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Chapter 2075: Caution Even In the Face of Certain Victory

The entire mountain was like a prison that seemed to have been holding down a black figure, one that was incredibly ma.s.sive. It looked just like the dinosaurs from the movies of Zu An’s previous world.

Zu An didn’t have the time to admire the sight. He quickly took out the remaining divine artifact, the Skycloud Sword, to try and reseal the snowy mountain. Unfortunately, there was no reaction from it at all even after he took it out. It didn’t resonate with the mountain the way the other two divine artifacts had at all. In that instant, he didn’t know how to reseal the mountain anymore either and quickly asked the Snow Lady, “You share a special connection with the mountain, so do you know how we can reseal it again?”

The Snow Lady shook her head and said, “I didn’t even know that in the past, these mountains were seals.”

Zu An was speechless.

Just then, a deafening roar erupted from the black figure, one that seemed to make the entire mountain range tremble. Some powerful snow beasts in the distance fell to the ground, their bodies shaking all over.

Zu An could clearly sense a trembling sensation that came from his very soul. However, he was already someone with exceptional willpower and quickly overcame that out-of-sorts feeling.

Only then did he have a chance to carefully size up the black figure. When he saw it clearly again, he couldn't help but become stunned. Why did this thing look a bit like a t-rex, but also like an alien queen from a certain movie? It had a grotesquely-shaped head and a mouth full of giant, sharp teeth. It stood on two thick and strong legs. Even though its arms were much thinner in comparison, every claw it had was a viciously sharp weapon. As it swayed back and forth willfully, its thick tail resembled a third leg. There was an aura of destruction around it, as if it was ready to attack at any time.

There was a bit of restraining fear in the Shadow Monster King’s eyes as it floated closer to the creature, saying, “Revered Lord of Slaughter, I can set you free. In accordance with our past agreement, we should set up a soul contract.”

Zu An was startled.

No wonder this guy is full of murderous energy and looks like a weapon of ma.s.s destruction. The name is pretty fitting.

He didn’t dare to treat this thing as an ordinary beast. He could feel the powerful pressure coming from its body even from far away. Furthermore, the cruelty and shrewdness visible in its eyes showed that it was definitely a being with extremely high intelligence. Judging from how respectful the Shadow Monster King was acting, the Lord of Slaughter's status and strength were definitely not inferior to its own.

The Lord of Slaughter nodded. It spoke in a monotonous and dull voice that was extremely harsh on the ears. The nearby mountain even trembled a bit from the sound.

The Shadow Monster King sighed in relief, a trace of joy in its eyes. The reason why it had come all the way here was that it had been retracing certain clans’ legends. In ancient times, the Lord of Slaughter had been an extremely famous and powerful being. At first, rather than fulfilling the agreement, the Shadow Monster King had planned to turn the sealed creature into its own pet. Then, with its own power, as well as the Lord of Slaughter’s strength, it would command a certain level of status even among some extremely powerful worlds.

At first, it had been fully confident in its plans. After all, its own cultivation and skills were strong. It had enough faith in itself even when facing other ancient beings, let alone one that was sealed. Now, however, it suddenly felt a bit apprehensive. After all, its original body had been killed not too long ago. This clone was much weaker, so it couldn't face the Lord of Slaughter so calmly anymore.

Fortunately, the Lord of Slaughter still complied with the prior vow. As long as it agreed and signed the soul oath, there would be no chance of a betrayal. With the protection of a powerful pet like the Lord of Slaughter, the Shadow Monster King could slowly recover to its peak. It wouldn’t have to worry about attacks from strong opponents while it was recovering.

As it thought about all of these things, the satisfaction in its eyes only grew greater. It didn’t waste any time and instead quickly chanted an incantation. Runes rushed forth in a waterfall-like torrent.

Zu An tried to raise the Sun Slaying Bow again, but the Snow Lady stopped him and said, “Their oath has already received the acknowledgement of the world. If you attack them now, you'll only bring the world’s retaliation upon yourself.”

When Zu An heard that, he couldn't help but say in disappointment, “But once they complete the oath, won’t we just be sheep waiting for slaughter?” He had paid such a great price to seriously injure the Shadow Monster King, and yet it now had an even stronger helper. Just the thought alone was enough to make one feel despair.

