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Chapter 2251: The Freak Among the Supreme Youths

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Many people couldn’t understand either. According to the information they had gathered, the Flying Celestials should be relatively easy to deal with among the top ten forces.

Otherwise, there would not be so many top-notch geniuses and Supreme

Youths coming one after another. Behind them were at least 30 powerful sects.

Many of these sects could be compared to the Flying Celestials in their heyday, or even stronger!

Not to mention that there were many small and medium-sized ancient factions that had yet to make a move and were only watching. This was a very large faction.

In the battle just now. if the Flying Celestials showed any signs of being defeated, they would probably appear like sharks that had smelled blood and divide the Flying Celestials.

Fortunately, Chu Yunfan had used his astonis.h.i.+ng strength to defeat all the powerful enemies and put an end to this possibility.

“Are the forces of the current era so powerful? And this is only the legendary Flying Celestials, which is ranked at the bottom. If we were to talk about the first-ranked Destiny Sect and the second-ranked Virtuous Academy, how powerful would they be?”

Many people were dumbstruck as they thought of many things. To them, the Flying Celestials alone was already so powerful, not to mention the other ten great powers. It was likely that they would really end the hope and efforts of these ancient powers.

“No, you’re thinking too much. The Flying Celestials is an accident. The truly powerful one isn’t the Flying Celestials, but Chu Yunfan. He’ s a monster.

Otherwise, even if all the Supreme Youths of the Flying Celestials were added up, there would only be four of them. Logically speaking, it’s only a matter of time before they retreat. The truly terrifying one is Chu Yunfan who has cultivated 1,000 laws!” someone immediately retorted.

In their eyes, the Flying Celestials wasn’t that powerful. It was about the same as what they had investigated. Although it was a little stronger than Huangfu Longhao, Chu Hongcai, and the golden roc, it was still not as powerful as they had expected.

However, the person who really turned the situation around was none other than Chu Yunfan.

Without Chu Yunfan, the Flying Celestials would have been doomed.

“One person can prosper a country. That’s the kind of person you’re talking about!” someone said emotionally.

“That’s right. Such a character might not appear for countless years. Even among the Supreme Youths, such an existence should be a freak among freaks!” someone said emotionally.

“I’ve received news that the Holy Puppets’ battle has been decided. The Holy Puppets has been defeated and has already packed up their things and left the base. We’ve won!” someone suddenly said.

Suddenly, all the experts of the ancient forces were like sharks that had smelled blood, and they began to move.

The Flying Celestials had already won. According to the initial agreement, they couldn’t attack the Flying Celestials, so there was no point in staying here any longer. Therefore, everyone instantly decided to rush to the battlefield of the Holy Puppets and partic.i.p.ate in the upcoming divide of spoils.

“What? The Holy Puppets lost?” After the experts of the ancient forces left, the experts of the current era were shocked by this news.

The experts of the ancient forces didn’t care about the so-called top ten forces at all. After all, they didn’t live in this era. However, the experts of the current era were different. From the moment they were born, the top ten forces were high above and looked down on all living beings.

It could be said that they were the ten most powerful and terrifying forces in the entire world.

Every single power could easily shake all of Grand Xia with a single move of their fingers.

Previously, when they saw the Flying Celestials easily obtain victory, they thought that those ancient forces were only so-so. Although they could be considered very strong and there were many Supreme Youths from the ancient times, in reality, they should not be a match for the ten great forces.

However, who knew that the Flying Celestials was just an exception. The Holy Puppets was ranked second only to the Flying Celestials among the top ten forces. In terms of strength, it was not much weaker than the Flying Celestials.

Now that they had been defeated, the entire sect had to move out of their base. All their industries and resources had to be handed over.

Everyone could imagine that once they lost these a.s.sets and resources, even if they managed to retain their complete orthodoxy, it would be a huge blow to the Holy Puppets.

It might even cause them to be unable to recover.

After all, the cultivation of so many disciples of the Holy Puppets relied on all kinds of resources. Without the supply of so many industries and resources, the cultivation of the disciples of the Holy Puppets would probably fall far behind the other sects of the ten great factions.

If nothing unexpected happened, the decline of the Holy Puppets was just around the corner!

Many people couldn’t imagine that such a colossus, a colossus that they had heard of since they were young, would actually be defeated so easily.

When the disciples of the Flying Celestials heard the news, they were not in the mood to celebrate. As disciples of the ten major forces, the Flying

Celestials and the Holy Puppets naturally had to compete with each other.

However, at this moment, they felt a sense of sympathy for the fox when the rabbit died. They felt this was extremely fortunate. If it weren’t for Huangfu Longhao, Chu Hongcai, Chu Yunfan, and the others, they might not have ended up any better than the Holy Puppets.

Especially Chu Yunfan. If he hadn’t turned the tide at the end and reversed the situation, the Flying Celestials would have ended up the same as the Holy Puppets.

Thinking of this, many people felt a chill run down their spines. Just thinking about the consequences made them almost collapse.

As time pa.s.sed, more and more people received accurate information, and

more details of the Holy Puppets’ defeat were spread.

It turned out that there were six Supreme Youths on the battlefield of the Holy Puppets. These six Supreme Youths had swept away all the powerful enemies. The Holy Puppets was indeed a force that was on par with the Flying Celestials in terms of strength. There was only one Supreme Youth guarding it.

Naturally, he was not a match for the six Supreme Youths. He was easily defeated and almost died tragically on the battlefield. In the end, it was the sect master of the Holy Puppets who rescued him. However, this also meant that the Holy Puppets had admitted defeat.

At this point, the Holy Puppets was defeated and their original foundation was handed over to someone else. For a moment, many disciples of the Flying Celestials were shocked.

Many of the Flying Celestials disciples realized how terrifying it would be if they were defeated. At this moment, they were even more glad that they had

Chu Yunfan.

“Fortunately, our Flying Celestials has Senior Chu, Senior Huangfu, and the others. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable!”

“It’s not just Senior Chu and Senior Huangfu. Senior Chu Hongcai has also grown up. Didn’t you see how he killed Sword Saint? Senior Brother Chu

Hongcai became stronger and stronger as he fought.. In the end, he killed Sword Saint and beheaded him!”

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