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Chapter 1051 - 1051 Suppressed

1051 Suppressed

As he stepped down the city wall, a series of weakening spells fell on Denton’s head.

Denton’s forward charging motion was suddenly halted, and a great sense of weakness came from his body. The battle axe in his hand became much heavier.


He was too careless!

Who would have thought that there would be a team of mages in this village?

Denton realized that something was wrong. Just as he was about to retreat from the attack range of the mages of the Empire, a group of Lickers quickly surrounded him and blocked his way out.

Then, Denton saw a group of armored soldiers of the Empire walking out of the city gate.

The way the soldiers walked looked rather strange, but they quickly surrounded him.


It was the same routine, the same move!

On the sentry tower, Ma Xiaowan saw Denton being surrounded and immediately felt relieved.

Now that the demonized barbarian team leader was trapped, they would be safe!

Ma Xiaowan was about to say something when a guard holding a telescope hurriedly shouted, “Commander, there are two more barbarian teams behind us.”

d.a.m.n it! How did they come so fast?

Ma Xiaowan couldn’t help but glance at Fang Heng.

Everyone’s expression also changed.

“d.a.m.ned barbarians!”

Ma Xiaowan raised her telescope and looked into the distance. Behind Denton’s team, two barbarian teams had gathered together and were quickly approaching the village.

The two barbarian team leaders who were leading the two teams thought they were late, but they didn’t expect to find Denton’s team in a tough battle, so they laughed and came over to share the military merits.

The barbarian team’s morale was greatly boosted when they saw the reinforcements joining the battle!

“Boss Fang, our mages have limited control, and we can’t deal with three Tier 2 barbarians at the same time,” Ma Xiaowan said anxiously.


Fang Heng answered with a soft “hmm.”

He stood on the sentry tower and didn’t say a word. He just stared at the Tier 2 barbarian who was surrounded by the zombies.

There was a prerequisite for using the tin men to temporarily control the barbarians.

As long as the Empire’s mages on the city wall stopped using weakening spells to control them, the Tier 2 barbarians would be able to break free from the zombies’ encirclement immediately!

At the moment, the Tier 2 barbarian was still very strong. It was very dangerous to go down and inject a needle into a barbarian now, and the success rate was hard to guarantee.

After all, the Tier 2 barbarian was covered with black spikes, which made him as difficult to deal with as a hedgehog. It was extremely difficult to insert needles rashly.

Perhaps he could consider using another method.

“Mr. Fang, we’re going to take action now. I’m afraid we’ll lose time if we delay any longer…”

Ma Xiaowan couldn’t help but urge him in a low voice when she saw Fang Heng standing there for a long time without moving.

Ao Cang didn’t say anything but looked at Fang Heng with eager eyes.

Mo Jiawei could not help but ask, “Old Fang, should we go down and kill one of them first?”

“I have an idea.”


Hearing Fang Heng’s words, everyone on the sentry tower looked at him.

“A strategy.”

Fang Heng raised his head and looked into the distance. He could try this move before the reinforcements of the barbarians arrived.

Give it a try!

After making his decision, Fang Heng immediately controlled a large number of ordinary zombies and vine zombies to gather at the city gate.

He turned to Ma Xiaowan and said, “Help me. You must try your best to control that Tier 2 barbarian, especially his strength attribute. Find a way to suppress his strength!”

“Okay! Let’s suppress his strength as much as possible. The spell’s duration is at most two minutes.”

Ma Xiaowan’s spirit was lifted, and she made a hand gesture to the team of mages behind her.

The group of mages immediately stopped saving their skills’ cooldowns and mental strength and cast all kinds of weakening spells on Denton.

Outside the city wall, Denton felt his body sink again after being attacked by the dense weakening spells. He was as slow as an old machine that had been running for hundreds of years.

He couldn’t help but grit his teeth.

d.a.m.n humans!

Suddenly, Denton realized that something was wrong.

The tin men who had gathered around him took the initiative to attack, which was a rare sight. They actually swayed and surrounded him.

With Fang Heng’s strength attribute and the enhancement of the heavy armor, the armored zombies weren’t weak at all.


Denton had just blasted away a few armored men with his black rhombus-shaped spikes when a few more tin men came up to him from the right. He could only use his strong body to ram into them.


The tin men were knocked to the ground, and Denton also took a few steps back.

The remaining group of tin men started to surround him.

“Get lost!!!”

Denton roared as the black spikes all over his body exploded in all directions!

The group of tin men was knocked off their feet by the black rhombus-shaped spikes, and a large number of them fell.

Denton frowned.

Taking advantage of the time between the spikes, many Lickers appeared from behind the group of tin men. They pounced on him and used their sharp claws to grab onto his body, hanging onto him.

They didn’t attack but just hung on his body.

Denton instantly felt his body sink again, and his movement speed was reduced once more. He grabbed one of the Lickers, tore it off his body, and threw it far away.

However, more Lickers pounced on him from afar.

In fact, this situation was not difficult for Denton to deal with.

In at most another second, the black spikes on his body would grow again, and he could directly use the black spikes to send the Lickers flying!

However, Denton suddenly felt an extremely uneasy feeling rising from the bottom of his heart.

This group of ghouls was abnormal!

Such an attack was clearly premeditated!


A second later, the black spikes around Denton’s body erupted again!

The blackthorns once again blasted away the 20-odd Lickers that were clinging to him!

As the Lickers were sent flying, the blackthorns that had pierced into their bodies exploded continuously, causing them to lose their ability to fight.

Taking advantage of the Licker’s body to block the explosive blackthorns, one of the tin men found an opportunity and pounced on Denton from behind.

The tin man’s hands were tightly wrapped around Denton’s body.

Denton’s pupils constricted as he tried to break free.

“Chi Chi Chi!”


To his horror, he discovered that fine vines were extending out from the gaps of the tin man’s thick armor!

There were sharp spikes on the vines!

Under his Tier 2 state, the black cuticle could completely resist the penetration of the vines, but the vines wrapped around him layer by layer, binding the two of them together!

What was going on?

Denton was a little fl.u.s.tered. The second and third tin man surrounded him, and the fine vines wrapped around him again!

In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen tin men and Denton were stuck together in a pile, tightly wrapped by layers of vines!

Denton’s forehead was covered in a layer of cold sweat. He felt as if his body was being squeezed by a group of extremely heavy iron blocks, and there was almost no s.p.a.ce for him to exert his strength to resist!

What was this?

On the sentry tower, the Empire’s team was also a little dumbfounded.

More than a dozen metal-skinned men had actually wrapped Denton up into a ball!

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