I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head Chapter 1295 - 1295 I Will Make Chu Yunfan Pay the Price!

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Chapter 1295 - 1295 I Will Make Chu Yunfan Pay the Price!

1295 I Will Make Chu Yunfan Pay the Price!

Soul Hunter looked at them coldly and said, “My master already knows about your matter. He asked me to save you.”

The Yuwen clan members were overjoyed. They thought of their goal of coming here, which was to ask the ancestor to come out of the mountain and take revenge for their clan and wipe out the entire Chu clan.

They did not expect that the ancestor would already know of this injustice before they even met him. Thinking of this, they could not help but feel a little hope.

Soul Hunter waved his hand and swept the Yuwen clan members into his light. As for the Iron Cavalry, he didn’t even look at them. They were just ants.

In a moment, everyone had already stepped on the light and entered the depths of the mountain range. Unlike the majestic appearance, this mountain range was like a prosperous city.


It was an incomparably huge sect.

In the entire southern part of Great Wei, there was no one who did not know about this sacred land of martial arts!

It was the Great Formless Sect!

In the current Great Wei, there were five well-known Cores. They were known as one of the five great experts of the whole of Great Wei. One of them was the sect master of the Great Formless Sect located in the south of Great Wei.

He was known as the master of the southern sect!

It could be said that the Great Formless Sect had the power to cover the sky in the entire southern part of Great Wei. The disciples that came out of the Great Formless Sect were all over the southern regions. Countless forces were more or less related to the Great Formless Sect.

In the southern part of Great Wei, the Great Formless Sect’s authority even surpa.s.sed the authority of Great Wei’s officials. And all of this was due to the ill.u.s.trious reputation that the sect master of the Great Formless Sect had built.

The Great Formless Sect had produced Cores for two consecutive generations. Their reputation in the south of Great Wei was unparalleled, especially the sect master of the Great Formless Sect, who was currently one of the five great experts of Great Wei.

Therefore, there were countless people who came to learn from him. The two generations of sect masters had nurtured countless experts over the past hundreds of years. In the entire Great Formless Sect, there were many experts as common as the clouds. Divines were like carps crossing the river here.

Looking down from above, one could see the auras of experts soaring into the sky. They could even condense into a ball and change the weather nearby.

One could imagine just how shocking this Great Formless Sect was!

When these Yuwen clansmen saw this scene, they felt incomparably excited. After all, the stronger the Great Formless Sect was, the higher the possibility of them taking revenge.

The legendary Chu Yunfan was not easy to deal with. The only person they could ask for help now was the sect master of the Great Formless Sect.

They looked at each other and saw the meaning in each other’s eyes. Their clan and the Great Formless Sect actually had some history. One of the matriarchs of the Yuwen clan’s ancestors was the mother of the current sect master.

Therefore, in reality, the Yuwen clan should be considered the sect master’s maternal family. It was also because of this not too distant relations.h.i.+p that they dared to come and ask for help.

Soon, under the guidance of Soul Hunter, they arrived at a valley. In the valley, a burly old man was sitting cross-legged in midair. When the Yuwen clan saw this old man, how could they not know that this was their clan’s greatest and last hope, the sect master of the Great Formless Sect, Mi Siyuan?

He was known as one of the five great experts in Great Wei.

The Yuwen clan knelt down and kowtowed in unison.

The burly old man, Mi Siyuan, slowly opened his eyes and looked at everyone. Then, he said, “I know everything.”

His words seemed to have completely ignited these people, and they began to cry.

“Ancestor, I beg you to seek justice for the Yuwen clan!”

“The Yuwen clan had tens of thousands of people, but they were all slaughtered!”

“Not only that but all the relations within the three clans that the Yuwens had relations to were completely wiped out as well!”

“They’re simply inhumane. They won’t even let go of a child!”

Mi Siyuan did not even look at these people’s complaints. How could he not know what the Yuwen clan had done? The matter of treason could not be justified anywhere.

Even if it was him, if he was involved in such a matter, he might die and his clan might be wiped out. The Great Formless Sect had a decisive influence in the south of Great Wei, but it was not to the point where it could cover the sky with one hand.

However, when he heard someone complain that the three clans related to the Yuwen clan were about to be wiped out, he could not help but snort coldly. Within the three clans, wasn’t he within the three clans?

Because his mother was a young lady of the Yuwen clan!

He was furious at Yuwen Chang’s stupidity. He dared to collude with Jinzhanghan. It would have been fine if he had done it cleanly, but now he had been caught and his mother’s family had been exterminated by Great Wei.

“I know. I won’t let this matter rest. I will make Chu Yunfan pay the price.”

Mi Siyuan was even more furious that Chu Yunfan did not give him any face at all. He was just a junior, but he actually shouted to kill his mother’s family. To him, it was simply a slap in the face.

However, he was completely wrong, because Chu Yunfan did not know what relations.h.i.+p Yuwen Chang had with the Great Formless Sect. Even if he knew, he would not hold back.

“That’s great. Thank you, ancestor. Thank you, ancestor!”

“Thank you for your help, ancestor!”

“We can finally avenge our clan!”

Then, Mi Siyuan said to Soul Hunter, “I’ll leave this matter to you. I want to let the Chu clan feel a pain that cuts to the bone. I want to cut off all the business tentacles of Marquis Zhongxin’s household in the south. Within ten days, I want to drive away all of Marquis Zhongxin’s power in the south.”

“Yes, but if that’s the case, Chu Yunfan won’t sit still,” Soul Hunter accepted the order and said.

“I just want to force him out so that he won’t be a coward!” Mi Siyuan said straightforwardly.

It was impossible for him to directly go against Great Wei’s Imperial Court. If he did, he would become a thorn in the side of Great Wei’s officials. However, it was not a problem for him to kill Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan was nothing in his eyes.

“I haven’t made a move for too long. Some people have probably forgotten the fear of being dominated by me in the past.”

Mi Siyuan’s cold words made the Yuwen clan tremble. On the contrary, Soul Hunter’s face revealed a hint of excitement.

“Don’t worry, Master. Leave this matter to me. There’s no need for you to take action.”

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