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Chapter 656: I Didn’t Kill Them

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“I saw that.”

They had a complicated expression. They didn’t know how to describe Lin Fan’s situation.

One could only say that he was really explosive.

Those evil G.o.ds had no way to fight back in front of him. They were directly swallowed up.

“What kind of monster is he?”

Their expressions were solemn. They had never faced such a situation. Since the evil G.o.ds appeared, the living beings they faced were just their food.

But now, the situation totally changed.

Some living being actually treated them as his food.

Suddenly, they felt a bad feeling sweep them.

They turned their heads.

They realised the aura of the deep abyss surged towards them.

“d.a.m.n, Postline is forcing us to fight him. If we don’t, we will definitely be swallowed by the abyss.” Evil G.o.d Calamity raged.

He didn’t expect that the person forcing them to such a stage was a fellow evil G.o.d Postline.

If this was said before, they wouldn’t believe it at all.

“Evil G.o.d Postline died in the abyss and didn’t revive. It seemed like Postline had really controlled the abyss.”

To Evil G.o.d Calamity, he was the weakest out of the top ten. His rage towards Postline was the highest.


“d.a.m.n, those evil G.o.ds are just so-so. I just thought that strong evil G.o.ds would appear, I didn’t expect all of them to be small shrimps.” Lin Fan said.

Old Ancestor Xiao kept silent, he didn’t want to say anything anymore.

Sect Leader Lin was really strong, he was unreasonably strong. To him, it was impossible and he couldn’t understand how Sect Leader Lin did it.

That was just too terrifying.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Lin Fan saw that Old Ancestor Xiao wasn’t speaking and thought that he was worried about evil G.o.ds. He consoled, “Don’t be worried. The evil G.o.ds that appeared are just ants, they can’t affect me at all.”

“As for those that hadn’t appeared, there is no need to fear them. Their death date is soon.”

Old Ancestor Xiao heard Lin Fan’s words. He wanted to say that he wasn’t thinking about that, he was just thinking about how he got his strength.

Even if he took drugs, one couldn’t become as strong as him.

Lin Fan’s cultivation had reached stage eight. He comprehended the ability and also, his own strength had exceeded those at stage nine.

That was something obvious.

Dual cultivation.

He had the Darkness G.o.d Domain buffing him too.

His change was a little huge.

The flesh and blood on the statue was lacking a little.

Maybe he was just missing a few evil G.o.ds.

Suddenly, the ocean eye shook, an aura even more terrifying than before exploded.

“Eh? Finally, an expert is coming?” Lin Fan was looking forwards. He didn’t really care about those evil G.o.ds and treated it as he was just crus.h.i.+ng ants.

There was no point in crus.h.i.+ng them.

“They are here.” Old Ancestor Xiao’s expression was solemn. He sensed a familiar aura. Although he hadn’t met them in a long time, he wouldn’t forget it.

The top ten evil G.o.ds.

Those evil G.o.ds were the ones that had a really intense war with them.

In the past, they were unable to beat evil G.o.ds alone, they were even in danger of dying. There had to be numerous stage nine evil G.o.ds to be able to fight to the same level as those evil G.o.ds.

Shortly after, a terrifying shockwave swept the entire land.

“What kind of terrifying strength is that?” Su Ye was very far away. When he sensed the aura, he found it hard to stabilize.

Terror appeared on the faces of all the sect leaders.

They were killing evil G.o.ds over at the Evil G.o.d World. They felt like although evil G.o.ds were strong but they weren’t problematic. However, now they realized that they were overthinking.

They hadn’t met the truly terrifying evil G.o.ds.

If they had faced these ones, they would have died long ago.

Lin Fan stepped out and stood in the air. He smiled, “I have waited a long time for all of you and only now you have appeared. All of you really can bear with it.”

More and more people appeared.

Evil G.o.d’s true bodies were really terrifying.

To others, if they saw the evil G.o.d true bodies, one would definitely pee their pants. They were just too terrifying.

“Evil G.o.d Calamity, so you didn’t appear because you were calling your friends over. To face me with your strength, you will only be eaten.” Lin Fan said.

“d.a.m.n.” Calamity looked at Lin Fan in anger.

He couldn’t take such humiliation.

But the difference between his strength and his was a little huge.

If he could suppress him, would you think that he would still be angry standing here and not attacking him?


“Aren’t there ten evil G.o.ds? Why are there only eight of you? Where are the other two? Why didn’t the first evil G.o.d follow all of you. Did he send all of you to die?”

Lin Fan asked. It sounded as if he looked down on all of them.

He thought that all the top ten evil G.o.ds would appear but didn’t expect there to only be eight.

It really made him feel helpless.