Even so, the Snow Lady only smiled and said, “Being able to die together with you isn’t so bad either.”

Zu An was speechless.

Sis, do you know what’s going on around us right now? And yet you’re still having romantic delusions?

All of his mental strength was focused on how to deal with this situation before him. He didn’t have the extra energy to think about what was going on with her.

Mo Xi’s Farewell Nanchao could sever oaths, but there was too big of a difference in strength between her and these two. Thus, the skill would probably be useless. And even if they severed the oath, wouldn't the Lord of Slaughter then be free to do whatever it wanted?

Just then, the oath ceremony came to an end. The Shadow Monster King roared with laughter, exclaiming, “I never expected to be able to obtain such a powerful pet! In the future, I'll definitely be able to subdue even more worlds and become the greatest across the many realms!”

The Lord of Slaughter said in its dull monotone, “The oath is already complete. It’s time to bring me out, right?”

When he saw the situation, Zu An quickly fired an arrow at the Shadow Monster King. He couldn't gather the strength to fire a true Sun Slaying Arrow anymore. However, the Shadow Monster King wasn’t as strong as before either, so he hoped it would be enough to stop it in time.

“Haha, it’s too late!” The Shadow Monster King laughed madly.

It had been stalling the whole time to refine the seal. It had only done that because it was naturally cautious even in the face of certain victory. After all, it had witnessed all kinds of monstrous and grotesque skills and knew it couldn't be overconfident no matter how good the situation looked. It had thus left behind a certain precaution.

formed a hand seal, and a streak of light flew at the mountain. Soon after, the golden void chains that were still around the mountain gradually disappeared, and the Lord of Slaughter leaped out with a thunderous roar. Then, the mountain fell to the ground again, but what it had been pressing down on was no longer there.

The arrow Zu An fired arrived in front of the Shadow Monster King just then, but a large mouth suddenly bit down on the arrow. Then, it closed, and the late Fiend Emperor’s arrow that was comparable to an immortal-grade weapon was crushed to pieces instantly.

Zu An was speechless.

Every single one of this guy’s teeth is tougher than an immortal-grade weapon!

Is its entire mouth full of deity-grade weapons?

When it saw that, the Shadow Monster King’s smile became even bigger. It flew up to the Lord of Slaughter and reached out to stroke its head, saying, “Well done!” Its pet was so strong! The Shadow Monster King was already imagining how it would use the Lord of Slaughter to kill its old enemies.

Just then, the Lord of Slaughter suddenly grinned. Its terrifying teeth emerged, and it bit down on the Shadow Monster Lord as fast as lightning.

Even so, the Shadow Monster King was still a powerful ruler of its own domain and it evaded quickly; however, half of its body was still bitten off. The upper half that remained darted away in horror. Black liquid continuously flowed out from the wound like a stream of blood.

“You were really going to treat me as your pet? Even something like you?” the Lord of Slaughter remarked mockingly. It chewed for a bit, and with a gulp, half of the Shadow Monster King’s body was swallowed. A satisfied look appeared on its face. “It has already been far, far too long since my last meal. This taste really is too wonderful.”

Zu An was also frightened when he saw that. He quickly took the Snow Lady with him and backed up.

“Why... Why can you hurt me?” the Shadow Monster King exclaimed, its expression was full of alarm and puzzlement. After all, the two of them had just signed a master and servant agreement. For a pet, the first principle was that it couldn't harm its master, and it had to unconditionally agree to its master’s orders. Furthermore, the master could decide the life and death of its pet at any time.

The Lord of Slaughter revealed a hint of ridicule as it said, “You probably had no idea that the incantation of that oath you found after untold tribulations was something I personally left behind in the past, right?”

“Impossible! That was definitely an incantation to establish a contract between master and servant!” the Shadow Monster King cried, its expression twisting. It was no fool; there was no way it wouldn't have examined the incantation.

“It is indeed a contract between master and servant, but I ingeniously inserted a hidden condition, which was that the stronger party would be the master, and the weaker would be the servant. What a pity it is that you're weaker than me, making me the true master, while you're the servant and pet.”

The Shadow Monster King was speechless.

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