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Chapter 1578 Lotus Structure

Aina, who was still pinned beneath Leonel, didn't even register what was happening just yet when a six meter tall demon corpse suddenly appeared right beside them.

She was startled for a moment until she sensed Leonel's gaze and came to understand that something must have happened. No matter how distracted Leonel was, he would never miss something happening within his Dream World. Because he had to keep the heavy fog up so that no one could spy on their intimate moment, he of course had to keep his Starry Spirit Domain up as well.

? As such, the moment something teleported into the region, he had sensed it.

This individual had been able to use their spatial affinity to hide from Leonel's Internal Sight, but nothing could hide within Leonel's Dream World. So when he crossed into a 10 kilometer range of Leonel, he had been directly exposed.

However, even with this being the case, there was nothing that Leonel could do against this individual's high spatial affinity. It seemed that they would lose the demon ape corpse that they had worked so hard to get.

That said, Leonel's strongest talent was any of his Lineage Factors… By far his strongest talent was his Ability Index and the power of his mind.

He knew that he couldn't defeat this individual in spatial affinity, so he decided to make the latter's spatial affinity work for him.

The lotus structure Leonel had learned about in that one research paper immediately came to mind. It took control of Spatial Force and fused into the intricate structure of a multi-layered lotus.

The point of this structure was to survive the onslaught of Anarchic Force and allow long ranged teleportation, something that was usually absolutely impossible within such a dense region of Anarchic Force.

The lotus structure would protect the core which held the most valuable information, and with the use of a very specific design, the outer layers would have to crumble piece by piece first before the middle could be affected. But by then, the teleportation would have long since come to an end and the lotus structure would no longer be needed.

Of course, this was just a theory posited by a student of the Void Palace, but Leonel had already put it to the test multiple times in his Dream World and knew that it had a solid basis for application. It was just that he didn't particularly need it, so he had never actively used it.

The problem with the lotus structure method was that it took at least 10 times more Force than the usual to complete the same action. For someone like Leonel, who had a Lineage Factor perfectly tailored for speed, and a Divine Armor perfect for restricting the speed of opponents, he had no need to waste stamina on such a thing.

In addition, because he had the Starry Light Domain, he could practically mimic King Arthur's ability to turn into pure Light Force, making his speed reach an unG.o.dly level when this Domain was activated.

That said… There was another method by which the lotus structure could be made useful. What if instead of using it to block Anarchic Force, it was instead used to guide Forces?

What was special about the lotus structure was that it forced certain parts of itself to crumble before other parts. On the surface, this was only useful to avoid certain outcomes, but wasn't it just as useful at forcing certain outcomes as well?

With slight tweaks to the structure, and with a clever mind for application, Leonel could force an enemy's Force to react almost exactly how he wanted it to, so long as it wasn't using a structure more complex than his own lotus.

The young man had been far too overconfident, though he somewhat had reason to be. He had already seen through Leonel's level of spatial affinity and in fact, looked down upon it. He didn't need to use a complex technique to counter Leonel, so he had just casually sent his Spatial Force forward to shatter Leonel's teleportation attempt.

However, what he hadn't expected was for his Spatial Force to feel like it had entered a maze. Before he could react, his Spatial Force was twisted and reversed, eventually becoming the fuel for Leonel's own teleportation.

With his level of skill, and the level of Spatial Force he had access to, it was simply impossible for Leonel to teleport something across several kilometers even with his Domains deployed. In addition, his Starry Light Domain could only be used to improve his own evasion, it couldn't be used on an object.

This young man, however, had access to an extremely high level Spatial Force, it was without a doubt at least top 10 if not top five. With his Spatial Force as fuel, the task was almost easy.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the lotus vanished and the young man lost the ability to track the teleportation.

He could only stand in silence, quite stunned about what had just happened. Even now, he couldn't understand. And how could he? Only someone with a mind as fast and powerful as Leonel's own could calculate the perfect lotus structure in a fraction of a second and deploy it even faster.

Like Leonel had said, he might lose in raw power… But when it came to intelligence, he wouldn't lose to anyone.

By this point, Aina was frowning and was very much not happy. She wanted to spend some time with Leonel, but they were actually interrupted.

To Aina, it didn't really matter where she lost her virginity. Just the fact that it was to Leonel was enough, which was why she hadn't even hesitated despite the fact they were in the demon world.

But now that they had been interrupted, she was furious.

She pushed herself up, a gla.s.s bottle that appeared in her palm shattering to release large amounts of crimson blood that quickly formed into a dense armor around her.

"I'm going to kill him."

Her voice sounded powerful and layered, almost as though two of her were speaking at once.

Leonel's brows only had time to jump once before Aina vanished from his side.

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