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Chapter 2185  Well Deserved Congratulations

The group was happy that Lin Mu had managed to overcome the tribulation that was thrust upon him by his own progress. It was a necessary one and something that needed to happen.

But Lin Mu still had a bit of confusion about it all.

The Mausoleum of swords he saw was on his mind and wouldn't let him think about anything else.


But soon he was distracted by the presence of his companions.

"Congratulations Daoist Mu Lin!" Crown Prince Feng Shun said out loud.

"You've done great!" Ziran and Daoist Chu spoke.

"Looks like I'll have to increase the commission for you. I can't just be hiring someone with Peak Sword Intent for that price." Lady Kang replied with a hint of joy in her tone.

"To overcome the temptation of slaughter is not easy. Daoist Mu Lin might have Peak Sword Intent now but he still has the grace of the Buddhist path." Monk Hushu praised.

He was sure that the reason Lin Mu managed to overcome it was due to the Buddhist Path. Pract.i.tioners of it had high resistance to mentally affecting conditions and techniques.

As such, Lin Mu would have had an upper hand in dealing with it.

"I thank you all for the wishes." Lin Mu replied with a smile. ~HUMM~HUMM~

The two swords hummed in response as well, as if thanking the others for wis.h.i.+ng their master.

Elder Hu couldn't help but glance at the blades as he felt a stronger presence from both.

"The swords… Their spirits have matured." Elder Hu stated. Lin Mu raised Ocean Raker and Afternoon Pine to look at them and smiled. "They sure have." Lin Mu replied. "I can hear them now." He added.

"That's great." Qiao De said out loud. "The value of those swords should easily be in the millions now. Perhaps they will even become Peak Grade Immortal Swords in the future." He added as his eyes couldn't help but appreciate a good weapon.

"They sure will." Lin Mu replied, knowing that it was an inevitable fact.

"Though I must say, it was quite 'concerning' seeing you rush into the battle earlier." Crown Princess Shang spoke. "You almost became… Unrecognizable." She added.

Hearing that, the others couldn't help but nod in response.

"Are you fine now?" Min Ju inquired. "I am yes. It was a momentary thing… A grudge that needed to be resolved." Lin Mu replied.

"A grudge?" Elder Hu narrowed his eyes. "Those swords had a grudge."

"How would they have a grudge?" Min Ju furrowed.

"Immortal weapons have spirits and a consciousness, thus they are capable of holding grudges in addition to several more emotions." Crown Prince Feng Shun spoke. "But for them to hold a grudge, someone should have wronged them or happened to them." He added. "You are not the first owner of the two swords, are you?" Ziran asked. "I certainly am not." Lin Mu shook his head. "They were gifted to me." "Their previous owner gifted them to you?" Qiao De was surprised.

It was not a thing for swordsman to give away their swords easily. Most would have a deep bond with them and the swords would also not prefer others using them.

In fact, some swords might just outright deny their use by anyone else. There were even cases where a sword would choose to destroy itself, rather than let anyone other than their master hold them.

This gave Sword cultivators an advantage as killing them for their weapon was useless. Even if one was greedy over their strong swords, it would only result in naught.

In fact, the self-destruction of the sword would probably end up killing the person that killed their master.

It was another one of the reasons why sword cultivators were feared in battle. Even when dead, their weapons would not give up.

As such it was often said that to kill a swordsman, you had to kill their sword first.

"It wasn't their owner." Lin Mu shook his head. "I could say… it was their caretaker." He added.

"A caretaker, I see." Qiao De replied, still feeling a bit surprised that someone would gift valuable swords like this. "Daoist Mu Lin must have done them a service, to be granted swords this good." Lin Mu simply responded with a smile to that, not elaborating further. The Haima Tribe still needed to be kept secret for their safety.

"What grudge did the swords have?" Crown Princess Shang asked feeling curious. "Seeing how you acted, it must have been very strong and deep rooted." She added.

"I don't actually know…" Lin Mu said furrowing his brows.

In the heat of the moment, Lin Mu simply embodied the thoughts of the swords and did as they wished. He didn't stop to think the reason behind it all.

"Why don't you ask the swords?" Elder Hu suggested. "You can speak to them now after all." "That's right. Ask them." Ziran agreed. "Better to know what's drove them. You should know everything about your swords after all." "Ah yes!" Lin Mu realized and closed his eyes.

The others stayed silent, letting Lin Mu do his things. Lady Kang looked around the area that had now become empty. The eerie beasts had all been killed and it didn't seem like anymore were going to approach.

There was still sword aura lingering in the area which would scare all beasts that came close.

'To think the aftereffects would last this long.' Lady Kang was a bit astonished. 'Though if he can do this just as a pa.s.sive thing, how much more can it do if done intentionally?' she wondered how much Lin Mu's strength had grown.

He was still at the Third Tribulation Stage of the Immortal realm in terms of Qi cultivation thus the 'weakest' amongst them. But on the basis of his sheer skills and abilities, he could match them.

And now, Lady Kang reckoned Lin Mu might have exceeded that.

'His future breakthrough might give him exponential power than before.' Lady Kang thought to herself.

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