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Chapter 2076: No Weaknesses

In reality, the Shadow Monster King wasn’t completely unprepared for this. It had already antic.i.p.ated this possibility when it first obtained the incantation, but it was incredibly strong at the time, and hadn't thought that there would be anything here stronger than itself. As such, it had thought it naturally wouldn’t need to fear the incantation’s rebound. Even if this Lord of Slaughter was an incredibly famous ancient destroyer, the Shadow Monster King had its own pride and confidence too, and hadn't thought it would lose in a confrontation.

How could it have antic.i.p.ated that its original body would be destroyed, though? It was already far weaker than normal. It had been in such a hurry to get revenge and recover its strength that it had briefly overlooked that point. But now, it was already too late for regrets. Now that it was in a clone body, it wasn't as powerful as before; on top of that, it had been bitten in half, so it could die at any time. Thus, it began to panic. It hurriedly bowed in respect, saying, “Revered Lord of Slaughter, it was me who was too rude just now. From now on, I am willing to serve your respected self and act on your orders.”

The Lord of Slaughter looked at the Shadow Monster King's remaining half that was fluttering in the air, as if it was a candlelight that could go out at any moment. It couldn't help but sneer, saying, “What a pity. I’ve never taken in trash as my subordinate.”

When it sensed the Lord of Slaughter's killing intent, the Shadow Monster King’s expression changed greatly. It pleaded, “Lord of Slaughter, it was me who saved you! You cannot bite the hand that feeds you!”

“Saved me?” A ferocious look appeared in the Lord of Slaughter’s eyes as it stared at the Shadow Monster King, roaring, “You only wished to enslave me! You even added some terms to the incantation that would turn me completely into your pet, so I could never betray you and only let you take advantage of me. If it weren't for that, I might have really spared your life.”

The Shadow Monster King cursed itself inwardly.

Whose fault is it that you’re so strong that I couldn’t feel at ease without those additional conditions?

Even so, explaining further now was already meaningless. It could sense the Lord of Slaughter’s killing intent. It turned around and fled without any intention of coming back. It was actually surprised at how fast it could still move despite being seriously injured.

I have to find a place to hide and recover properly. Once I recover to my peak strength, I’ll settle things with this Lord of Slaughter after.

However, its expression suddenly darkened as a foul stench surrounded it. It reflexively raised its head and saw a b.l.o.o.d.y mouth descend from above, and just like that, its head was bitten right off.

Crunch, crunch...

With a few bites, the b.l.o.o.d.y mouth swallowed it all down. The Shadow Monster King was powerful, though. Even through all of this, it didn’t immediately die. Its headless body reached out and groped around blindly, as if it was instinctively looking for its own head.

Just then, the Lord of Slaughter devoured the rest of its body with a single bite.


What followed was a satisfied burp, as if the meal was extremely pleasing. The Lord of Slaughter remarked, “It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed such a tasty meal. Eating is the most enjoyable thing in the world, indeed.”

Far off in the distance, Zu An had a strange expression. He had seen the Shadow Monster King fleeing clearly at extreme speed, like a rainbow flying into the distance. But then, with only the strength of the Lord of Slaughter’s legs, its ma.s.sive body had actually leaped right in front of the Shadow Monster King. The Shadow Monster King was thus devoured without any chance to react.

When Zu An first saw the Lord of Slaughter’s alien dinosaur-like appearance, he'd thought that it wouldn’t excel in speed. He'd thought that with its powerful body, it would mainly fight in close combat. Now, however, he immediately understood it. Its body was already so strong that it exceeded the domain of certain physical laws. It didn’t need to rely on any movement skills to attack anymore.

The Snow Lady quietly said to Zu An, “I’ll carry you, so let’s leave this place quickly.”

Zu An replied with a bitter smile, “If only there was a chance to leave.”

Sure enough, the Lord of Slaughter's ma.s.sive eyes turned in their direction. It asked, “It was the two of you who fought against the Shadow Monster King just now, am I right?”

“Yes. The enemy of an enemy is a friend. Is your respected self the Lord of Slaughter? I am Zu An, and this is the Snow Lady,” Zu An said with a big smile. Inwardly, however, he was quickly trying to think of ways of dealing with this situation.

The Snow Lady had a strange expression.

This guy really knows how to suck up. You can even become friends with something like that?

“The enemy of your enemy is your friend?” the Lord of Slaughter repeated, chuckling. “What an amusing line. To be honest, I should be thanking the two of you for weakening the Shadow Monster King.”

