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Chapter 2031  Trade As The Solution

Lin Mu listened to the Saintess's words and reckoned that it was definitely the most straightforward option.

"Yeah… Trading with them should be the best way." Lin Mu nodded his head. "I doubt they would sell it. I don't think they would be lacking anything after all." He stated.

"Indeed. For someone of their status, there aren't many things they would lack. Even Celestial realm resources would not be out of their reach." The Saintess replied. "After all, one day they would become celestials as well." She added.

Lin Mu nodded his head, understanding that cultivators that were that high ranked in the Immortal Court had a very high chance of becoming Celestials. It was merely a question of time, similar to him. They had the best resources as well as guidance from other experts.

As such, they would not face many obstacles in their path and would continue realistically smoothly.

'Haaah~ Guess not only do I need to find who has the vault, but I also need to see if they lack something.' Lin Mu let out a breath at the long path ahead. There were many things he needed to do before that, and other things he had promised to do. 'After this expedition is over, I still need to go with Monk Hushu to the Silent Lotus World. Maybe I'll be able to inquire more about the vault while we go there. Or on the way there…' Lin Mu thought to himself as there was a chance they might pa.s.s through the Immortal Court.

It was now that Lin Mu remembered another thing he had almost forgotten.

'The Haima Tribe… I need to bid them farewell before I leave too.' Lin Mu recalled.

He had promised that to the Mermaid Lanbao too. They had helped him a lot and as such, he owed them that much.

"I guess there's a lot I have to wind up after the expedition." Lin Mu muttered to himself.

The Saintess heard him, but didn't say anything, letting him deal with his own things.

"Can you tell me if Crown Prince Feng Shun arrives, Saintess?" Lin Mu requested.

"I will." The Saintess replied.

"Thank you." Lin Mu said before calling Little Shrubby and Ashy.

He had decided to return to cultivation once he had finished conversing with the Saintess. At the same time, he also sent Little Shrubby and Ashy into the Sleepscape. The bird had been asking him to go there for a while, and Lin Mu reckoned it was finally the time.


Lin Mu entered the bedroom and sat down on the bed before letting out a long breath.

He had learned a lot of things in the last few hours, including things that were quite stunning. He had already digested all these facts, but still needed to organize them in his mind. He needed to see how they fit in with his other plans and if there were any interactions with them.

As such, Lin Mu let his body cultivate pa.s.sively while he himself entered the Sleepscape.


Lin Mu opened his eyes in the Sleepscape and found himself standing in front of the Immortal Apple Tree. "You grew a lot more apples, huh…" Lin Mu looked at the tree that was mostly filled with the fruits.


The Immortal Apple tree waved its branch in greeting upon seeing Lin Mu.

About half of the apples on it were the normal Immortal apples that were ripe, while about forty five percent were unripe apples. Then there were the Wood Essence apples that were still growing and would take a while to fully mature. 'Though a couple of them are almost near maturity.' Lin Mu observed. "Guess I should free up the s.p.a.ce on the tree." He said before he plucked the ripe apples from the tree.

In a few minutes, the Immortal Apple tree became lighter, as half of the apples on it were removed. The tree swayed lightly and felt a bit free, as if it had just taken a haircut.

Lin Mu let the tree enjoy and moved on to check on the other things in the Sleepscape. After all, it had been a while since he had been here and he wished to see how the plants were faring.

The first place that Lin Mu went to was none other than the location where he had planted the Snow Gla.s.s Pear trees.

He had made a special formation array so that they would grow. They had very specific conditions for growth and as such, there was no telling how they would be performing now. "Oh? They grew more." Upon reaching there, Lin Mu could tell right away, the trees were taller than before. New branches could be seen on them, while tender shoots were rising from their nodes.

"Looks like I won't have to worry about it much." Lin Mu reckoned.

While there was still a lot of time until the Snow Gla.s.s Pear trees would bear fruit, it was not something Lin Mu was in a rush for anyways.

Next, Lin Mu checked on the Wood Spirit Tulip, which was calmly cultivating on its own. It absorbed the wood elemental Qi from the air and silently grew in strength. Lin Mu didn't disturb the plant, as it seemed to be focused for the first time.

'Looks like it is nearing a breakthrough, too.' Lin Mu thought to himself as he observed the plant.

He didn't know what kind of breakthroughs herbs and other plants had, but he had heard that they too underwent immortal tribulations. Though it was not the same way as cultivators, since their path was different.

After this, Lin Mu went to check on the Purple Sickle Amaranth, which had no significant change. "Hmm… is it at a bottleneck?" Lin Mu wondered before moving on.

He finally arrived at the Mutated Violet Mystic Life Tree. The giant tree stood tall and proud while the red crystal on and around its trunk glowed lightly.

But when Lin Mu looked up, he saw something interesting.

"What's that now?"

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