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Chapter 662 Training Duo

Inside the Wolf's pool club, Innu was finding it hard to make eye contact with the rest of his group. They were staring at him, and not in a pleasant way as if they had been waiting to see someone for a long time.

It wasn't the same warm welcome they had given Gary after not seeing him for a long time. So he wondered why there was such a difference in treatment.

"Come on, guys, I've been really busy," Innu stated, still looking up and looking away. For some reason, it was Marie's eyes that were the most fierce when looking at him.

"You could have given us a single text?" Marie replied, folding her arms. "We had no clue what you were doing. At least we knew exactly what Gary was doing."

The tone of voice, Innu knew that he had somewhat hurt Marie by not keeping them in the loop, but honestly, he never expected to be away for so long, to go through so much. In a way, he was having his own journey.

"I'm sorry... I really am. You know, I see the Howlers as a second family. You guys have helped those I care about, helped me, and that's why I'm willing to do anything I can to help all of you as well.

"There are just some things... I find it hard to talk about," Innu said softly, unsure how to break it to the others. He was still unsure whether or not he should tell the others the truth or not.

That was when he felt a large hand fall on his shoulder.

"It's okay, we all have things that we have to keep to ourselves sometimes. If anything, we should be happy you're back," Austin commented.

Of all people to say such a thing, Innu was surprised it was Austin, and although Marie still didn't look happy, she felt like she was unable to press Innu anymore.

The group decided to have a few drinks while playing a few games as a catch-up. As they did, they talked about what had happened with them and Midwak. How Gary had managed to make a certain deal.

"Seriously!" Innu said with his mouth open, still finding it hard to believe. "I guess it's a good thing that we have people like us then. The two of us are going to have to deal with any trouble that comes our way."

Saying these words, Innu was looking at Austin.

"That's if there is any trouble; it's unlikely that we will have trouble on an actual day," Kai stated. "But, we have to make sure to keep this information tight."

The group continued to talk, and soon the conversation went toward Gary. They talked about his upcoming match and wondered how he would do. They were all pretty sure that Gary would win; it was more of a discussion of which way Gary would win, and perhaps he would become a bigger star than he already was soon.

?α?dα-ηθνε|·?θm "Alright, it's time," Olviva finally said.

So far, she hadn't said much or been involved in the conversations, just sitting in the back staring at her watch once in a while, and now it looked like it had reached a certain time.

"Really, do we have to do it today as well?" Marie asked. Her face looked tired, just from hearing, almost as if she was asking not just for this one day, but eventually the stare-down from Olivia had won over.

With her head held down, Marie followed Olviva out of the place and headed out of the door.

"What is going on right now?" Innu asked, looking at the others.

"It's training time for the two of them," Kai answered. "They train every day, without fail, ever since Marie became a Werewolf."

For a second, Innu imagined what the two of them would be like training. "I guess I'm not the only one that's working hard. Everyone else in the group as well."

Thinking about what Marie was going through and how hard they were working, Innu had made his decision.

"Look, guys, you're not going to like what I'm about to say," Innu said, his voice shaky. "I... I..."

The others wondered what Innu was trying to say that would make him so nervous with his words.

"I... I joined the Altered Hunters."

Hearing these words, Kai and Austin were frozen still. They were almost unable to breathe because they couldn't quite believe what they had just heard.


Outside, Marie was following Olviva. The two of them were walking through the city and soon started to run. Olviva started off slow and then picked up the speed, and slowly Marie wasn't too far behind her.

"Do you really think I can't keep up with you anymore?" Marie asked.

"You think I'm going full speed? I'm just trying not to waste my time too much longer with you," Olivia stated.

The two continued to follow each other until they had reached the woods. There were plenty of wooded areas around, next to the driveways and motorways, that they could use, but in particular, they chose this spot because it wasn't too far away from the Wolf's pool club.

After entering the deep forest, they came to a stop, and the two of them stood opposite each other. Many of the tree branches were destroyed, and there were large scratch marks on the trunks of the trees.

"Alright, let me know when you—" Olviva's voice trailed off as she looked up and soon noticed someone standing in the trees.

"Ah, your senses aren't too dull after all." The man jumped off the tree and landed right in the middle. He was wearing an Altered Hunters mask that covered his entire face. "You made it a little too easy for me coming all the way out here, though, don't you think, Werewolves?"



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