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Chapter 2201  The Members Gather

With everyone present having picked a room, all that was left was for Lin Mu to wait.

'The Crown Prince and the rest shouldn't be that far.' Lin Mu reckoned.

He was very interested in what this place held, and knew that there should be more to it than just the Chimeric beasts and the baleful energies.

'If there is so much Death Qi, there should be some graves here too right? Or at least a ma.s.sive burial ground.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

He couldn't help but think that there were possibly more rewards present in the Spatial Plane. After all, it was an independent plane and should have nurtured its own resources over time.

"The mixture of Baleful Energies and the Death QI alone should give birth to some unique treasures." Lin Mu muttered to himself.

While these energies were quite harmful to most cultivators, one could still utilize this in the form of weapons. If one could find a material that could contain all these energies while maintaining a steady form, one could very well refine it further to control it better.

At that point, one would be able to release them at the right moment as an offensive attack.

Other than weapons, one could also utilize them in warding, defensive and offensive formations if needed. They would be quite powerful and would prevent most cultivators from getting close. 'It would be good to keep some for future use. Storing them in the ring shouldn't be that hard at least.' Lin Mu reckoned.

While Lin Mu waited, he went over the arrays and ensured that they were working as expected.

'So far no beasts have dared to come close. That should be the effect of my previous battle.' Lin Mu thought. 'Though how long would that last?' he wondered.

It had already been three days since the battle, and yet the effect was still maintained. Though Lin Mu also recalled the strange behavior of the Chimeric beasts when they had first arrived.

The beasts were staying behind a boundary that had been breeched shortly after they had waited. Lin Mu wondered what was the reasoning behind it.

'Is there something else that causes the Chimeric beasts to react like that?' Lin Mu questioned but couldn't come up whit anything right away.


While he was thinking all this, the formations alerted him to the arrival of Four individuals.

"Huh? Only four?" Lin Mu raised his brows.

He checked who had arrived and found one person to be missing.

"Where's Monk Hushu?" Lin Mu wondered before heading out to see the group.

"Looks like you've set up quite a place for us, Daoist Mu Lin." Crown Prince Feng Shun said looking at the mountain and the hills.

His Immortal sense could pick up on the strong arrays that were concealed within. His instincts even told him that these could even threaten him if they were activated at full potential.

"Come on in, I already have the rooms set up for everyone too." Lin Mu informed. "Though I see Monk Hushu is missing." He asked.

"I was about to talk about that." Crown Prince Feng Shun replied. "We found a strange structure about a hundred and fifty kilometer from here. It is certainly man made and seems to be closed. It is also surrounded by a lot of Baleful energies and as such, Monk Hushu is purifying it there." He explained.

"A strange structure?" Lin Mu wondered what it could be.

"Let's go inside, we've already recorded it so you an view it along with the rest of the information." Crown Prince Feng Shun stated.

"Alright." Lin Mu nodded and the group finally entered.


Upon pa.s.sing through the barrier, they all felt a mark being placed on them.

"A Yang Mark?" Crown Princess Shang recognized it.

"Oh, hang on." Lin Mu tapped on the air and changed a few runes.


The Yang Marks that were placed on them were released and they didn't feel as alarmed now.

"That's the new defense system, is it?" Qiao De asked with interest.

With how quickly the Yang Marks had been placed and their potency, he couldn't help but wonder just how much Lin Mu might have expended on it.

"Yes, I just need to add your Qi signatures to it." Lin Mu said before doing exactly that.


A wave of energy spread from the four individuals as they were now considered as 'allies' for the array.

"There we go. It won't target you all now." Lin Mu said finis.h.i.+ng the final bit of work.

This was why he had come out to greet the group, as he knew they would get targeted without him intervening. Adding them was left, since they weren't there, but now it was all good.


The gate opened up for them, allowing them to see the illuminated interiors of the mountain. The cave system was made symmetrically and looked rather sleek having been cut by Lin Mu's swords.

There were no stray chipping marks or cracks in it either.

Plus even if someone attacked the walls, they wouldn't break easily as Lin Mu and Daoist Chu had already added several reinforcing formations as well as durability fortifying arrays to it.

It was one of the basic things one needed to do, and now even if the outer arrays were destroyed in one hit by some miracle, the mountain should be able to withstand more.

This further added to their survivability and granted them more leeway.

Crown Prince Feng Shun and the others looked at the branches inside that extended from the main room.

"Oh? So this is where we'll be staying?" Crown Princess Shang said looking at it with interest.

"Indeed." Lin Mu nodded.

"May I ask where my Lady is?" Min Ju inquired.

"The first room on the right from the entrance." Lin Mu pointed.

"Thank you." Min Ju said before going to report to Lady Kang.

It was her first duty as her maid and only after she had informed her would she talk to the others.


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