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Chapter 1097 All Of You Will Die!

Many people raised their heads and looked over.

It was indeed Chu Yunfan!

Many people felt extremely lucky to be able to meet the Federation's war G.o.d at this moment of despair.

Ever since he had killed the cult master, Chu Yunfan's nickname had changed from the Federation's number-one expert to the Federation's G.o.d of War.

"Quick! The army is waiting for you outside! I'll cover your retreat!" Chu Yunfan shouted as he casually waved his hand and released a rain of swords. These swords seemed to have grown eyes as they attacked the monsters head-on.

Although there were a lot of these monsters, they weren't very strong. After being locked on by Chu Yunfan, he could easily kill them with a wave of his sword lights.

Chu Yunfan's attack instantly killed all the monsters that surrounded him.

At this time, on the periphery, troops of the Federation Army descended from the sky, constantly gathering and advancing toward Binhai City.

However, there were just too many of these monsters. It was already very difficult for an ordinary army to eliminate the monsters that were blocking their way. It was impossible for them to break through like Chu Yunfan.

Only a few elite teams made up of Innates were able to break through, but they were also stuck. It was impossible for them to break through as easily as Chu Yunfan.

Fortunately, the Federation implemented a national cultivation policy in recent years. Everyone had extraordinary cultivation and was agile. Although Binhai City had fallen, countless people had escaped.

If this had happened in the Common Era, they would have been finished long ago.

These people quickly thanked Chu Yunfan profusely and ran away. However, he didn't have the time to care about these people.


He headed deeper into the city. The closer he got to Binhai City's center, the more monsters there were. There were even some huge monsters that were at the level of siege monsters. Chu Yunfan could even see behemoths that were hundreds of meters tall.

These war machines of Infinite Demon Mountain ran rampant in Binhai City. Some of them were even at the peak of the Innate Stage and destroyed the tall buildings without restraint.

Chu Yunfan took a step forward. His eyes were extremely cold. He raised his arm high, and suddenly, countless b.a.l.l.s of thunder turned into swords, spears, halberds, and many other weapons behind him.

A wall of weapons, hundreds of meters wide, formed behind him.




These weapons flew out as if there was a rain of weapons. They were densely packed and swept over.

In an instant, countless monsters lost their lives as they were beheaded by these weapons that seemed to have eyes.

Every time Chu Yunfan used this move, a large number of beasts would die. At this moment, he was like a ruthless harvester, killing countless beasts every second.

However, Chu Yunfan's strength alone was still not enough to kill all of these monsters.

If it was a real battlefield, it would be much easier to deal with. Countless nuclear bombs would be launched. Although hundreds of millions of monsters were a lot, the Federation had a lot of nuclear bombs stored in storage.

​ However, in such a large-scale chaotic battle, the Federation was cautious and did not dare to use weapons of ma.s.s destruction, including nuclear bombs.

In the distance, Tang Siyu was fighting alongside him. She could form glaciers that were thousands of meters long with just a wave of her sword. All the monsters they encountered along the way were frozen into ice blocks.

Great Ancestor Chu, Chu Haoyue, the Thunder Winged Beast, Ebony Dragon King, and the others were also frantically clearing out those monsters.

The Thunder Winged Beast, in particular, was like a G.o.d of thunder soaring through the sky. The power of countless thunderbolts had turned its entire body into a sea of lightning.

However, the others did not have the ability to rush in like Tang Siyu did. There were too many monsters, and they were so densely packed that they drowned everything. Therefore, they could only rescue the ordinary people who were running away from a distance, clear the surrounding monsters, and clear the way forward for them.

"Let's kill those siege beasts first!" Chu Yunfan said to Tang Siyu through telepathy.

These ordinary monsters were just cannon fodder for the demons, and they could be summoned at any time. They were all raised in the wild.

However, the siege beasts were different. The demons had carefully cultivated them, and the loss of one was a huge loss.

Of course, to Chu Yunfan, the only difference was that the beasts were a little bigger.

He flew in without making a move. In an instant, his body turned into an ocean of thunder, and all the monsters that got close were electrocuted into charcoal, unable to get close.

It was the same for Tang Siyu. She was surrounded by a sea of ice. When the monsters approached her, they were all frozen into ice. She looked like an ice G.o.ddess.


As soon as Chu Yunfan entered Binhai City, a huge beast's head immediately bit at him.

It was an extremely huge beast. Its eyes alone were as big as two Chu Yunfans.

"You're looking for death!"

Chu Yunfan summoned a lightning sword in his hand and swept out a thousand-meter-long sword light, cutting off the beast's head.


With a loud boom, the head of the beast fell to the ground.

After beheading the behemoth, Chu Yunfan didn't stop. He immediately charged into the horde of behemoths that were attacking the city.

At the same time, countless aerial monsters pounced at him.

Of course, there would be no exception in the end. All of them were killed.

Chu Yunfan finally saw the tragic state of Binhai City. Countless corpses were lying in the streets, and countless monsters were eating the human corpses.

There were also many humans who rose up to resist in every corner of the streets. However, they were becoming more and more powerless in the face of countless monsters.

"Chu Yunfan! It's Chu Yunfan!"

Someone saw Chu Yunfan flying in the sky and immediately screamed, as if Chu Yunfan's existence could make them completely at ease.

"I'll clean up the monsters in this area. You guys should leave quickly. The army is waiting for you outside!" Chu Yunfan said, and then began to frantically kill the monsters.

With just one attack, hundreds of beasts were killed. Chu Yunfan's killing efficiency made these people dumbfounded.

Even those huge siege beasts were no match for him.

Soon, Chu Yunfan had already slaughtered over a hundred of the siege beasts.

But Chu Yunfan's ma.s.sacre quickly attracted the attention of the demon experts, and more than a dozen Divine demons surrounded him from all directions.

Chu Yunfan looked over. There were Divine demons and also Divine marine folks.

However, it made no difference to him.

Because all of them had to die!

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