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Chapter 1296 - 1296 Clouds From All Sides

1296 Clouds From All Sides

Following Mi Siyuan’s order, the entire Great Formless Sect began to move.

The influence of the Great Formless Sect on the southern part of the empire had already been thoroughly revealed.

In just three days, the tentacle that Marquis Zhongxin Manor had extended to the south of Great Wei was cut off. This action instantly caused a sensation throughout Great Wei.

“The Great Formless Sect has made a move against the Chu clan!”

“How is that possible? Why would the Great Formless Sect attack the Chu clan? This doesn’t make sense.”


“What’s so unreasonable about this? As everyone knows, the mother of the Great Formless Sect’s sect master, Mi Siyuan, was born in the Yuwen clan.”

“I’m afraid the entire world will be in a commotion. Behind the Great Formless Sect is Mi Siyuan, who is known as one of the five great experts. However, Chu Yunfan, who is behind the Chu clan, has also been in the limelight recently.”

“Are two great Cores going to face each other? There hasn’t been such a big scene in decades!”

For a time, all the major forces were guessing that a violent conflict was about to erupt between the Great Formless Sect and the Chu clan.

There was no comparison between the Chu clan and the Great Formless Sect. Even if ten Chu clans were combined, they would not be as powerful as the Great Formless Sect. However, everyone believed that the Chu clan and the Great Formless Sect were comparable because of Chu Yunfan, who stood behind the Chu clan.

In this world, the strength of a force was related to the strength of its members. The ones who really decided everything were the experts who were above ordinary people.

What would determine the outcome of the battle between the Chu clan and the Great Formless Sect was not the Chu clan and the Great Formless Sect themselves, but the outcome of the battle between Chu Yunfan and Mi Siyuan.

Although the Chu clan wasn’t comparable to the Great Formless Sect, Chu Yunfan was different. He had the record of killing a Core, so he couldn’t be underestimated.

However, after the initial shock, many people quickly made a judgment.

“Although Chu Yunfan is very strong, I’m afraid he doesn’t have any chance of winning against Mi Siyuan.”

“That’s right. Chu Yunfan is too young. If he was given a few more decades, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to defeat Mi Siyuan, but that’s in the future, not now!”

“That’s right. Although Chu Yunfan is very strong, Mi Siyuan is different from Ancestor Wusheng. Ancestor Wusheng has only just entered the Core Stage. In terms of strength, he can’t be compared to Mi Siyuan.”

After a simple a.n.a.lysis, many people believed that Chu Yunfan’s future was limitless, but it was impossible for him to compete with Mi Siyuan now.

After all, cultivation was dependent on the age of the cultivator. Chu Yunfan was only a young man in his twenties. Even if he had started cultivating in his mother’s womb, he was not a fraction of Mi Siyuan.

Decades ago, Mi Siyuan was already a legend in Great Wei. He was one of the five great experts, and no one could shake his position. If Chu fought Mi Siyuan head-on, it would not end well for him.

Some people could see Mi Siyuan’s intention, which was to force Chu Yunfan out. Everyone judged that Chu Yunfan was no match for Mi Siyuan. This had become a consensus.

In their opinion, if it was possible, Chu Yunfan would definitely not be willing to confront Mi Siyuan directly. If Chu Yunfan chose to hide, the others would definitely not be able to find him.

In another ten or twenty years, it would be hard to say who would win. Judging from Chu Yunfan’s performance as a genius, he might be able to beat up Mi Siyuan then.

In their eyes, Chu Yunfan would definitely not choose to fight Mi Siyuan head-on. Because of this, many people were waiting to see if Chu Yunfan would fight back after being bullied.

Or would it be like what many people had guessed, choosing to compromise?

At this moment, at the Agency of Secrets in the Imperial Capital, the agency director fiercely threw a stack of intelligence reports on the ground.

“What is Mi Siyuan trying to do?!”

And in front of him was that middle-sized youth, s.h.i.+ Yu.

After visiting Chu Yunfan, he met Mi Siyuan who ordered Soul Hunter to cut off all the Chu clan’s businesses in the south of Great Wei. Under such circ.u.mstances, he did not dare to stay for even a moment. He hurriedly rushed back from Conglong and saw the director throwing a fit.

“According to the information we got from our spies, the experts we sent to kill the Yuwen clan should have all died at the hands of Soul Hunter. The other party didn’t even bother to hide this.”

When he thought of this, s.h.i.+ Yu immediately felt extremely aggrieved. Although he could be considered an expert in the agency, he was nothing compared to Soul Hunter.

Although the two sides were about the same age, the agency mainly focused on gathering intelligence and did not judge victory by strength. However, encountering such an opponent who was completely unreasonable and crushed them with strength gave them a headache.

“Soul Hunter is getting bolder and bolder!” the director said coldly.

In the intelligence room of the agency, the information on Soul Hunter had already been stored in several large cabinets.

The director knew that Soul Hunter had declared that he wanted to challenge him in the capital. This made this king in the shadows, who had never been easily angered, extremely furious.

As the younger generation grew up, they became more and more presumptuous. Soul Hunter was one of them. He completely ignored the laws of Great Wei.

“That’s right. According to the information we received, Soul Hunter has probably entered the half-step Core Stage. Moreover, his cultivation is extremely strong,” s.h.i.+ Yu hurriedly said.

s.h.i.+ Yu’s tone also had a hint of helplessness. The Great Formless Sect could be said to be extremely powerful in the southern part of Great Wei. Experts were as common as clouds. Soul Hunter was the best among this generation of disciples. It was very likely that he would step into the Core Stage in the future.

Even the agency would find such an expert extremely troublesome. If it was just Soul Hunter, as long as the agency was determined, they could always find a few half-step Cores to surround him. However, there was a huge monster standing behind him.

“Hmph, the Great Formless Sect is really getting more and more arrogant. They even dared to kill people of our agency!” the director gritted his teeth and said.

“Should we report this to His Majesty and ask the imperial family to help?” s.h.i.+ Yu said.

“No, that Mi Siyuan is too strong. How can an ordinary Imperial Guardian be a match for him? As one of the five great experts, do you think that he’s blind?” The director quickly rejected the idea.

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