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Chapter 2125  Onyx Chimeric Legion

Upon Hearing Ziran's explanation, Lin Mu couldn't help but find a few similarities between the powers that had used the Yin Heart Puppets.

"The Onyx Jackal Sect and the Onyx Chimeric Legion… Are they linked?" Lin Mu questioned.

"You got that right." Ziran nodded. "I found it suspicious too and when we looked into it further, it turned out that the founders of the Onyx Jackal Sect once belonged to the Onyx Chimeric Legion. They were basically offshoots of the same power." He revealed.

"So these Yin Heart Puppets… The technique used to make them is from the Onyx Chimeric Legion too?" Lin Mu asked next.

"It does seem like that," Ziran replied. "I looked into some of the old repositories both in the Immortal Court as well as some independent sources and found a few entries that stated that the Yin Heart Puppets had first been seen under the control of the great being that ruled over the Onyx Chimeric Legion as well as other powers." He revealed.

"Hmm… So they were using their master's technique." Lin Mu guessed. "But who is this great being?" he questioned.

"There was no name mentioned there. But it did say the great being was someone who had brought forth a great Upheaval in the past and had clashed with many great powers of that time, including the Immortal Court." Ziran answered, making Lin Mu furrows his brows.

'Great being… I've heard that before.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

It was a term that the Saintess used for none other than Xukong. But Lin Mu knew it was not Xukong that was being meant as the Great Being here.

'Someone else… that could also be called as a Great Being.' Lin Mu wondered who it could be. 'The only other creature that was said to be on Senior Xukong's level was the founder of the Serpent Moon Sect, as stated by himself.' He recalled.

But he was sure this Onyx Chimeric Legion did not have a relation to the Serpent Moon Sect either. Just to be sure though, he decided to ask a few more things.

"This Onyx Chimeric Legion, did they have a crest of their own?" Lin Mu inquired.

"They did, it was that of an Onyx Gem with the image of a strange creature on it. The creature had four heads, six legs, eight tails, and ten wings, all of which belonged to different beasts. It was a creature that is usually termed as a Chimera." Ziran answered.

Monk Hushu seemed to show a look of concern on his face before he spoke.

"Chimeras are not normal creatures and nothing ever good comes out of them ever being involved in anything." Monk Hushu said. "Any power that has connections with them are not to be taken lightly." He added.

"You know about these, Monk Hushu?" Lin Mu could sense a hint of fear gin his voice.

"Yes… Our Temple had records about such creatures. The Buddhist alliance once had to cleanse a swarm of Chimeric Beasts in the past. Normal cultivators could not kill them, and they were highly resistant to most elements. This was when the Immortal Court was weakened due to a previous conflict and could not muster the needed forces to go against the Chimeric Beasts. Eventually the Buddhist alliance decided to act and save the people while eliminating the evil." Monk Hushu answered before taking a pause. "These Chimeric beasts weren't just a problem on their own, but also managed to take many humans on their own side, by offering them power beyond a normal cultivator's reach. Their techniques were mysterious and unorthodox, allowing talentless cultivators who never had the hope of reaching the immortal realm to become strong immortals within a few years.

Their techniques and skills could overpower top cultivation techniques while also being hard to overcome. With such a temptation, many humans fell prey and joined their side. The Buddhist alliance had a hard time too and almost lost if not for some help." Monk Hushu said, his eyes showing a hint of respect. "Who helped them?" Lin Mu asked, quite engrossed in the story while others were interested too.

"This might be strange to hear… But it was a beast." Monk Hush said a smile appearing on his face.

"I think… I've heard of this," Ziran said, some information appearing in his mind. "A great ape that had the dignity of a bodhisattva and shone with divine light… The Divine Light Monk Ape." He stated.

"Indeed." Monk Hushu nodded. "The Divine Light Monk Ape was friends with the Grand Abbot of the Mahayana Palace; the seat of power of the Buddhist alliance. He had even served as the guardian of the Mahayana Island once upon a time and the Buddhists owed him great debt." He explained.

"Ah, so the beast was part of the Buddhist Alliance." Lin Mu said upon hearing that.

"Not exactly." Monk Hushu shook his head. "While he had served as a guardian as well as had close relations with the Buddhist powers, he was not part of us. He was in fact a disciple of a celestial… The Taiji Celestial!" he revealed, making Lin Mu studded.

"What did you say!? The Taiji Celestial!" Lin Mu exclaimed, having recognized the name. 'Didn't Wu Hei's technique also come from the Taiji Celestial's inheritance?' he recalled his old ally from the Xiao Fan world.

"Yes… THE Taiji Celestial. One of the biggest supporters of the Immortal Court once upon a time." Monk Hushu nodded.

"So it was another one of Taiji Celestial's disciples… I didn't know that." Ziran was impressed.

"You know of too?" Lin Mu asked in surprise.

"Who doesn't know of him and his disciples?" Ziran chuckled. "Almost all major powers know of the Taiji Celestial and his disciples who have accomplished great feats." He added.

"Indeed. Becoming his disciple is one of the biggest dreams of countless immortals." Daoist Chu agreed. "Even in my sect, our patriarch and elders revere him." He said with pride on his face.

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