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Chapter 655: Too Small

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Where are you going?”

How could Lin Fan let Calamity leave? The strongest evil G.o.d here was Calamity and to perfect the statue in Darkness G.o.d Domain, he had to swallow him.


Calamity was furious. He was ranked tenth.

He had such a high status among the evil G.o.ds so how could he be suppressed by such humans.

Instantly, Lin Fan felt like the s.p.a.ce had frozen up. It was this move again.

But to him, this move no longer worked.

Lin Fan opened his fingers and waved them. With a smack, under evil G.o.d Calamity’s look of disbelief, Calamity was grabbed.

“How did this happen?” Evil G.o.d Calamity hollered in rage and struggled.

But in this area controlled by Lin Fan.

Everything he did was for nothing.

“I let you act arrogantly last time. Let’s see how you fight back this time.” Lin Fan smiled and then opened his mouth. The black hole appeared once more. Amongst Calamity’s screams, he was shoved into his mouth.


The mouth closed.

A shocking change occurred with the dark G.o.d statue.

Numerous threads spread out from the G.o.d statue and tangled up the evil G.o.ds. It broke the evil G.o.ds down and transmitted a terrifying power.

The statue started to change.

Large amounts of flesh and blood were twitching.

A finger, back of the hand, palm, arm… They were slowly covered by flesh and blood.

“As expected.”

Lin Fan muttered.

Old Ancestor Xiao looked on with his mouth agape. If not for the shock, he would have knelt down to Lin Fan.

He really didn’t expect that this would happen.

Sect Leader Lin rushed towards the evil G.o.ds, so there would definitely be a huge battle. Naturally, he couldn’t sit still and not do anything. He had to join in.

But now, he really didn’t get a chance.

There was no intense battle. Sect Leader Lin just opened his mouth and swallowed all of them. That was just too terrifying.

Lin Fan’s actions were shocking to all the sect leaders.

Some of them were definitely thinking that once they became strong, they would definitely take revenge.

But after seeing that, they quenched all thoughts.

One thought appeared in their minds.

They were wrong, they would never think that way again. He was just too scarily strong.

How could they fight him?

Even if they used their heads to headb.u.t.t him, it wouldn’t do anything.

Lin Fan recovered to normal. He had been paying attention to the changes to the Darkness G.o.d statue. The flesh and blood continued to twitch. He had swallowed so many evil G.o.ds.

It wouldn’t end so simply.

“Sect Leader Lin, how did you become so strong?” Old Ancestor Xiao was stunned, “Even if you reached stage eight, you have to comprehend the dao pattern laws. But, even if you are stage eight, you can’t kill the top ten evil G.o.d so easily.”

“What is going on with you?”

Towards what Old Ancestor Xiao said, Lin Fan’s actions had shocked him beyond words.

He felt that his whole brain was blank.

Lin Fan said, “Old Ancestor Xiao, if you don’t understand, then don’t think about it. Don’t you think it is not good to think too much?”

Although he said that, to Old Ancestor Xiao, he really wanted to know.

What was going on?

Lin Fan looked towards the sect leaders. When they noticed that Lin Fan was looking over, their bodies shook. They gave out a smile that they felt wasn’t too awkward.

They were trying to be friendly.

They had no choice now.

Sect Leader Lin was just too scary.

So many evil G.o.ds weren’t his match at all. As for them, maybe if they showed their faces they would be killed right away.

Luckily, Sect Leader Lin wasn’t filled with killing intent towards them. If not, they would all probably kneel down to ask for mercy.

Lin Fan just took one look and retracted his gaze.

He continued to rest on his chair and closed his eyes. This was just the start. He was waiting for stronger evil G.o.ds.

“Sect Leader Lin, what should we do now?” Old Ancestor Xiao asked.

“Rest, I swallowed too many and am finding it hard to digest. Anyway, they would come themselves, there is no rush.” Lin Fan said.

While resting, Lin Fan silently increased the dao patterns.

There was nothing he could do about it.

The increase in rage points was just so quick.


At that moment, Lin Fan noticed that a shocking light was spreading out from the statue.

The stone surface was slowly covered by flesh and blood.

He felt like something was slowly waking up.

It was a magical feeling.

He was sure that this wasn’t the power of faith but the G.o.d ability of the darkness G.o.d domain.

“It is missing a little.”

The G.o.d ability woke up and slowly and that let him slowly understand many things.

“So that was the case.”

Lin Fan frowned like he didn’t expect things to be like that. But all of that wasn’t important anymore. He just needed to deal with the evil G.o.ds and all the worrying things would end.

Deep abyss.

Furious shouts shook the sky.

Many evil G.o.ds were in a panic and totally lost.

“We are evil G.o.ds.” Evil G.o.d muttered.

Although he was ranked far behind among first-cla.s.s evil G.o.ds, as an evil G.o.d, he wouldn’t think that such a tragic situation would happen.

But now, it just did.

