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Chapter 2074: You Finally Came to Find Me

Zu An cracked a grin and said, “I’m so sorry, but I only give my body and soul to my lovers, not you.”

The Shadow Monster King sneered. “That isn’t up to you...”

Suddenly, its eyes widened, because it realized something. Why was this guy able to speak? It realized that the situation was unfavorable for itself and immediately withdrew thousands of meters, but unfortunately, it was already too late. The Sun Slaying Arrow that had already been fully charged up and waiting to be fired left the bowstring!

The arrow already defied the very concept of speed. The instant it was released, it hit the Shadow Monster King. Only then did it see a comet cut across the sky.


A blinding sphere of light exploded outward, looking like the explosion of a star amid the void of s.p.a.ce! However, it only persisted for a second; the next second, a black hole appeared, sucking all of the light away.

Meanwhile, the Shadow Monster King had already completely scattered. There wasn’t even a trace of it left.

The Snow Lady had already recovered her ability to move. She flew over to Zu An’s side and supported his staggering body, asking, “How do you feel right now?”

Zu An chuckled, saying, “I didn’t expect you to be the caring sort.” However, there were fine cracks covering his entire body, and his smile only worsened his injuries and made some blood trickle out.

“Do you know what kind of condition you're in right now? And yet you're still making jokes!” the Snow Lady exclaimed, her usual cold demeanor giving way to worry.

Zu An was stunned. He looked at the sparkling radiance in her eyes and the frozen beads that slid down her stunning face, which made her look even more gorgeous.

She’s crying? And for my sake, no less? Were we really that close?

No matter how much of a narcissist Zu An was, he couldn’t really believe he had that much charm. How could they possibly have started another interspecies romance in such a short amount of time?

Even so, she was crying right now, and for some reason, he felt really awful when he saw her cry, as if he had forgotten the most important thing in his life. He quickly consoled her, saying, “Don’t worry. Even though my injuries are serious, I won’t die.”

With his current strength, if he had immediately used Keyboard Come to say ‘this arrow will shatter all skills’, perhaps there wouldn't even have been ashes left. Fortunately, after he received Mi Li’s guidance, he'd realized that he could use the Heaven Devouring Sutra to form a black hole, distorting s.p.a.ce and light. The enemiy's Time Severing ability would thus be weakened to some degree, lessening the power needed for Keyboard Come to successfully activate. Of course, he had only used that skill in a hasty last-ditch effort, so he naturally couldn't completely destroy the Shadow Monster King’s divine skill. It had had a special defense in front of its body as well, which was why he still had to rely on Keyboard Come for the rest in the end.

All of that naturally came with a price, which was why he was seriously injured. He was bleeding from his entire body, and all of the meridians in his body were a mess. Thankfully, his life was still intact. With his body’s ridiculous regenerative prowess, he would be able to recover after resting for around a year.

When she heard him say that, the Snow Lady pulled him into her arms emotionally. Her body trembled a bit. Sometimes, she was crying, but other times, she was smiling.

Zu An was stunned.

What is going on here?

As the Snow Lady hugged him with her icy body, Zu An could suddenly feel everything. He had no idea where to place his hands. He was really puzzled. Just what is going on right now?

There's absolutely no way she would become like this from just a brief interaction. There has to be something else going on that I just don’t know about right now.

He was about to ask her about it when a sneer suddenly came from the distance, and a voice said, “Look at the two of you. Such an adulterous couple, head over heels in love. But unfortunately, the two of you are celebrating a bit too early, no?”

Zu An and the Snow Lady were both shocked. They quickly followed the source of the sound and saw a small shadow. Then, that shadow began to move; it slowly grew larger until it finally took the form of the Shadow Monster King. Just then, both Zu An and the Snow Lady were full of questions.


This guy didn’t even die from that? Is it a d.a.m.n c.o.c.kroach that can’t be killed?

The Shadow Monster King also grimaced as it looked at Zu An, saying, “I really underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to really have the ability to kill me, and even put me in such a miserable state!”

You have successfully trolled the Shadow Monster King for +999 +999 +999...

