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Chapter 1722 Improvement Of Embryos

As Lin Mu continued to observe the Spatial planes, he started to learn more and more.

The next thing he saw was the Habitat Formations coming into play.

They first created a stable layer with formations on which earth started to appear. This layer of earth was nearly a kilometer thick and extended for tens of kilometer as well. The earth was just like normal earth and had a mix of rocks and other materials mixed in it.

If one looked at it they would find it to be no different than the normal earth on Rust Sky world.

Once the stable layer of earth was created, the ground was formed.

Next thing they needed was some light!

While most immortals could use their Immortal sense to 'see' it was still not good for there to be total darkness there. The issue with light was easily solved by a simple Sky Illumination Formation.

The array appeared opposite to the ground and covered the top of the Spatial Plane. The runes s.h.i.+mmered and moved before turning invisible. But instead of just darkness being left behind, it now looked like there was an empty blue sky there.

Of course, there was no sun present there as there wasn't a need for it. Adding an artificial sun was possible too, but it would take more time and resources. It wasn't something that the temple would spend extra work on.

Next, they moved on to improving the environment.

A Spatial Linking Formation was deployed next which formed invisible channels between the Spatial Planes and the Rust Sky world. These invisible channels carried air and Immortal Qi to the Spatial planes.

They were essentially like pipes and carried the air and Immortal Qi until the concentration was in equilibrium with the Rust Sky world.

After this came the multiple stabilizing and reinforcing formations. These were intended to protect the Spatial Plane from the inside and prevent it from collapsing. The immortals would be battling in here and their attacks would inevitably cause damage to the plane.

These formations would prevent too much damage from being inflicted on the plane or at least on the formations that let it exist. It was this part that took four hours too, and Lin Mu watched the finer changes that happened.

'How these formations work in tandem is interesting. I didn't know so many of them could be optimized to fit so well.' Lin Mu thought to

The Saintess was watching Lin Mu from time to time too, feeling that he was deep in his observations.

'Looks like he'll be learning a lot. He already has the Rune Shaping Brush as his Formation Dao Embryo. This will help him in progressing with that too.' The Saintess thought.

But what she didn't know was that Rune Shaping Brush wasn't the only Dao Embryo that was progressing.

Invisible to all, Lin Mu's second Dao embryo the Four Faceted Nebula was also improving. Observing the creation of the Spatial Plane was improving Lin Mu's understanding of s.p.a.ce which was further being reflected in the Spatial Dao Embryo.

The Four Faceted Nebula silently appeared within his Dao Embryo and s.h.i.+mmered with multicolored lights. The four colored stars on it were twinkling nonstop, with some brighter than the others.

Lin Mu would have noticed this too if not for the fact that he was fully focused on the changes happening in the sky.

Perhaps it was because he had been trying to improve his understanding of the s.p.a.ce through the use of the Spiral Flake Crystal, Lin Mu was progressing faster than ever. After all, inside the Spiral Flake Crystal, Lin Mu had no way to judge how much he truly had improved.

It seemed to have catalyzed his progress now, as the Four Faceted Nebula was improving.

Since it had no form or shape, it was hard to exactly tell how it had grown. After all, it could expand and contract on command. But there was some qualitative change that was happening within it.

Lin Mu's attention was on the Spatial Planes though, which might have been a good thing as he would stop improving if he looked at his Dantian right now. It was better to improve without knowing than to stop after getting aware.

The Spatial Planes continued to form and more aspects were being added to it. But after nearly fifteen hours had pa.s.sed, Lin Mu knew that it was nearing its end. It was now that the final Formations would be added to it.

"World Anchoring Great Formation!" Lin Mu recognized a very important formation.

This was one of the formations that were absolutely necessary if one wanted to make use of a Spatial plane at a fixed location. If the World Anchoring Great Formation was not set, the Spatial plane would just wander around in the void.

There was even a chance that it would wander away from the Rust Sky world and would become inaccessible. That was not something the Temple wanted as it was intended for the Tournament.

Thus they added the World Anchoring Great Formation to it as well.

"Whoa!" Lin Mu exclaimed watching it.

With several such World Anchoring Great Formations being added at the same time to multiple Spatial Planes, Lin Mu saw a stunning scene. To his Spatial Perception, it looked marvelous.

It was like tens of floating islands had been chained to the Rust Sky world, with the chains extended into the very void!

This view was something that very few could see and those that could see it would learn a lot. It made Lin Mu feel small, compared to the vast expanse of the world and the Void beyond it.

But at the same time, it made him excited as he knew there would come a day when he would be able to do the same.


Taking a deep breath, Lin Mu calmed himself down.

Small Teleportation Gate arrays were also added, allowing one to enter the Spatial Planes and exit it in an emergency. Monitoring Formations were also added, so the fights inside could be seen by everyone.

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