They were eaten up by the human like they were ants.

How terrifying was that?

Evil G.o.d Postline looked at all of that and was in deep thought once more.


Ji didn’t fight to the death with Lin Fan. He just wanted to watch on from the side.

When he saw Lin Fan swallow all the evil G.o.ds in one mouth, he was stunned.

Shortly after, he found it amusing.

So Lin Fan was also a monster. To Ji, evil G.o.d flesh and blood couldn’t be eaten. Monster Emperor ate the evil G.o.d flesh and blood and ended up turning into a monster.

Since Lin Fan was consuming it, then he would definitely follow in Monster Emperor’s path.

“What are you laughing at?” Evil G.o.d Postline looked at Ji.

Ji said, “I am laughing that Lin Fan is also a monster.”

“Monster?” Postline said and then laughed coldly, “When can monsters swallow evil G.o.ds?”

Ji’s heart shook. He knew that he had behaved too impolitely which caused Postline to be unhappy with him.

Postline was thinking about something.

He looked towards those evil G.o.ds that had revived. He thought that these pieces of trash could surprise him but he didn’t expect what happened.

“All of you go out again.”

“Also all you top ten evil G.o.ds.”

Instantly, the deep abyss shook.

The evil G.o.ds that just revived in the deep abyss sensed the terrifying power cover them, they were about to go insane.


But he had no choice.

“I won’t go. Even if I die in the abyss I won’t go out. I don’t believe that he can control the abyss and prevent us from reviving.” Evil G.o.d Lula said.

Facing the deep abyss aura that was covering him, he didn’t back off, and instead he flew towards it.

The other evil G.o.ds looked at him in shock.

They didn’t stop him but they didn’t wait either. They just retreated.

Lula walked towards the deep abyss.

They also wanted to know what the final situation would be like.

Very quickly, a tragic scream spread out.

Shortly after, it disappeared.

Evil G.o.d Lula was swallowed by the abyss.

All the evil G.o.ds stared. Did he revive?

After a while, they didn’t see Lula appear. They looked at one another.

From their gazes,

they saw panic and unease.

Did Evil G.o.d Lula really die?

He died in the abyss and didn’t revive. That scared all the evil G.o.ds.

“Go, let’s go. If we die here we won’t be able to revive.” The evil G.o.ds shouted in terror as they dashed away.


What was going on?

Evil G.o.d Calamity looked at the 4th evil G.o.d, “Postline really controls the abyss? We can’t fight him. Is his goal just for them to sacrifice themselves?”

The 4th evil G.o.d didn’t reply.

The other evil G.o.ds too, they were in deep thought about something.

Not long later.

“Go, let’s go to that world to look. He can’t totally control the abyss. Even if we die, he definitely can’t restrict our revival.”

Restricted Ocean ocean eye.

Lin Fan laid on the chair while Gou’zi prepared some fruits.

As for the sect leaders, they stood in the distance. They didn’t dare to get close and didn’t dare to leave either.

Suddenly, the ocean eye shook again.

“Here again. Which top ten evil G.o.d will come this time, or would it still be those from before?” Lin Fan was looking forward to it.

He hoped that the top ten evil G.o.ds could come.

“They are here.” Old Ancestor Xiao said solemnly. The undying nature of the evil G.o.ds was so annoying, even if he killed them, they would just revive in quick time.

If they didn’t use the dao pattern laws to suppress those evil G.o.ds in the past, the undying nature alone would have killed all of them.

Today, those conflicts were mostly gone.

To Old Ancestor Xiao, he really didn’t know how to deal with them.

“Don’t be nervous, one wave has been wiped out and now they come again. The outcome would still be the same.” Lin Fan said.

Old Ancestor Xiao said, “Sect Leader Lin we have to be careful. The undying nature will let them come endlessly. One day we would run out of energy.”

Lin Fan’s mind was filled with question marks.

Run out of energy?

That was a good answer.

From start until now, he didn’t know what running out of energy was.

Forget it.

He forgave Old Ancestor Xiao for his ignorance.

Lin Fan disappeared from the spot. He appeared ahead and stared at all of them, “what is going on, why are you sc.u.m here? Where are the top ten evil G.o.ds? Where is evil G.o.d Postline? Tell him to come out.”

“Small human, don’t be too arrogant.”

Some evil G.o.ds shouted in rage.

They were really furious.

The deep abyss conned them and now they met such an annoying fellow. They were really mad and wanted to kill this living being.

“Forget it, go back and tell evil G.o.d Postline that I want to fight him. I want to see how different the top evil G.o.d is. As for all of you.”

“You are too weak.”

The moment he said this, Lin Fan swallowed them once more. To Lin Fan, the dao pattern laws were so useful.

Beneath the ocean eye.

“Do you see that?” Calamity was astonished as he looked at the other evil G.o.ds beside him.

Although he was ranked tenth, when he faced Lin Fan, he felt powerless.

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