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Chapter 2196 "Hidden Sacred Beasts At The Headquarters"

With the ten rare races who followed the G.o.dfather joining the battle, the group quickly left the underground dungeon, and even managed to 'climb' the building to the meeting room where Ainsley and the others were detained. 

The world union made one whole floor to contain these transmigrators, so the security could be targeted into the whole floor. 

When Axelle and the others were rus.h.i.+ng to breach the security guards of this floor, with so many other guards and prisoners chasing them from behind, the G.o.dfather finally contacted Ainsley about their successful escape. 

[Lil la.s.s, we are about to enter the floor where the transmigrators are detained. Quickly find a way to create chaos and attract attention so that we can escape.] 

Of course, escaping might not be as easy as what the G.o.dfather said because even if there were windows in all meeting rooms, those windows might be fake windows or traps. 

During the G.o.dfather and Axelle's struggle to escape from the prison, there were already several transmigrators who made a fuss with their unique abilities that they might carry from another world, but all these people were handled well. 

The world union didn't allow the transmigrators to make a fuss to distract their attention, so all kinds of tricks and brute force just failed miserably. 

Even Ainsley became less confident that she could escape from the world union together with Axelle. 

It did seem like a foolish decision to follow the world union for the sake of Axelle, but even until now, the baby never regretted anything!

Ainsley didn't tell the G.o.dfather and Axelle through telepathy that she might be unable to create chaos for them to escape. 

Still, with Jake behind the baby, Elliana and the two sacred beasts, Ainsley felt everything would be okay. 

Of course, the two sacred beasts were also cautious because they were still receiving a wave of threats and intimidation from various sacred beasts hiding somewhere in the headquarters. 

There might be a lot of sacred beasts here who could already turn into their humanoid form, which means they were at the same level as Bello. 

These sacred beasts might be lurking around, disguising themselves as staff or something like that. 

Bello and Cellino knew that the probability of meeting a sacred beast would be like one in a million, because only one in a million beasts could be a sacred beast. 

Such a number was too small, but with this world that was ten times bigger than Ainsley's previous world, the population of beasts must also reach a few hundred or even thousands of billions. 

Judging from the probability of one sacred beast in a million, just one billion of the beast population could produce 1000 sacred beasts. 

Not to mention that the population of beasts should be way higher than the rest of intelligent races including the 7 big races. 

If the population of 'human beings' and other non-human races with humanoid figures were tens of billions or even hundreds of billions, then, one could imagine the population of beasts. 

Thankfully, most of the beasts were not keen on attacking other races if they didn't live near those races, and most of the beasts were even weaker than low-level beasts. 

They had just evolved from ordinary animals into beasts with the intelligence of a ten-year-old child or younger than this age level. 

Higher-level beasts could already be included in the list of intelligent races, but because they could not speak the human language until they reached a certain level of strength, unlike these rare races that the G.o.dfather met before... 

The beast race was not called a race and was usually regarded as wild beasts, animals with valuable body parts, etc. 

The crystal beast race, the ore beast race, the star beast race and the galactic beast race were all the branches of the overall beast race in this world, but most of them would never be able to transform into a human. 

However, they had the same intelligence development as humans, and they could also speak various human or non-human race's languages as they learned bit by bit. 

The huge population of the beast race gave birth to a lot of sacred beasts, and maybe a third of all sacred beasts all over the world could transform into a humanoid form. 

It was not strange at all that the world union, a big organization led by the leaders of various races in this world, could have a lot of sacred beasts in possession as either partners, employees, or even high-level officials. 

Not all sacred beasts were keen on fighting, so a lot of them also mingled with humans and other non-human races as politicians, idols, stars, and many other eye-catching professions. 

It could be said that if the beast race united as one, they could push away humans and the other members of the 7 big races. 

The beast race had already infiltrated the social system of various races, and with their good relations.h.i.+p with the beastmen race, the beast race was an uncrowned big race. 

They could be called the invisible eighth biggest and strongest race in the whole world. 

The original 7 big races actually had an eighth member that everyone often forgot. 

Many people also felt that the Beastmen' ancestor should be sacred beasts who could transform into humans and the beast race who had not been able to transform into humanoid form. 

Since they mate in their beast form, but one of them could already become human beings, their children were born in a humanoid form with beasts' characteristics and when they became adults, they could fully transform into their beast form. 

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