lightning and thunder. Their physical prowess might be stronger than most, but it was only at the DemiG.o.d Rank.

William was now a DemiG.o.d, and was very experienced in physical battles. After making Chloee one of his women, he had also gained the familiar's battle experience, which increased his close combat capabilities to the next level.

After several minutes of exchanges, the two deities backed away and stared at Wiliam who still had a devilish smile plastered on his face.

"Now do the two of you understand?" William asked. "Both of you cannot beat me. I'm the bane of your existences."

"I'd rather die than serve you!"

"I will not bow down to someone that is corrupted by Darkness!"

William chuckled because he found the two deities' words very funny. Whether they liked him or not, he really didn't care. The moment he took the Dungeon Core from the Seventh Sanctum, both Astrape and Bronte were as good as his.

"Well then, it's time to end this battle," William declared as he activated his Lightning Strider Skill. The golden lightning bolt in his hand turned into a dark lightning bolt that he stabbed into Astrape's chest, making the Lightning Deity scream in pain.

Soon, the color of her hair changed from blonde, to black, as William forcefully corrupted her with the power of Darkness.

"You fiend!" Bronte roared as she attacked William in order to allow her sister to escape, but a flaming wing slapped her away, and prevented her from stopping her sister's corruption.

Bronte then gathered all the Divinity that she could muster as she prepared for a suicide attack, which she hoped would be strong enough to kill the black-haired teenager who was making her twin suffer.

"Die!" Bronte charged at William with a booming thunderous roar that split the sky in half.

However, before she could even punch the hateful Half-Elf, her sister, Astrape, stood in front of him with her hands spread wide, making Bronte hesitate for a brief moment.

However, that one moment of hesitation was fatal.

A black lightning bolt shot out of Astrape's body and headed straight towards Bronte's chest, who was completely caught by surprise.

"Nooooo!" Bronte screamed as she tried to pull out the black lightning bolt that was embedded on her chest. "I don't want to be corrupted! I refuse!"

Astrape then moved towards her sister and whispered something in her ear.

"It's fine Bronte," Astrape whispered. "Fall with me into darkness."

Without another word, Astrape held the black lightning bolt in her hands and pressed it deeper into her sister's chest.

Bronte looked at her sister in shock and disbelief as the power of darkness broke past her resistance.

"S-Sister…," Bronte said weakly as her beautiful silver hair slowly turned black.

"Don't worry, I am here with you," Astrape whispered in a voice that was filled with a.s.surance and comfort. "We will still be together, forever."

A tear slid down the corner of Bronte's eyes as the final resistance in her heart disappeared. Soon, her entire being had been corrupted by Darkness.

"Astrape greets my new Master," Astrape said as she knelt in front of William.

"Bronte greets my new Master." Bronte knelt the same way her twin did.

William smiled as he presented his hands to the two deities, which they happily received.

"From now on, the two of you will become my s.h.i.+eld Maidens," William declared. "You will follow me in battle, and fight for me."

""We hear and obey, Master.""

Astrape and Bronte kissed the backs of William's hands, swearing their loyalty to him. A moment later, a golden portal appeared behind the two of them, revealing the room where the Dungeon Core was located.

William walked through the golden portal and pressed his right hand over the Dungeon Core that s.h.i.+vered under his touch.

"Do not be afraid," William said softly as if coaxing a child. "You are no longer alone."

Soon the Dungeon Core shrank and flew towards the obsidian gem in William's chest.

The black-haired teenager closed his eyes and saw, amidst the darkness, several golden orbs that glowed brightly. They were the Dungeon Cores that he had absorbed and were now under his command.

On that day, the Seventh Sanctum disappeared from the face of the world. In its place was just a gigantic crater that spanned many miles.

William disappeared without a trace and headed to his next destination. Although he now had two additional Pseudo-G.o.ds under his command, the Half-Elf knew that this was far from enough.

"Optimus, what is the closest forbidden ground from here?" William asked.

< To the Southwest lies the Forbidden Ground called Tir Na Nog. Here are its coordinates. >

William looked at the information that was presented to him. A minute later, he nodded his head in understanding.

"Well then, I guess I'll be fighting fairies this time," William chuckled as his body turned into a black lightning bolt that streaked through the night sky. Now with three Pseudo-G.o.ds under his command, he was confident that he would be able to conquer the next SS-Ranked Dungeon in less than a month.

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