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Chapter 2061  Discovering An Old Theory

In all the books that Lin Mu had acquired in the Library Tower he found something that caught his eye. "Huh… there's something like this?" Lin Mu found a unique book.

It was a book he had read about in the Immortal World, but now that he was re-reading all the older books, he found that there were actually links to it in the mortal worlds too!

That book was actually from Xiaofan world too, but Lin Mu had never read it before. He had only acquired it at the end, during his conflict with Gu Yao and had been missed among the many items he had.

After all, with the sheer amount of items he had acquired during it all, it would be strange that Lin Mu knew exactly about all that he had.

Especially in the case of a rather mundane book that had basically nor Qi fluctuation and seemed to have been written by a mortal. If not for the content, there was no way Lin Mu would have even discovered it.

"Why would someone write it in this format?" Lin Mu questioned, looking at the leather-bound book.

The book was about three inches thick, and was handwritten. There was not a single trace of Qi in it, and was made out of mortal materials. It would be very easy for a cultivator to miss it due to its composition.

It was the same case for Lin Mu and he had only discovered it due to his urge to organize.

The book that Lin Mu had found was a simple compilation of insights that a certain cultivator had during his lifetime.

Though the main crux of it all was a certain concept.

It was a concept that basically talked about multiplicative potential of the elements over the long term. It stated that as long as materials of arithmetically higher gain were utilized, a multiplicatively greater gain could be obtained depending on the technique that one cultivated.

Of course, this was just a theory that its creator was unable to fully verify. But to Lin Mu, it was an entirely different thing.

"This person actually managed to figure it out, despite being a Dao Sh.e.l.l realm expert?" Lin Mu muttered to himself, having read the book.

This info wasn't foreign to him, but was something he hadn't paid much attention to. But now that he was reading it again, a few new thoughts appeared in his mind.

'The Theory states that for a process that requires a specific type of cultivation resource, using materials that steadily increase in strength are better than using vast jumps in quality. If this works for refinement… would this work for cultivation too?' Lin Mu questioned himself.

He did this because he had a technique that was a good representative of this.

'If this works, doesn't this mean, I can actually optimize the Omnicore Ascendancy?' Lin Mu thought to himself.

It was the Auxiliary skill that the Second ring had granted to Lin Mu. If the Nine Divine Heart Sutras were the auxiliary skill for Qi cultivation, then the Omnicore Ascendancy was the perfect skill for Body cultivation.

It would result in a qualitative skill that would grant one a natural affinity to the elements that they condensed cores of.

Lin Mu had the natural affinity to Metal Earth and s.p.a.ce as of now.

Even for fire, he did not have the total natural affinity but was merely compatible with.

As such, he couldn't help but imagine what kind of thing it would be if he managed to get an affinity to the elements that were described within Omnicore Ascendancy.

'Here I thought, I would need a large amount of items to start off the technique.' Lin Mu thought to himself. 'But if the theory of this book holds up true, it would mean that I don't need a heavy investment right away. I can actually start small, and as long as it is compatible, it would work out.' He reckoned.

In a way, the book basically described how one would make a foundation.

One would have to start small, and expand upon it with basic materials until they could grow bigger and stack it tall.

It was the same in the case here, where one could start with weaker and simpler resources, before using resources that were slightly complex on top of it. These resources that were compatible would continue to stack, until there was a significant gain.

Of course, just reading did not mean that Lin Mu had trust in it.

"All this is just theory, if I am to verify it, I need to actually test it out in the real world." Lin Mu stated, turning his gaze to one of the towers he had made.

It was the Herb tower and held all the herbs he had gathered over all these years. "Since the Omnicore Ascendancy allows me to use basically any elemental materials, I may as well use the herbs I have a low chance of using now." Lin Mu said to himself, before moving towards it.

Upon arriving there, Lin Mu directly went to the lowest section of 'mortal' herbs. 'Hmm… since it states I can use all resources, I should start with the lowest, shouldn't I?' Lin Mu thought and searched for the 'worst' herb in the section.

He ended up in the wood section that had the most herbs.

Being plants in general, there was an abundance of wood elemental herbs whether they be spirit herbs or immortal herbs. Thus it was understandable why this was Lin Mu's first stop.

"The lowest quality herb, let's see…" Lin Mu opened a specific drawer and pulled out a bunch of dried leaves. "Eight Lobed Mellow Coriander." He muttered, looking at the herb.

It was a wood elemental herb that was barely cla.s.sified as a spirit herb. It was something even mortals could consume and they often did, unknowingly due to the herb acting as a flavoring agent.

Lin Mu sniffed its fragrance while holding it in his hand.

"No harm in testing it out."

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