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Chapter 1099 Killing 1000 Enemies, Losing 800 Of Your Own, Federation In An Uproar

After an entire day and night, the crazy killing finally stopped.

Humans killed monsters and monsters killed humans. They killed each other.

After a day and night of killing, the number of casualties was simply uncountable. It could be said that corpses piled up like mountains, blocking every street that was originally prosperous.

Who knew how long it would take to clean up.

After a day and a night of fighting, even though Chu Yunfan's divine power was still as vast as the ocean, he felt deeply exhausted.

This incident had happened too suddenly, so suddenly that they were not prepared at all.

The follow-up matters were handed over to the elite troops of the Federation who had come to take over the defense line. These elite troops were responsible for evacuating the people. Although the battle had ended, the scattered monsters hiding in the city were still being cleaned up.

Moreover, no one could guarantee that the demons and the marine folks wouldn't make a comeback, especially since Binhai City was right by the sea, and countless marine beasts could come back at any time.

After the battle, Chu Yunfan and the others gathered on the roof of a tall building. Everyone looked a little tired. After a day and night of killing, everyone's faces were full of fatigue.

The Thunder Winged Beast curled up in the shadow at the side. Although it looked powerful, it was not an adult and was still a baby.

"It's finally over. If I continue killing like this, I'll be crippled!"

Chu Haoyue felt that his whole body was about to fall apart.

"What's the situation in the other two cities?" Chu Yunfan asked.

The Divines were a.s.signed to different cities.

"The situation is bad." Great Ancestor Chu looked at the situation on his terminal.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan and the others also checked the messages sent to them on their terminals.

Chu Yunfan's face also turned ugly, because he had already seen the news from the other two cities. Unlike Binhai City, the other two cities were reduced to ruins because the Federation had used nuclear bombs.

The monsters in the two cities were completely annihilated by the nuclear bombs. But at the same time, those who had not managed to retreat in time were also buried in the indiscriminate coverage.

​ The other two cities weren't like Binhai City, where Chu Yunfan was personally in charge and could easily defeat the masters of the monsters.

The other two cities weren't so lucky. A large number of masters suddenly appeared. Not only were the troops stationed in the cities completely destroyed, but even the troops that rushed to support the counterattack were also destroyed.

Even the Divines who had rushed over to help were defeated.

In the video, Chu Yunfan saw that many Divines headed to the other two cities to provide support.

With the addition of experts from the Holy Lands, the number of Divines in the Federation had increased fundamentally.

Because Chu Yunfan was in Binhai City, most of the masters had gone to the other two cities. It should have been a foolproof situation, but the actual situation was not so.


Just when these experts arrived at the fallen city, they were defeated by a hand that fell from the sky.

The dozens of Divines could not withstand this terrifying hand. They were all defeated and retreated while spitting blood. As for the Federation's Army, it was needless to say. They were not a match at all and were directly defeated.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the Federation had no other choice. In the end, the higher-ups of the Federation made the decision to use a large number of nuclear bombs and turn the entire fallen city into ashes. The densely packed nuclear bombs covered the sky, and only then did they finally escape the pursuit of the large hand. The army was able to retreat in a situation where they were on the verge of collapse.

The whole situation was extremely tragic. Countless elite soldiers of the Federation Army had died tragically, and countless experts had died without a burial place. Even the Divines were severely injured.

In another city, the situation was similar. Just as many experts were about to enter the city, the mysterious big hand appeared again. As soon as it appeared, it defeated many Divines. Even the Federation Army collapsed and several wars.h.i.+ps were destroyed.

With the experience of the previous city, the higher-ups of the Federation no longer hesitated and launched countless nuclear bombs. While destroying tens of millions of monsters, they blocked the pursuit of the mastermind behind the scenes.

This matter was so huge that it couldn't be concealed. The entire Internet was in an uproar. Countless people were discussing this matter.

This was especially true for the large-scale use of nuclear bombs in the base cities where they were located. It had destroyed countless monsters and humans. This made countless people heartbroken, especially when many people had friends and relatives in these two cities.

Although it was possible that they were already been buried in the stomachs of the monsters, there was still a chance of survival. However, once the nuclear bombs were used to sweep away the monsters, even if there was a chance of survival, it would be all gone.

This battle, where they killed 1000 enemies and lost 800 of their own, had happened quite often in the early days of the Federation's establishment. However, in the last few decades, or even a hundred years, the Federation had gained a firm foothold in the Kunlun Realm. Under normal circ.u.mstances, it was very rare for the Federation to use such a method.

The denouncement of the Federation Government on the Internet came wave after wave. Many people simply could not accept such a thing, especially the Federation Government which kept saying that humans were the foundation of their nation.

However, there were many who understood the Federation Government's actions. After all, the situation at that time was extremely dangerous. If the nuclear bombs were not used, not only would the people inside not be saved but many Divines and elite troops who went to the rescue would also be killed.

Anyway, most of the people who were trapped in the two cities had escaped, and those who couldn't escape basically couldn't.

This was an acceptable situation.

However, what was even more unacceptable to countless people was that the three cities with such powerful defense systems had collapsed overnight. Many people began to panic, as this meant that an extremely terrifying mastermind had appeared behind the scenes.

Under such circ.u.mstances, Binhai City, where Chu Yunfan was in charge of the rescue, became the only hope in the hearts of countless people. At least the city was not destroyed by a nuclear bomb in the end.

More people were worried that if something happened to them, they would also be wiped out by nuclear bombs.

The Federation was in a state of panic!

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