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Chapter 1902 Cheating His Way To The Wall

Lin Mu couldn't help but stand and wonder at the workings of the Great Meteorite Wall.

"If the rise in gravity is uniformly increasing like this… then how is this area even intact? It should have long since collapsed into the depths of the Rust Sky world." Lin Mu said after having thought about it a bit.

He felt like there was more to this place than he could perceive right now.

'Only way to find out is to check it myself… though I don't know how far I can go.' Lin Mu thought and went towards the wall.

A minute later, he was standing at the line that demarcated the area with the heavy gravity. The separation was distinct as not only was one completely barren, but it was also compacted due to the gravity. On the other hand, the normal area was green and gra.s.s was freely growing there.

"Go to the Sleepscape for now Little Shrubby. I'll see if I can bring you out when there." Lin Mu stated.

"Okay." Little Shrubby said and turned into a flash of light before disappearing.


With Little Shrubby gone, Lin Mu took one step further and felt the change. His foot left an imprint on the compacted soil as he took another step forward.

"One percent… Two percent… four percent… ten percent?" Lin Mu sensed the change in the gravity with his body.

So far it wasn't much of a bother for him, and was the same as him carrying some extra weight. As such, Lin Mu continued and actually sped up!

A minute later, he had covered a distance of about two hundred meters.

"Now it's getting harder." Lin Mu muttered as he felt the great weight on him.

The gravity right now was more than four times the normal. Still, Lin Mu could continue on and went another two hundred meters.

"Ten times the gravity…" Lin Mu muttered. 'The increase isn't linear… there are random spikes in it.' He understood.

He moved again and didn't stop until he had covered almost a kilometer of distance. The Great Meteorite Wall was still far from him, but Lin Mu was finding that moving was very inconvenient now. Not because the weight was too much for him, but because his feet kept on sinking into the ground.

"I can't even fly… Even the Immortal Qi is affected by the gravity and does not flow normally." Lin Mu realized why it was such a pain for most immortals to come here.

Even a first or second Tribulation Stage immortal would be able to come this far with their cultivation base alone. They would find it very uncomfortable of course, but they wouldn't necessarily be injured. This didn't even apply to Lin Mu who had not just his Qi cultivation but also his higher body cultivation.

Still struggling with his feet getting stuck, Lin Mu soldiered on.

He walked for two more kilometers before he found that his feet were no longer getting stuck.

"Huh… the ground isn't being impacted anymore?" Lin Mu's body was under fifty times the gravity but he was handling it just fine.

It actually reminded him of the time when he had first learned the Aspect of Heaviness. Lin Mu was much weaker back then and the effect of the increased weight could actually damage him. Even now the gravity was bad enough that most third or fourth Tribulation Immortals would find their internal organs getting pressured.

They would find their hearts having a hard time pumping blood, while their lungs would find it hard to expand.

But to a body cultivator like Lin Mu, it was still the same.

His organs were tempered and had been strengthened over time. Not to mention, they too were sources of vital essence within his body and could maintain themselves. Then there was the Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets he practiced. It granted him strength and defense greater than normal, allowing him to traverse further.

"Just a bit more and I'll be at the wall." Lin Mu looked at the Great Meteorite wall that was getting closer and closer.

He was now just a kilometer away from it and the increase in gravity was getting steeper. Due to such high gravity, the ground under him had been compressed to the point it had turned into solid rock. And even that rock had been further compressed and turned extremely dense such that Lin Mu's weight did not cause it to break like earlier.

'Eighty times… One hundred times… One hundred and thirty times…' Now even Lin Mu felt like it was getting too much for him.

His legs felt like they had turned to lead, and every step forward took great effort. Lin Mu was already using his Vital Essence to strengthen himself, but it wasn't enough.

'Five hundred meters and it increases so much… Even if my body can handle the gravity, it doesn't mean I can keep on moving.' Lin Mu still tried to move and managed to make it 50 meters more before coming to a halt.

"Haa… This is too much." Lin Mu let out a breath. "I give on walking… Blink."


Lin Mu's body disappeared and reappeared five meters ahead. He didn't teleport too far as he didn't want to be overwhelmed by the sudden increase in gravity.


Still, it ended up making Lin Mu slam into the ground face first.

"Ugh… I should just sit down and do it." Lin Mu got up with some struggle and just sat down with his legs spread in a V shape, so that he wouldn't slam face first again. "Blink," he teleported again and arrived five meters further.

Thankfully, this time he didn't lose his balance and was sitting in the same position as before.

"Guess this works," Lin Mu said in a tone of approval. "Let's just get to the wall this way."

He kept on teleporting with Blink for five meters each time, while the gravity kept on increasing.

And by the time Lin Mu was 150 meters from the wall, he didn't even bother sitting upright. He just straight up lay down on the ground and continued teleporting.

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