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Chapter 657: Am I Strong?

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Gone mad.

Postline had already gone mad. All of them were evil G.o.ds but he still wanted to attack them. He had really gone mad.

Calamity tried his best to flee and would occasionally turn his head to look.

He noticed that Postline just stood there and didn’t move. He heaved a sigh of relief.

But he didn’t relax because of that, instead, he fled even more quickly.

Suddenly, a terrifying aura spread towards him.

To Calamity, he felt like the surrounding s.p.a.ce was a little weird.

Instantly, he opened his eyes and the s.p.a.ce in front of him shook. Numerous tentacles surged out from the dimension, wrapping him up tightly and pulling him back.


With a ‘xiu‘, Calamity flew towards Postline.

The only sound left in the world was Calamity’s screams.

“You should all merge into the abyss. Your strength is too weak to that person.” Evil G.o.d Postline said slowly like he was saying that to each and every evil G.o.d.

Outside world.

The ninth evil G.o.d screamed. Lin Fan landed punch after punch on his body. The first punch didn’t deal any damage but when Lin Fan punched the third time.

A power that could destroy heaven and earth exploded within the ninth evil G.o.d’s body.




A shocking explosion rang out in the sky.

The ninth evil G.o.d screamed.

He didn’t dare to believe that he was actually so strong.

It was so difficult for the bunch of them to suppress one person. In the past, this was something that was impossible.

“Kill him quickly.”

“Kill him.”

The ninth evil G.o.d screamed. Evil G.o.d power spread in the air, forming a terrifying phenomenon. However, these phenomenons dealt no threat to Lin Fan at all.

When he broke through to stage eight, he realized that his strength had reached a terrifying step.

How strong was he?

It was hard to say.

If the first evil G.o.d appeared and they had a good fight, maybe he would be able to understand how strong he was.

“Kill me? I told you to let Postline come out. If not all of you are far from enough.” Lin Fan opened his fingers and grabbed towards the ninth evil G.o.d.

He was unstoppable.


He grabbed the evil G.o.d and swallowed him. The Darkness G.o.d Domain in his body started to absorb him.

As expected from what he thought.

He had to consume other evil G.o.ds to let the statue change.

The flesh and blood twitched and covered the body. The evolution made Lin Fan feel much better. The Darkness G.o.d Domain true body he aimed for was right in front of him and wasn’t distant anymore.


The other evil G.o.ds saw the ninth evil G.o.d get swallowed. Their mood was really low. d.a.m.n, how was that person so strong?

They were all Dao Realm stage nine evil G.o.ds and their bodies were stronger than that of humans.

For a human to deal with them, they needed many experts on their level.

But now, a human that was only at stage eight could suppress a number of them.

If not for them personally experiencing it, they definitely wouldn’t believe it.

“Your strengths are decent but that is it. It is time to send all of you on your way. Three fists and I suppressed one of you.” Lin Fan said calmly. He didn’t bother about how overbearing his words were.

The evil G.o.ds were infuriated.

He was insulting all of them, he really deserved to die.

Lin Fan raised his hands and punched towards the sky.

The dao pattern laws shook, seeping into the dimension along with his strength.

Second fist!

Third fist!

The eighth evil G.o.d that Lin Fan pointed to was a little stunned.

Was this human sick in the head?

Why were you punching at me from so far away?

Did he think that I was weak, that a casual punch could kill me?

But right as he was filled with disdain towards this.

Something happened.

The sky above him was ripped apart. A destructive power was brewing within.

Shortly after, there was a loud explosion.

A pillar of light exploded and smashed onto the body of the eighth evil G.o.d.


The eighth evil G.o.d roared in rage. His body was slowly suppressed and he was pushed towards the ground.

“What kind of power is that?”

He was astonished and filled with disbelief. Where did this power come from?

“Sect Leader Lin’s strength has exceeded Dao Realm Stage Nine?” Old Ancestor Xiao’s expression was solemn and he muttered to himself.

He witnessed Lin Fan’s fighting method.

Evil G.o.d’s dao realm stage nine ability was used. Logically speaking, someone at dao realm stage eight would be badly suppressed but Sect Leader Lin used absolute strength to pierce past all abilities.

He was unbelievably strong.

One couldn’t look at him the way one would look at a normal person.

“Save me, save me…” The eighth evil G.o.d screamed and hoped that other evil G.o.ds would come and save him.

But it was all too late.

Lin Fan’s eyes glowed. He wanted to direct crush him but he would rather just swallow him. He just pounced forwards and swallowed him with the most direct method.


Lin Fan smiled, “You evil G.o.ds are too weak. I thought that you top ten would be strong but all of you just seem so so.”

