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Chapter 1715 Sharing A Jar Of Wine

With Lin Mu's addition, the feast was prepared soon and was brought out. About ten dishes were prepared for this, with Little Shrubby having added two new things that he had never made before.

It was some of the beasts that he had hunted and never gotten to making. But the special part was the new spices and herbs they had gathered in the Capital city.

Everyone enjoyed the feast, with even the Saintess trying everything. Lin Mu could tell that she was a bit more open this time and was liking the food.

Watching this reminded him of something through.

'She said she liked wine, right?' Lin Mu recalled the Immortal Apple wine he had brewing in the Sleepscape.

It would still take a while to be ready, but he wondered if something else could be made in that time.

His eyes wandered over to the fruit trees in the garden and a few thoughts popped up in his mind.

Lin Mu went to the garden and plucked a few flowers that he thought would work well. The Saintess noticed this but didn't think much of it. Next, Lin Mu took out a wine jar that he had obtained from some spatial storage treasure and opened it.

He then added the Immortal Fruit Flowers that he had plucked and closed the lid. Next, he ignited a flame on his hand, heating up the wine jar. At the same time though, he used his Dao Skill and condensed a thin layer of stone on top of the wine jar.

This thoroughly sealed it while the heat continued to fill it. Lin Mu heated the jar at high temperature for five minutes, the stone layer keeping it under pressure. The wine inside it boiled, letting the flower petals infuse into it deeply.

Lin Mu's immortal sense scanned the wine jar and he stopped when he felt it was appropriate, after which he let it cool down.

Then, walking up to the Saintess, Lin Mu placed it on the cloud table.

"What's this?" The Saintess asked, putting down her chopsticks, which were also condensed from clouds.

"The wine I'm making will take a few more months to get ready. So in the meantime, perhaps you can try this." Lin Mu said as he cracked open the lid.

Since the stone had condensed on the wine jar, it had become airtight. His cracking it open, released a faint fragrance that was still suppressed.


But when Lin Mu lifted the lid, the true fragrance was unleashed.

A mortal might become drunk merely by smelling this fragrance, while cultivators would find it tantalizing. Only immortals would be able to somewhat be able to resist it.

"I know it might not be that good. But I've infused it decently, I think." Lin Mu spoke.

"Pour me a cup." The Saintess didn't reject and instead extended her hand.

A cup automatically condensed in her hand while a chill also appeared, cooling the cup to the perfect temperature.

Lin Mu lifted his arm, gently tilting the wine jar.

The s.h.i.+mmering wine that was tinged pink pouring into the white cup, along with Lin Mu and the Veiled Saintess, created a picturesque scene that might enrapture the hearts of many.

The wine perfectly reached the edge of the cup with nary a drop spilled when Lin Mu stopped.

The Saintess gently brought the cup to her lips under the veil before taking a sip.

"Mmm… it's nice." She spoke, causing a smile to bloom on Lin Mu's face.

"As long as you like it." Lin Mu said before lifting the wine jar again. "Do you want more?" he asked.

"Sure." The Saintess extended the cup again, having finished it all. "You should try your creation too." She added.

"Ah, yes." Lin Mu replied as a cup appeared in front of him too.

Pouring himself a cup, Lin Mu tasted the wine that was infused with tens of different Immortal Fruit Flowers.

One might think that since they were just flowers and not fruits, they might not be that good. But the effect that was brought from them was rather good. The floral scent of the flowers washed away the sharp scent of the wine while its gentle energy mellowed out the burning energy within.

Overall, it had transformed already good immortal wine into an even better elixir.

Since the flowers had been boiled in the wine while under pressure, they had perfectly disintegrated, wasting nothing.

?α?dα- ηθνε|·?θm Every single wisp of essence and Qi was contained within, taking the wine's taste to a new level.

Just like that, the Saintess and Lin Mu shared a jar of wine while enjoying the delicacies that had been prepared.

The day of relaxation helped Lin Mu a lot and returned his mind to a calm state better than before.

A few hours later, they wound up everything while Lin Mu decided it was time for him to cultivate.

"Are you going to attempt a breakthrough?" The Saintess guessed easily.

"I will yes." Lin Mu nodded his head. "I think this is the perfect chance to do it. I have a decent amount of time as well."

"Very well. As long as you have your Tribulation, picked and ready, you shouldn't have any issues." The Saintess said before creating a few seals with her hand.


The Courtyard was covered in clouds once more, isolating and protecting it from any external interference while preventing energy fluctuations from the interior being leaked out.

"Thank you, Saintess." Lin Mu said before looking at his beasts. "I'll be back out soon." He spoke.

"Go and get stronger!" Little Shrubby encouraged.

"STRONG! YES!" The Twins said in unison.

"Haha, yes we'll be strong." Lin Mu rubbed their heads before taking a seat on a rock.

He didn't want to damage the building and thus chose to be outside this time. After all, there was no telling what kind of immortal tribulation he would be triggering. His very first tribulation had been one of the difficult variants after all.

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