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Chapter 2197 "The Disappearing Fairies"

Bello and Cellino were strong, but knowing that there were many hidden sacred beasts at the headquarters, and there were also a lot of beastmen guards among the world union's guards.... 

The two sacred beasts also didn't dare to act wantonly. 

One after another, they all thought back to their decision to let Ainsley enter this tiger and wolf den.

The three of Ainsley and her sacred beasts had been cautious for a while, but now that they had to distract the guards, the three of them hardened their hearts to take this risk. 

However, what they didn't know was that, even without them making a move to distract the guards, right now, the guards and the world union's numerous staff were already in a slight chaos. 

They were indeed waiting for more transmigrators to arrive, but since they felt that the number that they gathered was enough, the higher-ups wanted to start the project as soon as possible. 

To do that, they naturally needed the a.s.sistance of the two royal fairies— the fairy of time and the fairy of s.p.a.ce. 

Not only these two could help them pinpoint the location of the time and s.p.a.ce tunnel connecting to the abyss in real time accurately, but they could also deal with any emergencies. 

In case the explosion from the transmigrators' souls actually tore open another s.p.a.ce and time void or something, the two fairies could fix the hole on the spot so that there would not be any unwanted wormhole like what was left after the new century war months ago. 

Unfortunately, they also met a problem. They didn't expect someone to sneak into the headquarters to find these two fairies, and because the world union concentrated their menpower to guard and catch the transmigrators... 

There were not enough experts to keep the fairies locked because of their sins. 

The world union didn't care whether these two fairies violated the fairy race's rules of not using their abilities for personal gains. 

Anyway, since the two fairies could still do their job well, the world union just closed a blind eye to whatever these two fairies did in private. 

That's why, although they 'imprisoned' the fairies under the order of the fairy elders, the security was not that right. 

Who would have known that a group of people actually took this chance to take away the two fairies?! 

By the time the world union wanted to fetch the two fairies to start the project, these two fairies were already gone. 


The disappearance of the two fairies terrified the world union's staff and officers to death. 

These people, who were always stable even when the new century war happened back then, now truly lost their composure. 

The two fairies were one of the most important keys in their project aside from the transmigrators, and now, these two key people are gone! 

No one knew where they went or why they disappeared, but after tracking down all the clues and other signs, the people from the world union finally knew the reason why these two fairies were gone. 

It turned out that there were people from Ainsley's troops who went to sneak into their headquarters in advance to find the fairies and release them! 

Although the world union didn't know the ident.i.ties of this group of people clearly, they narrowed down the suspects to those forces who came to surround their World Central Island. 

The world union's staff and officers wanted to check those forces who were still around the island, but time was ticking, and they had to solve the issue of the fairies' disappearance first. 

When the world union's higher-ups knew that the fairies had disappeared, they almost fought among themselves. 

"A bunch of useless people! Which race guarded the fairies? What a weak race." 

"What? It was our beastman race who guarded the fairies. Do you have any problem with our race?" 

"Just so you know, your race is the one guarding the underground dungeon, right? It's now chaos down there!" 

"My race isn't the only one guarding the underground dungeon. And who guarded the laboratory's warehouse in the underground dungeon? How did all our rare species' stocks go??" 

The beastman race and the elf race fought because the elf was in charge of the underground dungeon while the beastman race guarded the fairies. 

Both of them failed, and even the celestial race, who was in charge of the laboratory's warehouse, was also implicated. 

However, there was indeed more than just one race who guarded the underground dungeon, and the dwarves were also among the guards. 

Usually, the dwarves only partic.i.p.ated in the manufacturing of various weapons, building various bunkers and secret places such as the underground dungeon. 

It was entirely because the world union lacked experts that the dwarves took this job to guard the underground dungeon as well, but they all failed. 

The chaos was still happening over there, and so many prisoners, especially those rare species, had already escaped from the dungeon. 

If they released the news with some evidence about the world union's forbidden experiment, their reputation would be destroyed, and they would not get the trust of the 

Although the world union was indeed led by the leaders of various races, there were always conflicts among people in the same race, and it was easy to be 'pinched to death' by their political opponents once the news spread out. 

The various leaders of the world union were also not all aware of what the world union did in private, and what they had agreed upon unanimously was only the project of blowing up the abyss tunnel. 

Some leaders didn't even know the world union actually did illegal experiments!

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