The other evil G.o.ds suppressed the rage in their hearts.


Their hearts were about to explode after being mocked by a human.

“Kill this human.”

They had no way back after reaching such a stage. They could only fight them to the death.

Deep abyss.

Evil G.o.d Postline looked at how the ninth evil G.o.d followed Calamity’s precedence and was really unhappy. The moment he revived, he merged him into his body.

The abyss didn’t need trash.

For the ninth evil G.o.d to fall to a human, that was a huge insult.

But shortly after, the eighth evil G.o.d revived in the abyss.

Evil G.o.d Postline was in deep thought.

Was that human really so strong?

It was expected that Calamity would be killed. It was also understandable that the ninth evil G.o.d followed suit.

But for the eight evil G.o.d to follow right after the ninth, that was something he didn’t understand.

Did they all become so weak?

“Forget it, your weakness is an insult to the n.o.bility of evil G.o.ds. I guess I have to rely on myself for everything.” Evil G.o.d Postline muttered to himself and then reached out towards the two evil G.o.ds.

Right as he did.

The seventh and sixth ones came one after another.

“That d.a.m.n thing.”

This made Postline even more determined to control and punish these evil G.o.ds.

Ji looked on silently.

He was really calm. If one said that he was pumped up before, but after seeing evil G.o.ds die one after another, they knew that they weren’t Lin Fan’s match.

Like before, he thought that he could suppress him.

But in the end, he paid a heavy price.

He looked towards Postline. He saw everything this evil G.o.d did. He was strong and terrifying and he always felt like he could kill Lin Fan.

But for some reason, at the moment, he felt that it was not possible.

Maybe it was an illusion.

“Ji, as the avenger evil G.o.d, don’t you think that they are throwing face for the evil G.o.ds?” Evil G.o.d Postline didn’t show mercy to his partners. A few of the top ten evil G.o.ds were turned to dust just like that. The so-called undying ability was nothing in front of Postline.

“Yes, they are throwing the face of the evil G.o.ds.” Ji said.

Right as they were talking, more evil G.o.ds revived in the abyss.

Being killed by Lin Fan outside was something that the evil G.o.ds couldn’t accept. But the key was that there was nothing they could do about it.




The one who lasted the longest was the third evil G.o.d but he too appeared in the abyss.

“Postline, you come out. I know you did this. You killed all the evil G.o.ds?” The third evil G.o.d hollered. He didn’t hate Lin Fan but he hated Postline.

Both were evil G.o.ds but he attacked them. That was something he couldn’t accept.

“You control destructive powers but you are killed by the human and ended up reviving in the abyss. Don’t you think you are throwing the face of evil G.o.ds?” Postline said slowly.

The third evil G.o.d raged, “Shut up, you are a traitor to evil G.o.ds. You will be punished by the three pillar G.o.ds and the ancient G.o.d. They won’t allow this.”

Evil G.o.d Postline was in deep thought and then he said slowly, “You place your hopes in their bodies, then you will probably be disappointed. Maybe they will never appear in front of you.”

“You…” The third evil G.o.d was astonished. He then hollered, “d.a.m.n, I will fight you to the death.”

But in the deep abyss, how could he be Postline’s match?

It was like throwing an egg at a stone.

Very quickly, the third evil G.o.d screamed. Evil G.o.d power was being absorbed by Postline. He shouted, “Nothing good will happen to you.”

Postline laughed in disdain.

This was a decent feeling.

Evil G.o.d power without dao pattern laws suppressing was the purest.

Outside world.

Lin Fan swallowed the evil G.o.ds and the Darkness G.o.d Domain shook with power. A shocking change appeared within like a new world was opening up.

The G.o.d domain was changing.

The statue seemed like it was reviving and gave out enormous strength.

Although some parts of it lacked flesh and blood, it didn’t affect its majesty.



Lin Fan relaxed and smiled. He then turned his head and looked at Old Ancestor Xiao.

Old Ancestor Xiao was already stunned. He slowly spat out two words.


Really amazing… He couldn’t describe it in words.

Old Ancestor Xiao really didn’t believe that the final situation would be like that.

One person alone killed and forced back all the evil G.o.ds into the abyss.

Could such a person be at dao realm stage eight?


He exceeded stage eight.

He believed in what he thought before. If Sect Leader Lin was born in their era, they wouldn’t even need to use the dao pattern laws to suppress the evil G.o.ds which resulted in people only reaching stage seven.

If everything was like that, what would the situation be now? There would probably be a terrifying number of stage nine experts, and they would be a world at the peak of cultivation.

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