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Chapter 1085: "Ready To Accept New Guild Members"

Some elders in the guild also had their own family despite joining the guild. 

If they didn't leave their ability to a fellow guild member, they could still leave their ability to a family member, right? 

Unfortunately, in Gasha Country, guilds controlled influential families which made these families send their family members to join big guilds. 

On the contrary, guilds in G.o.dlif Country relied on influential families as backers and had a win-win relations.h.i.+p, not as controlling with the Gasha Country's guilds. 

Thus, even the guild members in Gasha Country's guilds knew nothing about the inheritance stone. 

While Elliana was contacting the top-tier families in Gasha Country, Jacqueline and her people started to decorate the guild's lobby, the first floor. 

The theme Ainsley wanted to apply to her guild building in Gasha Country was the concept of 'a kingdom above clouds, heavenly place and crystal-like tower'. 

Thus, the furniture and items placed in the lobby were either made of crystals or had heaven-like features such as clouds, holy items, and so on. 

The building would actually look closer to a priest's temple but way grander and majestic, unlike the simple priests' temple. 

Ainsley estimated that the team would finish decorating the entire building within three days if they worked for more than twelve hours a day. 

But to her surprise, the employees Jacqueline brought with her weren't ordinary workers. 

All of them were ability users with specialties in arranging furniture, installing various technologies, decorating buildings, and so on. 

In just a day, they managed to transform three floors in one go. 

By now, the building's lobby, the staff dorm and the training ground were all ready to use. 

They could start accepting members right away! 

Ainsley was pleasantly surprised. This speed was really unbelievable, and their work's result was also top-notch. 

The Billios Family was really dependable in various fields. 

"How is it, little baby? This team is one of our Billios Family's private teams. We cultivate these ability users to take care of our company buildings." 

Jacqueline went to find Ainsley in the lobby and immediately sat on the couch prepared for guests. 

The lobby had many waiting areas, couches, sofas, coffee tables, and countless registration desks. 

There were as many as eight registration desks with four booths for each desk to better facilitate the upcoming new members. 

Half of these desks and booths also functioned as a mission board for outsiders to place an order on the guild members. 

The guild members could also do missions through this mission board desk. 

Ainsley looked around the heaven-like lobby and had to nod in satisfaction at Jacqueline's words. 

"Auntwie, your team is really powelful!" 

Ainsley didn't expect the Billios Family to cultivate a group of ability users like this just to decorate buildings. 

But considering how many companies the Billios Family's corporation had opened in the past hundred of years...

Such a team was really needed. 

Not to mention that the Billios Family even opened a small company full of ability users with this kind of daily life skill. 

These ability users would run around the city and even the country to decorate various buildings, moving furniture and such. 

The Billios Family even had a cleaner company under their wings! 

No wonder the Billios Family was such a big merchant family. 

Their business had expanded to all kinds of fields, penetrating into many people's lives, including ordinary people. 

Even useless ability users could still live well as long as the Billios Family's business flourished since this family provided them with workloads. 

Jacqueline patted Ainsley's head and didn't hide her pride for her Billios Family at all. 

"Hehehe, this is normal. We need so many teams like this because we also open so many businesses with countless buildings." 

And the team that Jacqueline brought with her for Ainsley was in the top three of the whole company. 

"Anyway, we can finish the whole workload in three days, but you can start to accept members now." 

They had settled the guild members' dorm and the staff dorm as well, so ability users with no home and no family or those who came from afar could live in the guild building. 

"Hum. I have 200-ish people on the list, and I'll immediately contact them to register as soon as possible." 

Ainsley nodded at Jacqueline, still in disbelief that she could accept members so fast. 

Of course, all of this is a good thing. 

Thus, while Elliana was busy contacting top-tier families to lend them a bunch of special ability users, Ainsley asked Aaron to inform the people on the list. 

"Tell them they can register tomorrow morning, and the inheritance ceremony will be held together at night." 

Since there were only 200 people so far, a day was enough to conduct the inheritance ceremony that every member had to attend in order to transform them into an irregular tamer. 

When Aaron heard the good news, he almost jumped to the ceiling and startled his whole family. 

"Really, really, guild founder?! We can register tomorrow?! Then, can I also transfer my guild affiliation to the Gasha Guild branch?" 

The young man quickly sat down on his bed in his mansion as he spoke to Ainsley through the phone. 

After all, it was already nighttime when Ainsley called and the young master couldn't stay outside for so long. 

"Hum, I'm serious. You guys can register tomorrow and I'll also change your affiliation to the Gasha Capital branch." 

In the past weeks, Ainsley didn't just go around playing. 

She had contacted the people in her country to design the Gasha Capital Branch's emblem design. 

She had also ordered a lot of uniforms that could stretch to follow the users' body type and size, all for the upcoming new members in Gasha Country! 

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