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Chapter 1052 - 1052 The Seal

1052 The Seal

A ball?

Under Fang Heng’s conscious control, Denton, which was in the center, was wrapped tightly by the vines of the zombies in thick iron armor. It looked like a ball from a high place.

What was the necromancer trying to do?

With a frown, Ma Xiaowan said anxiously, “Boss Fang, the spiritual spell attack has lost its target. We can’t continue to restrict the ability of the Tier 2 barbarian.”

“Well, there’s no hurry. It’s enough,” Fang Heng said and raised his hand.

Everyone looked down.

To their surprise, they found that the ’round ball’ surrounded by the tin men started rolling slowly under Fang Heng’s conscious control.

It rolled towards the village gate!

“Open the door!”

Ao Cang was stunned. He suddenly realized something and shouted, “Hurry up! Open the city gate!”

The guards hurriedly opened the city gate.

The ball continued to roll forward. It rolled towards the zombie horde inside the city gate.


As the zombies whimpered, they pounced on the round ball in groups.

The ordinary zombies used their hands to hold onto the armored zombies, while the vine zombies used the vines that extended from their bodies to reinforce them.

Under the surprised gazes of the people in the sentry tower, the number of circles on the ball increased as the zombies continued to pile on it layer by layer!

In just a short moment, it expanded from half a meter to more than six meters high, almost reaching the height of the village’s outer city wall!

In the center of the corpse ball, Denton, a Tier 2 barbarian, was trapped in the center of the tin men.

It was hard for him to imagine what was happening outside. He only felt that the world was spinning around him, and the pressure on his body was getting greater and greater!

What was going on?

Denton wanted to struggle free, but he found that he was completely suppressed!

The fine blackthorns on his body couldn’t stop flying outwards.

However, he couldn’t push away the tin men that were pressing down on him!

Denton felt like he was a sandwich cookie under high pressure. No matter how he struggled, he couldn’t relax his body in the slightest. He didn’t even have the s.p.a.ce to raise his fist and exert force!

The sentry tower was eerily quiet and only the heavy breathing of the crowd was left.

Mo Jiawei was also shocked.

Big Brother! There was such a tactic?

“Hehe… can’t run away now, can he?”

Hearing Fang Heng’s mumbling, everyone couldn’t help turning their heads to look at him with a bit of fear in their eyes.

Could this be the rumored necromancy spell?

It was hard to imagine how desperate it was to be trapped in a horde of corpses!

What a terrifying necromancer!

Fang Heng was in a good mood after the first successful attempt at the tactic. He felt that this tactic could be promoted in the future.

It was extremely effective against certain creatures.

Hmm, I’ll give it a name.

“It’s called… the corpse seal?”

“Mm! Version 1.0!”

Fang Heng tried again with full concentration.

The zombies were more difficult to control after they gathered into a six-meter high ball. He could barely control the zombie meat to roll into the village and then pile it up outside the village. He was going to deal with Denton slowly after he dealt with the barbarians outside.

Behind them, the two barbarian teams who had rushed over also saw the terrifying ball of zombies.

However, they didn’t know what was sealed in the center of the corpse ball. They just watched as the corpse ball rolled into the village.

The leader of the barbarian team, Tuller, laughed in disdain and said, “Denton, that idiot. He can’t even take down a village after so long!”

“Why are there undead here?” Wudaba was calmer and said in a deep voice, “What’s going on with Denton? Why don’t I see him?”

“Hahaha, you’re always thinking about other things, I can’t care about that, I’ll go first! I’ll discuss it with you after we take down the village!”

Tuller laughed loudly as he spoke. He signaled his barbarian team to speed up and pa.s.s by Wudaba’s team. They were to rush toward the village first.

Wudaba frowned. He thought for a moment, then waved his hand for his team to follow.

As a matter of fact, Denton had been surrounded by the armored zombies before he was turned into a ball of corpses. Therefore, very few barbarians had seen Denton’s fate. Most of them didn’t know that their Captain had been ‘sealed’.

“Hahaha! Rush over! Crush them!”

The addition of Tuller’s team greatly boosted the morale of the barbarian team!

A large number of savage beasts roared and rushed into the battlefield.

The Lickers were limited in number and were still slowly devouring the barbarian troops on the battlefield.

As the Lickers’ killing rate was not fast, it seemed that a large number of armored savage beasts were still able to resist the attacks at the front of the team.

This gave the following Tuller’s team an illusion.

There was a chance!

The two sides were still in a stalemate!

As he charged into the group of undead creatures, he did not feel that the group of undead creatures was difficult to deal with.

“Thump! Dong!”

One of the fusion Tyrant forms stepped forward and tried to stop him.

The ugly fusion Tyrant form caused a sense of disgust to rise in Tuller’s heart.

“Get lost!”

Tuller’s pupils contracted. He waved his heavy spear and pierced the eye on the heart of the fusion Tyrant form.


Stinky pus burst out of the eyeball!


The fusion Tyrant form let out a painful howl and took a few steps back. It knelt on the ground with one knee and temporarily lost the ability to fight.

“Hmph, you can’t even withstand a single blow!”

Tuller laughed disdainfully and led the group of savage beasts toward the village gate.

“Charge! Defeat them!”

Like a sharp sword, the team led by Tuller tore a hole in the defensive net of the Lickers that had gathered in front of them!

Behind Tuller’s team, Wudaba was frowning.

He realized that this group of undead creatures was not as easy to deal with as they seemed!

At first glance, it looked like the Lickers’ defensive line had been torn apart by Tuller. However, these Lickers didn’t suffer many casualties. They quickly regained their fighting strength and once again gathered toward the barbarians.

The savage beasts that Wudaba had led to reinforce Tuller’s team wanted to catch up to Tuller’s team, but they were met with great resistance!

He had a strange feeling as if the undead creatures were trying to seduce him.

Lure the enemy in?

This sentence appeared in Wudaba’s mind.

On the sentry tower, countless gazes were fixed on Tuller. Everyone was watching Tuller’s every move, and they were all extremely nervous.

“Boss Fang, is it ready?” Ma Xiaowan couldn’t help but ask.

“Let’s wait for him to come closer.”

When he saw the two barbarian teams joining the battle at the same time, Fang Heng immediately focused his attention on the two barbarian leaders.

As long as the leader of the team was killed, the remaining barbarians and savage beasts would be the nourishment for the blood pool!

“Don’t worry. Look at my hand signal. We’ll act according to the plan.”

“Yeah, leave it to us,” Ma Xiaowan nodded.

“Bos. Fang, be careful!”

Fang Heng turned around and glanced at Mo Jiawei, “Let’s go together!”

Mo Jiawei was also a little nervous. He took a deep breath and patted his cheeks. He pulled himself together and said, “Alright! Motherf*cker!”

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