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Chapter 663 The hunters hunt

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Normally, Olivia wouldn't be one who hesitated to act. In fact, as soon as she saw the person land from above, she had already transformed her arms into deadly claws that could kill most humans with a single swipe.

Marie on the other side was a bit more hesitant, still wondering who the person was or how they had even got here.

However, there were reasons why Olivia hadn't moved in. Her instincts as a hunter made her more aware of certain details. Things that she had managed to notice.

"That man, he fell from up there. These trees are pretty high up," Olivia thought. "A normal person would at least make some sort of reaction falling from that height or even hurt themselves, but there wasn't even a slight bend in his knees."

Observing the man more, the mask and some of the clothes he was wearing greatly resembled those of the Altered Hunters. Of all places, it looked like they had been followed.

"I've heard of some hunters being like this. Even though they aren't Altered's they have super human strength. We still have to get the first attack. Even if this is a skilled Altered Hunter, there's a good chance he doesn't know what we can do, and we aren't Altered in the first place."

Olivia, being the faster of the two, felt like she should move in first, be the first to attack. But when the man opened his mouth, she froze in place once more.

"You made it a little too easy for me coming all the way out here, don't you think, Werewolves?" Edvard said.

"How?" Marie's mouth was left wide open. She was struck with extreme confusion. The world didn't know about Werewolves, and even if someone did know about them, how would they know that these two were Werewolves?

Even though Olivia had transformed her arms, there were many Altered with sharp claws that looked like that.

Hearing this alone, Marie started to worry. There was something in her gut telling her that this situation was dangerous, more so than just meeting an Altered Hunter.

"Should I go back to Kai... but that means Olivia will be left on her own, and she might need my help."

In the midst of these thoughts, Olivia decided to act in the end, and she wasn't pulling any punches. She fully transformed instead of a partial transformation. Her legs grew in size along with the rest of her body and long arms.

Running across the floor, she made the person in front of her a target and leapt up in the air.

"If you know what I am, then I shouldn't have to hide anything!"

Olivia swung her paw right toward Edvard, ready to claw the side of his face. Yet, Edvard didn't look scared, and casually lifted his hand, moving inward and hitting the side of Olivia's arm just before the claws could reach him.

"He blocked my attack... even if he is an Altered Hunter, this person didn't even flinch."

Edvard then moved his hand back slightly, pulling it back for a punch. In that moment, s.h.i.+vers were sent right down Olivia's spine as she jumped back.

"Oh?" Edvard replied. "You have good instincts, but I'm afraid your instincts won't save you here."

It looked as if Edvard was about to do something, but he soon could hear someone approaching from behind. When he turned around, he saw two claws lifted right above his head.

Lifting both of his hands up, he managed to grab the black-furred Werewolf right by the wrists.

"Brace yourself!" Edvard said, as he threw one of the large heavy arms away, then pulled his arm back once again.

"Marie!" Olivia shouted, throwing out her whip. It wrapped around Edvard's arms a few times, and she pulled with all her might. Yet there was no give; Edvard's arm hadn't moved at all.

"How... not even Midwak was this strong. Who could possibly have such strength?"

Olivia was desperate, pulling with all her weight and strength, but it was doing nothing. Throwing his arm out, it slammed right into the centre of Marie's Werewolf form's abs. She skidded across the floor for around ten metres, standing there in place.

"Oh, that body was a lot more solid than I thought," Edvard said, looking at his hand.

That was because Marie was of the Protector cla.s.s, and bracing herself, she had used the Ironbody skill, allowing her to take the most powerful blows. Yet she hadn't moved since getting hit.

A second later, she coughed, opening her mouth, and a large amount of blood poured out onto the ground. She fell to her knees, and her body was starting to revert back to normal. A single punch, one that didn't have much momentum and was being held back by Olivia, had taken Marie out of the fight.

"She's just a child. Why would you do that!" Olivia screamed, running forward, swinging her claws out at Edvard.

He would move just enough so the claws missed his body, stepping away, ducking down and to the side. And when she missed another large attack again, Edvard ran in and placed his hand on top of Olivia's head, pus.h.i.+ng down hard, shoving it right into the ground.

Her feet lifted into the air, her mouth was slammed shut as her jaw crashed into the mud.

"Now tell me," Edvard said, his eyes glowing red. "Why have you Werewolves left your city? What are you doing all the way out here? Why are you trying to expand?"



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