I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head Chapter 1098 - 1098 An Expert Above Divine Abilities Stage? Battle Over!

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Chapter 1098 - 1098 An Expert Above Divine Abilities Stage? Battle Over!

1098 An Expert Above Divine Abilities Stage? Battle Over!

The dozen or so Divine monsters pounced over and surrounded Chu Yunfan.

These monsters had a crazed look in their eyes from all the killing. Many of them still had blood in the corner of their mouths. It was unknown how many people they had bitten to death, but they were currently feasting on their food.

As a result, Chu Yunfan’s presence immediately attracted the attention of these Divine monsters and marine beasts, and they all pounced over.

“You b*stards, you’re all going to die!” Chu Yunfan roared.

Around him, countless blood-red flames boiled and formed a huge blood-red skeleton. It was the Demon Descends Ill.u.s.tration that he had directly cast.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

The huge skeleton wrapped around Chu Yunfan and turned him into a hundred-meter-tall behemoth. It threw a palm at a Divine monster that was pouncing over.


The Divine aerial monster that was the fastest was. .h.i.t directly. Its huge body flew away and fell apart in mid-air. Its entire body turned into a rain of blood.

It was instantly killed by Chu Yunfan!

Seeing the tragedy in Binhai City, Chu Yunfan’s anger exploded and he didn’t hold back.

The remaining Divine monsters and marine beasts finally came to their senses. What kind of terrifying power did this human, who was so small compared to them, have?

But at this time, how could Chu Yunfan, who was completely enraged, give them the time to escape? The huge b.l.o.o.d.y skeleton launched an attack with lightning speed.

With Chu Yunfan’s current cultivation, the power of the Demon Descends Ill.u.s.tration in his hands had climbed to a level that no one had ever achieved before.

The huge blood-red skeleton began to perform martial arts techniques, chasing after the Divine monsters and marine beasts.




Following a series of loud explosions, one Divine monster or marine beast would be killed by Chu Yunfan with each explosion.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of these marine beasts and monsters had been killed by Chu Yunfan. The remaining ones finally overcame their fear and realized that he would not easily let them go. They immediately pounced on him with bloodshot eyes.

However, all of this was completely useless. The difference in strength was huge, and they became souls in Chu Yunfan’s hands one by one. They were simply no match for him.

In just a moment, Chu Yunfan killed them all. To him, these Divine monsters and marine beasts were only slightly more difficult to deal with, but there was no difference in essence.


After killing these Divine monsters and marine beasts, Chu Yunfan charged into the downtown area of Binhai City. He could see countless monsters rus.h.i.+ng in through the gap that had been blasted open.

However, before they could start a b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacre, they encountered a real fiend. Chu Yunfan was the one to start the crazy ma.s.sacre.

These monsters gathered in groups and became Chu Yunfan’s best targets. He didn’t even need to make a move as the b.l.o.o.d.y skeleton easily stomped many monsters to death.

There were even some that were just as large but they were easily torn apart by the blood-red skeleton. They were completely useless.

Later on, Chu Yunfan simply left the Demon Descends Ill.u.s.tration and used the b.l.o.o.d.y skeleton formed by it to guard the gap, preventing these monsters from invading.

Meanwhile, he began to kill the monsters that were still slaughtering their way into the city. Tang Siyu also joined in. The two of them joined forces and formed a crazy ma.s.sacre.

Hundreds of monsters were dying every second. Facing the slaughter of such high-level experts, these ordinary monsters had no way to resist. Chu Yunfan had killed all the Divine experts among them.

Chu Yunfan’s expression was grave as he slaughtered the monsters. He found that although there were countless monsters here, there were too few Divine existences. He had only killed a dozen of them, which was too few for the marine folks and the demons.

In fact, it was impossible to break through Binhai City’s defense line with this level of deployment. Even if they launched a surprise attack and the demons used a nuclear bomb, it would not be enough to completely conquer a base city like Binhai city.

Chu Yunfan observed the gap in the city wall. There was a terrifying energy residue on it. The gap was not made by a technological weapon, but by someone’s hand.

The hand mark was obvious and had a radius of at least a thousand meters. This became the gap that countless monsters had entered.

Chu Yunfan was in disbelief. This was not the first time that the Federation and the demons had fought against each other, so how could the Federation not be prepared?

The city wall outside the base city was at least tens of meters wide and was cast with the latest high-tech materials. It wasn’t that a Divine couldn’t destroy it, but it would be very difficult.

It was no problem to destroy it bit by bit. Even if it were him, it would take a lot of time to blast a hole through this wall. Such a long time was enough for the local garrison to react, and even the Federation Government would be alarmed.

At that time, all kinds of high-tech weapons would be launched all at once. When the future enemies were killed, they would at least be forced to retreat.

However, the situation this time was different. It was a huge hole created by one strike. Even Chu Yunfan couldn’t do this.

It should be said that for the time being, it was impossible.

In other words, whether it was among the marine folks or the demons, it was very likely that a peerless master had appeared. Maybe even a peerless master who had surpa.s.sed the Divine Abilities Stage.

After coming to this conclusion, Chu Yunfan took a deep breath. If this was really the case, then it would definitely make things worse for the Federation. He suddenly had an urgent desire to improve his strength.

A life-and-death battle was on the horizon.

However, Chu Yunfan didn’t have time to think about it. The most important thing right now was to clean up all the monsters in Binhai City. With the blood-red skeleton blocking the gap, there were no more monsters coming in in large numbers.

Chu Yunfan was able to calmly clear out the monsters that had barged in and save the remaining citizens. Although the consumption of energy from fighting on both fronts was extremely great, it was not a big deal for him, whose divine power was as deep as the sea.

Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu worked together, and with the help of Great Ancestor Chu and the others who came in later, they began to clear up the monsters in different areas.

Later, various elite troops of the Federation also joined in. Even so, by the time countless monsters retreated and the monsters in the city were cleaned up, a full day and night had pa.s.sed.

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