“There's no way you could’ve survived that arrow. Just what is going on?” Zu An asked gravely. In the past, the legendary archer Houyi had even been able to shoot down suns with these arrows, and he had tested them out in the secret dungeon before. There was definitely nothing wrong with the power of that arrow, so there was no chance for this Shadow Monster King to have blocked it.

“That’s right. In a sense, you did in fact kill me,” the Shadow Monster King said, its eyes filled with seething rage. “But I've always been meticulous in my actions, so I concealed a shadow clone. I borrowed that clone to revive.”

Zu An was speechless.

Even after all of this, the enemy had a subst.i.tute...

“You must be feeling despair now, right? If you hdan’t continued to woo each other and immediately found me instead, I would have been at my weakest and couldn't defend against you at all. But now, I’ve already fully revived. What awaits the two of you is only death,” the Shadow Monster King said with a malicious laugh.

The Snow Lady was a bit annoyed. It was all her fault for being too emotional, or else she wouldn’t have made such a mistake. She hadn't even been able to win against the monster when she was at her strongest. Now, she was injured and Zu An was in terrible condition, so there was no way they would be its match.

Zu An remained calm as he said, “Drop the act already. There's definitely no way you can make unlimited clones of yourself. If the strength of each clone were truly on par with your own, wouldn’t that make you invincible? You’re probably still quite weak, using these words to provoke us and keep us immersed in emotions of regret and frustration. That way, it would be easier for us to make mistakes.”

The Shadow Monster King was stunned. It said, “I never expected the thoughts of a human like you to be so cunning. That’s right, I no longer have the strength I had at my peak, but both of you are seriously injured. My current strength is more than enough to deal with the two of you.”

It raised a finger while speaking. Then, a laser fired out from its finger.

Zu An reacted quickly. He immediately tried to dodge, but his current condition was too horrible and he couldn't keep up with his thoughts at all.

“Be careful!” the Snow Lady exclaimed as she brought him away and evaded to the side. She nervously looked at Zu An and asked, “Are you hurt?”

Zu An shook his head. Then, his eyes landed on her shoulder as he said, “But you were.”

A fine hole had suddenly appeared in the Snow Lady's shoulder. It was clear that after saving him, she'd been unable to dodge in time and was. .h.i.t by the Shadow Monster King.

“I’m fine,” the Snow Lady said with a weak smile. Snowflakes fluttered around her wounds, and the injury quickly recovered.

“Why do you... care so much for me?” Zu An asked.

That was what he couldn't understand at all. At first, the Snow Lady had definitely been an ice queen in every way. She hadn’t even wanted him to touch her when he saved her earlier, and yet now, it was as if she was a completely different person. She was no longer the ice-cold Snow Lady, but more like one of his lovers he shared deep affection with. Even so, he wasn’t some naive and innocent boy who couldn't tell if someone was really his own lover or not.

The Snow Lady looked at him with her clear and cold eyes. She didn’t answer; instead, she said to herself, “You finally came to find me.”

Zu An was speechless.

The Shadow Demon King was about to explode from anger, exclaiming, “You d.a.m.n adulterers, shouldn’t you treat a villain like me with a little more respect?”

Zu An frowned, saying, “Something’s not right. You shouldn’t be so chatty. From when you tried to make me surrender until now, you’ve spoken far too much. I refuse to believe that someone of your cultivation rank would make that kind of mistake. Just what are you stalling for?”

There had been several times when the enemy could have attacked, and yet it had deliberately rambled on and on. Zu An had felt that something was off for a while.

The Shadow Monster King chuckled. “Did you only realize it now? Should I praise you for not being a complete idiot, or mock you for still being too stupid?

“There was one part that you got wrong with your guesses. The reason I continuously advised for your surrender wasn’t because I was scared that I couldn't win against you. Rather, I was stalling for a bit of time because I was worried that you would ruin my plans. But now, I don’t need to worry about that anymore, because my plans are already complete.”

The third mountain peak suddenly began to rumble. Then, the entire thing suddenly rose, revealing a ma.s.sive silhouette it had been resting on all this time.

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