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Chapter 2252: The Premonition of Turmoil

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Most people had been attracted by Chu Yunfan’s battle, but some people had noticed the battle between Sword Saint and Chu Hongcai.

After being suppressed by Chu Yunfan until he was only slightly stronger than Chu Hongcai, Sword Saint naturally lost his initial advantage over Chu Hongcai.

He could not even unleash half of his strength!

However, Chu Hongcai was different. His strength was constantly improving and even becoming stronger.

In the end, Sword Saint failed to kill Chu Hongcai and was instead killed by him.

In fact, in the eyes of many people, the battle between Sword Saint and Chu Hongcai was the true battle between Supreme Youths.

The two pure swordsmen fought an exciting battle. All kinds of shocking sword moves and sword techniques were eye-opening to them.

Not only did the two of them have an extraordinary emperor physiques, but they also had shocking inheritances. They were the top existences of the world.

The confrontation between the two of them was a truly spectacular battle.

In contrast, Chu Yunfan’s invincible battle, although it looked extremely satisfying and enjoyable, was not exciting.

Many people couldn’t even tell what level of change there was. It was far less exciting than the battle between Chu Hongcai and Sword Saint.

“With Senior Huangfu, Senior Chu, Chu Hongcai, and that golden roc, our Flying Celestials will only grow stronger. Even in this chaotic Great Era, we should be able to protect ourselves!”

When many people thought of the defeated Holy Puppets, they could not help but rejoice. In such a chaotic world, it was already very difficult to protect themselves.

At the same time, the results of the battle at the Flying Celestials spread to the world at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

In the depths of the Flying Celestials, there was a mystic realm with beautiful mountains and rivers. It looked like a peaceful grotto-heaven.

Situ Xuan and the others appeared in a courtyard in a flash.

“Sit wherever you want. This is where I usually go into seclusion!” Situ Xuan said.

“Thank you, Sect Master!”

The few of them did not stand on ceremony. Other than the golden roc that had transformed into a fist-sized bird and landed on Chu Yunfan’s shoulder, the others found a place to sit.

Even Situ Xuan couldn’t help but take a look at this golden roc. He didn’t pay attention to it before and thought that it was just an ordinary divine bird. Who knew that this golden roc could actually fight against the Supreme Youths today?

This was a very serious matter.

As the saying goes, if you don’t make a sound, then it’s fine. If you make a sound, then it’s fine. Not only the golden roc, but even Chu Yunfan gave him a great shock.

Even he felt that there was almost no hope, but who knew that Chu Yunfan would suddenly appear and beat those people to a pulp. In the end, he actually managed to protect the foundation of the Flying Celestials.

Looking at the four people in front of him, Situ Xuan couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. What was the saying of the Yangtze River’s new generation surpa.s.sing the previous one?

These four people were probably the Flying Celestials’ future hope of self-preservation in this chaotic world. At this moment, he no longer had the thought of letting the Flying Celestials rise. In this golden era, who knew how many geniuses would emerge, and many old monsters who had been hidden for many years would appear.

Perhaps later generations would judge this period of history as a golden era, but for those who lived in this era, it was a completely chaotic world.

It was better to be a man of prosperity than a dog of chaos. Even people with high status and power like them could be killed in the next second.

However, with these four people around, at least the Flying Celestials could maintain such a foundation. In this golden era, this was enough. With the foundation of the Flying Celestials, as long as they pa.s.sed this period, they would still be able to dominate the world. It was one of the top inheritances in the world.

“On behalf of the Flying Celestials, I would like to thank the four of you for your hard work today!” Situ Xuan said.

He didn’t treat these four people like a high and mighty sect master. He treated them as equals. Because he knew that as long as these four people did not die prematurely, it was almost only a matter of time before they cultivated to his realm in the future.

It was even very possible that he would surpa.s.s him in the future.

It was naturally unnecessary to offend others with his status of sect master now.

“You’re too polite, sir. This is just what we should do!” Huangfu Longhao said.

“Senior Huangfu is right. We are disciples of the Flying Celestials after all, and we will stand together with the Flying Celestials!” Chu Yunfan nodded. He had encountered many dangers since he started cultivating. If it weren’t for the protection of the Flying Celestials, those old monsters would have attacked him.

This was also the fundamental difference between having an inheritance and not having one.

Situ Xuan said, “Today’s battle was very dangerous. I didn’t think we had much chance of winning either. As everyone knows, among the top ten forces, our Flying Celestials is almost ranked at the bottom. We’re only slightly better than the Holy Puppets, Medicine Kings Valley, and the Divine Talisman Sect. Those ancient forces chose to break our sects!”

Situ Xuan could not help but grit his teeth. These ancient factions were picking on the weak. The stronger the inheritance, the fewer people would challenge it. The weaker the inheritance, the more people would challenge it.

The Flying Celestials, one of the ten great forces, had now become a pushover. If it weren’t for Chu Yunfan’s sudden emergence, the Flying Celestials would probably be in big trouble today.

“Now, there are already several sects who have won the challenge. Besides us, Destiny Sect and the Virtuous Academy have already won. There were only three Supreme Youths on the battlefield of the Virtuous Academy. The Destiny Sect only had two Supreme Youths challenge them, but they were defeated one after another. We actually has seven Supreme Youths come to challenge us!” Situ Xuan said coldly, “However, when they thought of us as pushovers, they probably didn’t expect that they would be defeated here!

“However, apart from that, the Holy Puppets has already been the first to be defeated. A total of six Supreme Youths from their side had challenged them and they were defeated in a single blow. The ancient geniuses of the Holy Puppets were beaten to the point of collapse and were almost completely wiped out!” Situ Xuan said. He even felt a little lucky. If it weren’t for Chu Yunfan, the Flying Celestials wouldn’t have ended up much better.

Chu Yunfan thought to himself that these ancient forces were really cunning.

“According to speculation, besides the Holy Puppets, the defeat of Medicine Kings Valley and the Divine Talisman Sect is only a matter of time!” Situ Xuan said, “The rest of the battle is still undecided, but it shouldn’t be long before the results are out. To our Flying Celestials, this battle is just the beginning. The situation will only get worse. We need you to speed up your cultivation.. You must at least reach the Domain Stage before you can stand on equal footing with those old monsters!”

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