I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head Chapter 922 - 922 It Was as if the Sky Had Collapsed and the Earth Had Collapsed Overnight

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Chapter 922 - 922 It Was as if the Sky Had Collapsed and the Earth Had Collapsed Overnight

922 It Was as if the Sky Had Collapsed and the Earth Had Collapsed Overnight

Among the two families, the Jiangs launched many nuclear bombs in the last few years and were repeat offenders. However, the Huangs had used only nuclear bombs a few times.

Nuclear bombs and more than ten Divine experts.

The matter involved the Federation, experts from the Outskirt Territories, the marine folks, the Infinite Demon Mountain, and many other behemoths. Every piece of news was extremely shocking.

A war of this scale would only occur between the Federation and the Infinite Demon Mountain.

Someone had blocked all signals that night, and it was only at the end of the battle that the news spread all over the Internet. However, many in Kunlun City had recorded clips of the battle with their terminals from a distance.

The battles had been far away and high up in the sky, so they could not see them clearly. Nevertheless, the scenes captured were shocking. It was a dark and gloomy night, but the powerful energy and blood of the Divine experts in battle were like blazing suns illuminating the sky.

They were Divine experts akin to living G.o.ds. Every move they made was no less powerful than a bomb or a small tactical nuclear bomb.

Someone soon compiled and processed the entire battle based on the scattered videos taken from different angles. The battle between Divine experts was much scarier than what computer special effects could render.

Many were terrified just by watching the video. After all, Divine experts could casually blast a mountain into pieces. These were the true rulers of the Federation.

Everyone could see from the video that the experts from Special Ops were clearly at a disadvantage. Almost all sides had suffered. Only Tang Siyu, who was suppressing the huge crocodile, was fine

The crocodile’s original form frightened many people. The power of non-human experts was genuinely terrifying. The battle situation changed, especially after the Jiang Great Ancestor joined in.

Whether it was the Heavenly Dragon Elder or Zhu Buping, both were world-famous masters, especially Zhu Buping, known as the heavenly pillar of the Federation Army.??ℯewe??????.co?

However, even with the two working together, the Jiang Great Ancestor still managed to suppress them. His terrifying combat power silenced all the forces, primarily those Divine experts.

They understood that it was not Zhu Buping and the Heavenly Dragon who were weak. It was because the Jiang Great Ancestor’s strength had soared after entering the fourth tier of the Divine Abilities Stage.

The Jiang Great Ancestor’s purpose was apparent—to kill Chu Yunfan. There was no doubt that Chu Yunfan would be able to stop the Jiang Great Ancestor after his strength soared.

When everyone thought this, Chu Yunfan suddenly appeared without warning during the battle’s most critical moment.

Since these filming locations were far away, they could only capture a little of the process. They only captured the sudden change and then Chu Yunfan’s sudden appearance.

Chu Yunfan had just appeared out of nowhere and had defeated everyone. First, it was the blood-red monster hybrid from the Monster Cult, followed by the Huang Great Ancestor.

After that, the Deep Sea Crocodile expert that made many people tremble was destroyed in a single strike. Mo Beidou and the other mighty experts were famous. However, Chu Yunfan killed them with just a few punches and kicks.

Finally, it was the Jiang Great Ancestor’s turn. Many could no longer see what was happening clearly, as the videos they had taken could not capture the movements.

Any movements that were captured only showed figures wrapped in clouds of boiling blood and energy. They could only see two b.a.l.l.s of light colliding wildly.

According to the usual situation, it was typical for Divine experts of equal strength to fight for a day and a night. Everyone thought it would be shocking if Chu Yunfan, who had just broken through, could even fight the Jiang Great Ancestor to a draw.

But who knew that would not be the situation?

After Chu Yunfan truly exploded, he killed the Jiang Great Ancestor with just a few punches and kicks, just like how he killed the Huang Great Ancestor, Mo Beidou, and the others.

The people finally knew Chu Yunfan’s true strength. Everyone was astounded after watching these videos. The Jiang Great Ancestor had gathered many experts and even colluded with external forces to eliminate Chu Yunfan in one fell swoop.

Now, the Jiang Great Ancestor’s goal was no longer a secret. His goal was straightforward—to take advantage of Chu Yunfan’s breakthrough to exterminate him.

There should not have been any problems with this plan. Besides, there was a fourth-tier Divine expert, the Jiang Great Ancestor, here too. It should have been foolproof.

After the Jiang Great Ancestor showed off his might, people started discussing the science behind fourth-tier Divines and the status they held among the other Divines on Internet.

It wasn’t something ordinary Divine experts could compare to. After all, there were few such experts within the Federation.

However, the powerful Jiang Great Ancestor died at Chu Yunfan’s hands just like that. It had been a crus.h.i.+ng defeat from the beginning to the end. There was no challenge.

While many were exclaiming in shock, even more, shocked by Chu Yunfan’s strength, fell silent.

Many netizens gave the t.i.tle of the Federation’s number one to Chu Yunfan, even though the Federation’s number one master had always been the president of the Federation. Still, no one knew the president’s whereabouts.

Most importantly, in many people’s eyes, Chu Yunfan was frighteningly young compared to the president. He was only in his twenties, a student who had just graduated from university.

While others still struggled in society, looking for a job or starting a business, Chu Yunfan was already one of the Federation’s top experts, even killing a fourth-tier Divine like killing a chicken.

It was almost inevitable that he would become the Federation’s number-one expert in the future, even if he wasn’t right now. That was the most shocking thing.

While the Internet was still debating whether Chu Yunfan was the Federation’s number one expert, the Federation Government, the Federation Army, and Special Ops made their move.

The Federation dealt with the Jiangs and the Huangs, the two clans that had been rooted within the Federation for over a hundred years.

Chu Yunfan uprooted the two clan’s influence in the business world overnight, detaining and investigating the clans’ government officials.

It was as if the Sky and Earth had collapsed in one night.

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I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head Chapter 922 - 922 It Was as if the Sky Had Collapsed and the Earth Had Collapsed Overnight summary

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