“Lin Fan, now that the eight of us are here, you still want to behave arrogantly?” Calamity grumbled. Even if he wasn’t Lin Fan’s match, but he still didn’t back down.

After all, he had another seven top ten evil G.o.ds with him. Could they still not be his match?

Old Ancestor Xiao walked to Lin Fan’s side and said solemnly, “Sect Leader Lin, you can’t be too careless about this. Let me help you.”

He knew that he wouldn’t be of much help. After all these evil G.o.ds were really terrifying. His stage nine cultivation couldn’t kill people but he would be able to restrict them.

Lin Fan tapped his shoulder, “Stop fooling around. Move back, there is really no place for you here. If you join in you will only drag me down.”


He was treated with disdain.

Old Ancestor Xiao looked at Lin Fan with a stunned expression. He had picked up his courage to fight against the evil G.o.ds alongside Lin Fan.

Who knew that Lin Fan had actually looked down on him like that.

That was just a little too much.

“There is no point in talking nonsense with all of you. If I suppress all of you, won’t the other two come out?”

The moment he said this, Lin Fan dashed towards them.

Nine Demon squinted and waited silently.

Master didn’t call him, so he didn’t feel anxious at all. He too was unhappy with these evil G.o.ds.

He was having a good life in You City.

But these evil G.o.ds caused so much trouble.


A battle erupted.

“You small human, you are just asking for death.” Some evil G.o.ds raged. The sky changed color. This was the evil G.o.d ability. If Lin Fan didn’t break through to Dao Realm Stage Eight, he would have no way of facing off against these evil G.o.ds at all.

But now.

Whether or not these evil G.o.ds could live or not was a problem.

Lin Fan attacked right away. Dao Pattern laws descended from above, striking them like a flood.

To control such a vast amount of dao pattern laws, one needed terrifying dao energy support.

What a waste…

To Lin Fan, he was someone who lacked everything but that.

The ground shook and the sky ripped apart. Such a battle could only be started by people of this level.

“Amazing.” Old Ancestor Xiao was shocked. His eyes opened wide and his mouth was agape like he had just seen a ghost.

He knew that Sect Leader Lin was strong but this was just too strong.

Not mentioning Calamity, the other seven evil G.o.ds weren’t easy to deal with. But looking at it now, they were both on the same level and the evil G.o.ds were at an advantage at all.

Calamity roared.

Suddenly, he sensed danger sweeping towards him.

“Calamity you are too weak, you don’t fit amongst us. I shall send you off first.” Lin Fan said. A giant hand formed from dao pattern laws grabbed Calamity.

“Release me.” Evil G.o.d Calamity struggled.

What was going on?

Why did this happen?

He didn’t expect himself to be the first person attacked. d.a.m.n, really d.a.m.n it.

Lin Fan smiled. He opened his mouth and swallowed Calamity right away.

One of the eight were gone.

The other seven were stunned by what had happened.

They knew that Calamity wasn’t his match but when they personally saw what happened, they were still shocked.

“Okay, one weakling is gone. Just you seven are left.”

“One had to say that all of you are quite strong.”

“But I noticed that the gap between you and I is still a little huge.”

Lin Fan was slightly arrogant when he said that. It was obvious that he didn’t care about the seven of them. Such actions weren’t permitted in battle.

It was obvious that he was angering them.

“You.” The evil G.o.ds were furious.

They faced a tough fellow.

What they couldn’t understand was how when Lin Fan only had stage eight strength, that he was so amazing. That was just impossible.

“Kill him.”

The seven evil G.o.ds looked at one another and nodded. No matter what they had to kill this person.

“Sect Leader Lin is so strong.” Old Ancestor Xiao opened his mouth wide. A thought appeared in his heart. If Sect Leader Lin appeared in that era, things would have been different.

After all, his actions were too overbearing.

When they dealt with these highly ranked evil G.o.ds, five stage nine experts could only deal with one.

Especially the third one.

He was really amazing.

But now?

Sect Leader Lin alone suppressed all of them.

Moreover, it seemed like he wasn’t going all out.

Deep abyss.

Evil G.o.d Calamity revived. He was furious and vented his rage. But suddenly, he realized that the situation was not right.

A deathly energy spread about in the abyss.


He saw a giant corpse. The surface of which shone. This was the glow of an evil G.o.d.

“You are here?”

Suddenly, that voice rang out in Calamity’s ear.

He looked out and didn’t expect Postline to appear.

“You…” Calamity wanted to say something but then he looked towards the corpse. Shortly after, he saw others that were all of the evil G.o.ds. He said in disbelief, “You killed them…”

“No I didn’t. I just let them return to the abyss.” Postline said slowly. He then took in a deep breath. Energy circulated around his nose which was from all the other evil G.o.ds.

Calamity sensed that this was bad. He tried to fly out of the abyss.


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