“There's no need for thanks. It’s enough as long as we just return to doing our own thing,” Zu An said. He then asked to test the waters, “What does your respected self plan to do now? Are you planning to return to your original world to seize your lost throne?”

“Of course I need to go back," the Lord of Slaughter said.

Zu An sighed in relief when he heard its words, and yet what he heard next covered his body in gooseb.u.mps. The Lord of Slaughter continued, “Even so, I first have to have a proper meal in this world before going back. It’s already been far, far too long since I’ve eaten anything. Has it been a few thousand years, or tens of thousands of years...”

Zu An asked sullenly, “May I ask what your respected self wishes to eat? I still have some pull in this world, so I can prepare all sorts of plentiful food for your respected self.”

“Living creatures, of course. Ah, I'm getting excited just imagining the fountains of blood,” the Lord of Slaughter said, looking extremely moved. “But I feel like you might not be able to bear that much of a burden.”

“How many do you need?” Zu An asked. As soon as he heard that it wanted living creatures, he immediately realized that there was no way the two of them could escape. He just wanted to stall for some time to recover a bit and think of countermeasures.

“How many do I want?” the Lord of Slaughter repeated, smiling cruelly before answering, “All living creatures in this world, of course.”

Zu An and the Snow Lady were speechless. Even though Zu An had already predicted something similar, he hadn’t expected it to be this cruel.

As if sensing the changes to the two individuals’ emotions, a hint of mockery appeared in the Lord of Slaughter’s eyes. It said, “Even though I don’t know how two weak beings like the two of you were able to injure the Shadow Monster King so badly, I can't leave behind any dangers that can potentially threaten me.”

As soon as it finished what it wanted to say, it instantly moved next to the two of them. Its teeth that could even crush immortal-grade weapons covered the skies, and a thick stench filled the air.

The two had already prepared for battle, though. The Snow Lady turned into a snowstorm that carried Zu An to another location. At the same time, with a wave of her hand, endless icicles came out of their original location to impale the aggressor. However, those sharp icicles couldn't leave behind even the smallest mark on the Lord of Slaughter’s skin. They broke apart one after another.

The Lord of Slaughter’s thick tail swept out horizontally. Zu An and the Snow Lady reached out their hands to block at the same time, but the two were instantly blasted a thousand meters away. Zu An coughed out several mouthfuls of blood. Ice and snow fell from the Snow Lady’s entire body, and cracks even appeared on her skin. Fortunately, snowflakes fluttered and the surface of her body quickly returned to its original state.

As it looked at the two of them, the Lord of Slaughter grinned, taunting, “Is that all you've got?”

“Be careful. The strength of its flesh seems to have already exceeded a certain limitm” Zu An hurriedly explained. Speaking optimistically, apart from its outer appearance looking a bit strange, the Lord of Slaughter was a purely physical fighter that had fully maxed out its defense, speed, and power.

The Snow Lady grunted in agreement. Wind and snow spun in her hand, gradually forming a sword.

When he saw the appearance of the sword, Zu An was stunned, thinking, It seems a bit familiar...

However, he didn’t have time to think about that in detail, because the Lord of Slaughter’s attack arrived again. It was so fast that the Snow Lady didn’t have time to bring Zu An away. Fortunately, Zu An had already recovered a bit. He pushed the Snow Lady away, crying out, “We’ll evade separately!”

Then, he used his instant movement skill to teleport a hundred meters away. The Snow Lady turned into wind and snow.

“I hate you skill users the most.” The Lord of Slaughter harrumphed.

After some hesitation, it chased after Zu An. After all, the Snow Lady was made of ice and snow. It had already been crushed by these snowy mountains for too long and really didn’t want to spend a moment longer with anything that had to do with snow. Rather, it was more fond of fresh and living creatures like Zu An. The taste would definitely be exquisite.

Soon after, Zu An’s flickering figure quickly reappeared. Unfortunately, no matter how he tried to evade, the Lord of Slaughter always followed right behind like a relentless shadow. Zu An was incredibly alarmed. The fact that this thing could catch up to his instant movement by relying purely on its speed was absolutely absurd.

Meanwhile, the Snow Lady nervously tried to provide help, but the two were way too fast. She wasn’t able to hit the enemy with her skills.

On the other hand, Zu An was able to retaliate several times along the way, but the enemy seemed to have magic immunity. His various skills weren’t able to do much at all. He couldn't help but become a bit numb. How was he supposed to win against a powerful physical fighter who had magic immunity as well?

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