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Chapter 355: Travel

"This must be a bad joke," spoke a man in bright red clothes.

But if one were to look closer they would realize that within the red color of his robes were rare and few patches of white.

This was Master Rain's retainer, and he looked far too b.l.o.o.d.y for a living person.

"No one had ever said that about him," spat a man wearing blue.

The spit this time b.l.o.o.d.y.

Master Rain, the proud genius, considered the second strongest under the Vast Expanse, a devious vicious and very cunning man who was now on the back foot.

Of the two large needle-like spike weapons in his hands, only one was in usable condition, the other had already been snapped in half.

"A skin capable of withstanding the full blow of a cultivator in the Sovereign Cultivation level is not something to call a joke…" Master Rain threw away both needles from his hands.

With one of his needles destroyed, the other becomes useless.

And the person in front of them looked far too relaxed and without a blemish on his golden skin.

"How does something like this even die…" spoke the retainer his squinted eyes seemed more closed this time.

"Usually, you don't try and kill it you run, but there is no running from here…" Master Rain who was used to being chased around by the Wind King's wife, was pretty much screwed in this situation since he couldn't leave at all.

"I guess we'll have to use that," spoke the retainer.

"That? What the h.e.l.l does 'That' mean speak real words G.o.d d.a.m.n it," Master Rain cursed.

"Ah, I was talking about the Perpetual Motion Prison," the retainer said.

Master Rain thought for a moment before he said, "We'll have to give it a try. I'll cover for you while I enable it, don't die," Master Rain said.

The Retainer nodded, even as bloodied and wounded as he was he still shot forward with fan in hand and ready to give his life for master Rain's order.


I pulled out the ring that Master Rain had given me after his sermon and pulled out the giant puppet from within.

The giant puppet, easily twenty feet tall, stood looking at me grimly. It had a ma.s.sive floating s.h.i.+eld behind it, that looked like an Oni Mask, and had four arms and sheath belts with four swords strapped to its side. The puppet had the same face as the mask behind it, and it had a mane of hair that seemed to extend all the way to the back of its knees.

"Good to see you again Y," I spoke.

"Lord, it is good to be back," he replied.

"Did Master Rain modify you in any way?" I asked though I doubt the puppet would speak the truth if Master Rain really did modify it.

"Not to my knowledge, I still retain all knowledge of our encounters, and still know who my loyalty lies with," he said.

"Good to know, you wouldn't mind me doing some quick checkups?" I asked as I slowly approached the puppet. I was still not fully trusting of Master Rain, but since Y didn't move or do anything too sudden, I relaxed a bit.

Y's chest opened up for me, revealing a new Saint Qi reactor because the other one I had already taken out. This one was not the same low-grade regular Heavenly Qi reactor I had on him, but a fully functioning new Saint Qi reactor with an even bigger Saint Crystal.

The bra.s.s wiring I had on Y had been removed and changed to a new type of metallic wiring. It seems that Master Rain had actually realized what the bra.s.s wires were for, and instead of disregarding the idea completely he upgraded them and made them a core part of Y's build.

The new wires were directly connected to the reactor and would supply the four swords with enough thermal energy and rapidly enough that the demon trigger would instantly turn the swords bright hot and sharp.

The excess heat was no longer a side effect but now a full function.

I then went to check on Y's memory and mind inscription. Basically what had given Y a personality, his own soul if that is permittable to say.

The formation looked as I had left it, it didn't have anything of it changed or modified.

So that means that Master Rain had only been studying Y, and never had any intention on reclaiming him back, though I doubt that he would have had trouble with that, since Y is technically still Master Rain's possession. I only did a work around the fact that Master Rain had refined Y to become his, while I reprogrammed Y to think of me as his real master. Y already knows that Master Rain had created him, but his loyalty is with me.

Now, after verifying all of Y's circuits, I decided to use the newfound knowledge of Imperial Inscription method, I can probably further upgrade Y's own basic matrix of inscriptions for a far more stable Qi expenditure.

But I don't have the time for that now, I need to head to the Under Void as fast as possible, in case Master Rain and the Retainer have yet to wake that thing in there, I could do with stopping them, and if they already did, I'll have to do something risky to stop that thing.

I am not owed anything to anyone to actually go and risk myself like this, but I have a few debts to pay. The debt is for three people.

The first is Master Gin for teaching me the Fist of Roaring Qi and easing my access to the heavenly academy before the actual date of entry begins.

The second is to Master Rain, though I'm a bit perplexed at this, though he caused my planet to have its end sooner than later, he did give me Y who saved my life many times. He pushed me to learn Imperial Inscription which will be a great help down the line of cultivation, and finally, I owe him a debt for the sermon and how he pushed me up to be treated as the most wanted student of the whole Heavenly Academy and all the benefits that it will entail.

Though he is an a.s.shole and a jacka.s.s, I still owe him enough to aid him that is of course if he needs it.

And lastly, my greatest debt is to a person who treated me like a son, a person who helped build me, and my body protected me and gave his life for me. Even if it was just a dream, the last debt I owe to the Golden t.i.tan. The sect master of the Ancient Sect.

I pulled my hoverboard and rode on it. The destination was far away, but I can make it in a couple of weeks. The location was unknown to me earlier on, but after spending some time in the Ancient Sect, and having read the Imperial Inscription codex and understanding all the letters and numbers in it, I now fully know the location and meaning behind that parchment that Master Rain had asked me to decipher.

Though I had visited the Under Void once, its location was not possible for me to know by simply moving across s.p.a.ce, but with a clear directional guide from the parchment, I can head there with ease now.

I enabled the barrier around the hoverboard and then shot forward into s.p.a.ce.

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